Top 5 Awesome Things To Do In Kyrgyzstan

things to do in kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, the landlocked country in Central Asia, is one of the most beautiful spots to visit. This place is probably the least visited place considering its beauty because of neighboring countries and its reputation. This country may not be the richest and developed countries but the people out there are much hostile. Let’s have look at some exciting things to do in Kyrgyzstan.

Stay All Cozy And Comfy In a Yurt

things to do in kyrgyzstan: Stay All Cozy And Comfy In a Yurt


No trip to Kyrgyzstan is complete without staying at least one night amidst the cozy and beautiful traditional Yurt. This place is the traditional dwelling place of pastoral nomads. Yurt stays are the best accommodations in Kyrgyzstan and this would make your solo travel journey more precious. Yurts are more famous and seen largely in the summer season as nomads in Kyrgyzstan do not live in yurts during the brutal winter months.

Tours of Kyrgyzstan that take you away from the cities and villages and deeper into the mountains will certainly provide plenty of opportunities for yurt stays as you cannot find anything except it in hilly areas. Yurts give you complete village vibes while you sit and dine on the floor.

Bath in Issyk-Kul Lake

things to do in kyrgyzstan: Bath in Issyk-Kul Lake


Issyk-Kul Lake is the second largest mountain lake in the world. This lake is surrounded by high mountains on all sides and although the high mountains’ surroundings are there, this lake never freezes. The water here is warm and you can actually take bath in any climate. This place has a number of health resorts, hotels and as it is surrounded by mountains you also have plenty of hiking and horse riding opportunities.

See the Burana Tower

things to do in kyrgyzstan: See the Burana Tower

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This beautiful place is the remains of the minaret of a mosque which portraits medieval Islam religion of about the 9th Century. An open-air architectural museum is also located here. Once there was a huge city at this place – Karakhandis, established on the fertile plains. In the early 1900s, Russians used some of the bricks from the tower for new building projects. This tower was originally 45 meters high but a series of earthquakes caused significant damage and as a result, this is only 25 meters now.

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Go Hunting with Eagles

things to do in kyrgyzstan: Go Hunting with Eagles


One of the thing that cannot be missed while touring through Kyrgyzstan is hunting with eagles, sounds super exciting. Eagles are the national bird of Kyrgyzstan and eagle hunting is also one of the competitive sport in this country. This is the traditional form of falconry practiced throughout the country and also the competitions can be enjoyed at Issyk-Kul and Naryn and areas near Bishkek.

Sulayman Mountain

things to do in kyrgyzstan: Sulayman Mountain


Sulayman Mountains are also known as That-I-Suleiman, Sulayman Rock, or Sulayman Throne, and is the first and only place listed in UNESCO world heritage site. The mountain is called a Sacred Mountain by UNESCO as this place is worshipped and is treated like the prophet in Quran. People worship here treating the mountain as a sacred place and as you go higher on the mountains you will see a number of trees draped with pieces of cloth – prayer flags, they call. It has a rich archeological collection displaying its ancient culture and history.

This lesser-known country is having a rich collection of history and ancient culture, having beautiful places to visit along with hiking, horse riding, beautiful mountain ranges, Islamic culture, and a lot more suggested by Travelila.

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