Top 5 Most Exhilarating Things To Do In Greenland

things to do in Greenland

Greenland is the largest non-continental island on the earth and is scarcely populated. Greenland is like a heaven for nature lovers as it is a wealth of sight and experiences.

It is a very remote and cold country having a vast historical background and incredible nature to offer. This time Travelila have come up with some exciting things to do in Greenland, let’s have a look.

Ilulissat Ice-fjord

things to do in Greenland: Ilulissat Ice-fjord


Ilulissat Ice-fjord is Greenland’s most visited area and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004. This is an amazing place that has huge glaciers ‘calve’ that means that icebergs break off from the glaciers and float out into the coastal waters. This world heritage site is protected by UNESCO. This area also has the Sermeq Kujalleq – the fastest glacier in the world, which moves 40 m daily! You can approach Ilulissat Icefjord by plane, helicopter, and ferry but the best way to enjoy its beauty is by combining trips by air and water. This massive and fast-moving glacier travels more than 100 feet per day, dropping huge icebergs into its narrow coastal inlets. If you are traveling with your friends then you should visit this place!

Uunartoq Hot Springs

things to do in Greenland


Hot springs are found at multiple places in Greenland but if you want to experience the perfect springs for bathing you can definitely visit the uninhabited island of Uunartoq where you can have hot springs of perfect temperature. This place is the beautiful combination of icebergs and mountain peaks where three naturally heated springs merge into a small pool. The hot springs are found throughout the country but only Uunartoq has hot springs that are warm enough to bathe in.

The Northern Lights – Aurora Borealis

things to do in Greenland: Aurora Borealis

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You should not end your trip without witnessing this beautiful ‘light show on earth’ which is the incredible natural spectacle called The Northern Lights. If the sole purpose of your visit to this place is of seeing the Aurora Borealis then make sure you visit in winters. The months December and January are the idlest months to see their great natural light show as the nights are clear in these months.

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Dog Sledding

things to do in Greenland: Dog Sledding


Tourists who visit Greenland often go for snowmobiling or skiing in Greenland, but nothing compares to the old tradition of traveling – dog sledding. Dogs here are trained in such a way that they can run in extremely cold temperatures and they do know where the ice is too thin and not to go there. Mushing is a true art and a thrilling experience in itself in Greenland. Here you will not only experience an exciting trip through the gorgeous environment but will also learn how Inuits master the sled dogs and how they train them.


things to do in Greenland: Nuuk


Nuuk is the capital city and administrative center of Greenland. This place is the perfect blend of traditional culture and modernity. This small city is so beautiful you won’t believe how a small city like this has so much to cater to the needs of tourists. On your trip to Nuuk, make sure you visit The redwood Nuuk Cathedral and shop at Brugsen Market and Pisiffik Market. 

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