Top 7 Adventurous Things To Do In Kerala

things to do in kerala

Kerala is one of the most beautiful states in India and it is the perfect blend of science and culture. It is the most popular tourists place in India for the natives and also for foreign countries as well. The distinct culture and breathtaking beauty of nature are perfect for those who long for peace and a stress-free vibe. Here are some best places and adventurous things to do in Kerala.

Houseboat Cruise

things to do in kerala: Houseboat Cruise


How can one say to have completed a tour to Kerala without having a houseboat cruise? Taking a look at the lavish and lush green palm trees and landscape and looking at backwater from the houseboat is a lifelong experience to have. This place is so fresh and romantic you can surely visit with your partner and have the best time of your life.

Watch Kathakali Performance

things to do in kerala: Watch Kathakali Performance


India is largely diverse when it comes to culture and dance forms. Kerala is famous for its dance form – Kathakali. These dance performances are staged in various temples of north Kerala. You should definitely watch this exceptional dance form in the Kannur district also there are various stage performances at the museums of Kochi.

Stay in Tree House

things to do in kerala: Stay in Tree House


Kerala is a place full of trees and greenery everywhere. Wayanad is heaven for those who love nature. You can literally stay in a treehouse here and get a closure look at nature. These treehouses are acquainted at bamboo roofs have fabulous décor and balconies in the midst of the wildlife having a cool atmosphere at the riverbank.

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 Elephant Bathing

things to do in kerala:  Elephant Bathing


Kerala is the place where you can do such things which are not done anywhere by you in the world. One of such strange things you can do here is elephant bathing at Thekkady. Sounds exciting! You can take bath with these giant animal, scrub their ears, and have a peaceful ride on them and they are as good as an old friend to you.

Snake Boat Races

things to do in kerala: Snake Boat Races


This is one of the oldest cultures followed by the native people and was started in 1952. This is not seen anywhere in the world except Kerala. This boat race is arranged at Vallamkali and a specially designed boat called Chundan Vallam is used for the race. This race takes place on Punnamada Lake and it is like a colorful festival and also award in the form of Nehru Trophy is given to the winner.

Drenching Under a Waterfall

things to do in kerala: Drenching Under a Waterfall


Waterfall of Athirappilly is one of the best waterfalls in the country and is also called Niagara of India. This fall flows towards the Arabian Sea and the area here is habitat to various wild and endangered species. You cannot afford to miss this waterfall when visiting Kerala.

Chilling at Beach

things to do in kerala: Chilling at Beach


Are you a beach person? If yes, you are lucky as Kerala has a beautiful beach in Kovalam. It is so calm you can actually relax here and enjoy your sunset. If you are a morning person, you can enjoy the beautiful sunrise along with the fisherman busy with their work. Also, the banks here are habitat for fisherman so you can also enjoy their village culture.

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