10 Best Things to do in Hangzhou – China

Things To Do In Hangzhou

Hangzhou is a city in China with numerous heritage sites. These heritage sites have been preserved perfectly hence the number of travelers reported in Hangzhou, China is High. One of the largest canals in the world, the Grand Canal is located in Hangzhou. This city has mesmerizing temples, scenic spots, beautiful lakes, and many other places that you can explore. Besides these, Hangzhou is famous for its silk and tea leaves, it is a cashless city in entire China, it has many bicycle rental stations and the city management runs on the AI Brain System. And Spring and Fall season is the best time to visit this city. Some of the best things to do in Hangzhou are mentioned below.

The West Lake

Things To Do In Hangzhou: The West Lake

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One of the best things to do in Hangzhou is visiting West Lake. The west lake is also considered a heritage site. It divides into sections into three causeways made for people to travel and observe the scenic beauty around the lake. Couples often see on the causeways on this lake. This lake surrounds by a number of gardens, pagodas, artificial islands, and temples. Spending the whole day on this lake is also worth it, its beauty in the evening is mesmerizing while the glow in the daytime gives it an alluring look.

Lingyin Temple

Things To Do In Hangzhou: Lingyin Temple

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The largest Buddhist temple, Lingyin Temple was found during the Eastern Jin Dynasty in 328 AD. It was founded by an Indian monk named Huili. It is a nine multi-storeyed building consisting of many halls, pavilions and dormitory rooms where more than 3000 monk lives. Lingyin Temple has its own library. This temple has a tint of peace and soberness.

Visit Water Town

Things To Do In Hangzhou: Visit Water Town

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There are some known water towns in Hangzhou like Zhouzhuang, Tongli, Zhujiajiao, Nanxun, and Wuzhen. Of all Wuzhen is best, it is less little crowded so you can enjoy the scenic beauty of water town. On the streets of this water town, there are many shops that exhibit beds, clothes and various museums are also there. The folk performances, shadow plays, bamboo climbing, and martial art performances can be seen here.

Rent Bicycle

Things To Do In Hangzhou: Rent Bicycle

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Rent bicycles from any of the bike rental stations, there are about 3000 of them. Ride it on the causeways of the west lake. While cycling you can enjoy the best of the scenery around the West Lake. After you are done enjoying the bike ride you can return it on any of the bike rental stations.

Leifeng Pagoda

Things To Do In Hangzhou: Leifeng Pagoda

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Leifeng Pagoda was built in 975AD when it was a period of Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms. This pagoda is a five-storeyed tower. It reconstructs in 1999 after the collapse of 1924. Leifeng Pagoda attracts tourists because of the Chinese folktales. One was about the Snake demon, Bai Suzhen, and a scholar, Xu Xian. It is said that the Snake demon Bai successfully capture by the monk who imprisoned her in this Pagoda.  

Wetland Park

Things To Do In Hangzhou: Wetland Park: Wetland Park

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Xixi Wetland Park is the largest tourist spot that covers 11.5kms of the area and considers a 5A level tourist attraction. The great scenic spots to visit are the autumn snow temple, the Xixi water attic, and the hazy fisher village. You will find many beautiful flowers, different types of plantations and trees and wild animals as well. This place heaven for nature lovers.

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Longjing Tea

Things To Do In Hangzhou: Longjing Tea

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Longjing tea plantation, the place where you get peace of mind. Longjing tea is one of the best teas in China. Due to this Hangzhou considers the “tea capital of the city”. Roaming in the tea plantations of Hangzhou is the best experience. And it will make it more memorable if you learn how to pick tea leaves and make green tea. Hangzhou also knew for its silk production. Its silk is softer, luxurious, and decorative.

Songcheng Park

Things To Do In Hangzhou: Songcheng Park

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The best decision to make while on a trip to Hangzhou is to visit Songcheng Park. This park establishes in 1996. This theme park reflects the era of the Song Dynasty. The characters performing there are in Traditional Chinese outfits. The streets of the park filled with shops displaying their artifacts, various delicacies, and various colorful souvenirs. Don’t miss the Romantic Show of Songcheng, and other performances. It describes the culture and history of China during the period of the Song Dynasty.

Shopping on Hefang Street

Things To Do In Hangzhou

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The most famous as well as the busiest street of Hangzhou is Hefang Street. On Hefang Street there many shops selling clothes, artifacts, and souvenirs of China. Enjoy the local street food and antique buildings over there. Shopping on this street is a thing that you will never regret. Buy the traditional outfit of China, Zhongshan Suit, and Qipao (Cheongsam).

Dine-in Hyatt

Things To Do In Hangzhou

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Visiting a new country and not trying its famous Cuisine is Something that no one will do. Hyatt is one of the most renowned hotels in China. Dine-in Hyatt 28 restaurant of this hotel. The chef over there has magic in their hands. Every dish over there has a finger-licking taste. And must try is the Traditional Hang Cuisine which needs fresh ingredients and perfect culinary skills.

These were the best things to do in Hangzhou listed by Travelila to make your trip memorable and awesome.

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