7 Best Things To Do And Places To Visit In Iowa

Things To Do In Iowa

Iowa is the midwestern state of the US between the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers. It has interesting cities like Des Moines, the capital, Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, and Ames. Iowa city has museums, aquariums, lakes, state parks, and many scenic beauties to admire. And Did you know Iowa is one of the Nation’s top Corn producers? Yup. So they have beautiful cornfields as well to roam around in.

National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

Things To Do In Iowa: National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium

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The Dubuque city of Iowa has the National Mississippi River Museum and Aquarium that attracts a number of tourists every year. It showcases the underwater life on the river. It exhibits live water animals that reflect the importance of the river. The Mississippi River Discovery Centre and 4D theatre are their permanent exhibits. Other than this it also has rotating displays that attract both adults and children. It has also preserved many wildlife animals like Otters, Alligators, and Sturgeon that are found in this mighty river.  

State Capitol

Things To Do In Iowa

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The Iowa State Capitol Building is a five-domed building having one dome made of 23-karat of gold and is surrounded by four other domes. This admirable building is in the capital city of Iowa, Des Moines. The view of downtown from the top of this building is amazing. It houses the Iowa Senate, the Iowa house of representatives, the Iowa supreme court, and many offices of elected officials. Besides these, it is also well known for its architectural design and the historical artifacts it represents. Experience all these through the self-guided tour.

Amana Colonies

Things To Do In Iowa

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The Amana Colonies consist of seven villages that are free from the hustle and bustle of the cities. These seven village colony offers many exciting experiences such has savoring freshly baked oven bread and other delicacies, learning about art, shopping its collection of handmade soaps, antique toys and old fashioned candies, heritage design quilting and needlework products can also be shopped, watching play and dramas at Old Creamery Theatre Company, visit its wineries and breweries and exploring the Amana Heritage Society that provides the knowledge about the historical architecture, tour the Communal Kitchen Museum, and the Community Church Museum.

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The Bridges of Madison County

Things To Do In Iowa

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The Bridges of Madison County in the Winterset town was known by the people after the release of the blockbuster movie “The Bridges of Madison County” based on the novel.

It provides scenic beauty and its adventure to explore. This is the best place for photography and admiring the beauty of the place. Before the movie came out, it was only known by the locals around this beautiful place. After exploring the beauty of Winterset, you can visit the museum that brings you the knowledge of a well-known cowboy of America, the Duke, or you can also check out the Winterset’s Historic Town Square.

Des Moines Art Center

Things To Do In Iowa

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The Des Moines Art Centre has always been the center of attraction for the people of Iowa. the reason behind that is its features of different art forms like sculptures, painting, and photography and to add more it has mixed-media displays and the permanent collections of Georgia O’keefe and Edward Hooper. Plus its entry is free. If you are an art lover you must visit this place when in Iowa.

Maquoketa Caves State Park

Things To Do In Iowa

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The Maquoketa Caves State Park situated in Maquoketa, with more than dozens of caves to explore is a perfect place to know about the natural beauty. It has a walkway and lighting provided to explore the Dancehall Cave. Other than this cave, every cave has to be explored either going through narrow spaces or by crawlings. Your old clothes and shoes may help you explore them. It has an open area as a playground for children to play and two open shelter areas for picnicking where you can enjoy family picnic time after exploring the caves.

National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library

Things To Do In Iowa

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The National Czech and Slovak Museum and Library, located in Cedar Rapids have a collection of books that defines the culture of Czech and Slovak people. It has books that describe and helps people to understand self-freedom and how the present society formed. This library achieves its goal of educating people about freedom, family, and community by organizing exhibitions and events. If you are an art and history lover you should also visit the San Hose Museum to enrich your knowledge.

Other things that you can do or places to visit are as follows:-

  • Visit Effigy Mounds National Monuments
  • Take part in Zombie Scavenger’s Game
  • Enjoy at Iowa State Fair (that happens mostly in July or August)
  • Relish moments in Adventure Land Park
  • Visit American Gothic House
  • Walk at Okoboji Lake
  • Explore Figge Art Museum
  • Sight-seeing at Pappajohn Sculpture Park.

These are the places or things to do in Iowa that Travelila suggests you. For such more Idea visit Travelila.

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