Most Exciting Things To Do In Curacao

things to do in curacao

Curacao is the Dutch Caribbean Island and its warm waters are ideal for Scuba diving and other water sports and visit to nature parks. Curacao is also famous for plenty of rocking beachfront nightclubs and metro cities. Let’s check out some exciting things to do in curacao.

Scuba Diving

things to do in curacao


As we already mentioned, curacao is ideal for Scuba Diving because of its warm water. Best things need some sacrifices and in this case, if you do want to really see something beautiful, you need to wet your hair. You can have a view of the fascinating world of delicate coral gardens and playful dolphins while diving in the Caribbean. Here you will also find many dive operators to help you with diving and multiple other water sports.

Visit to Shete Boka National Park

things to do in curacao


Shete Boka national park is home to 10 pocket bays where various species of sea turtles are known to lay eggs and is covering an area of about 10 km is a paradise to nature lovers. The hottest spots here include Boka tabla which has underground caves and Boka Pistol which offers beautiful views from limestone hills. The winds on this part of the island are very strong as per the visitors.

Visit Christoffel National Park

things to do in curacao: Visit Christoffel National Park

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The park houses indigenous flora and fauna and also preserves local birds and plants. Also, you can see various rare and endangered Curacao white-tailed deer and 450 species of plants and wild orchids. The view from the top is unforgettable. Here temperature rises so the park doesn’t allow the visitors to climb the hill after 10 a.m.

Sea Aquarium

things to do in curacao: Sea Aquarium


The sea aquarium is one of the most unique aquaria in the world. They cultivate natural habitats since their beginning in 1984. There are many marine museums with live dolphin shows and you can also see lions here. Here each of the participating companies also offers additional programs that can be booked separately and you can also take the aquarium tour, see the nurse shark action tour, the sea lion show, and the dolphin presentation.

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Queen Emma Beach

things to do in curacao


Queen Emma Beach is also called the “Swinging Old Lady”. This is a floating pedestrian bridge that connects Willemstad’s two halves, Punda and Otrobanda. You can enjoy tea or coffee while marveling at the boats. The view is still more beautiful at night.  The proximity to the cruise ship dock makes it an easy landmark to be included in your must-do list.

Chill at Cas Ababa Beach

things to do in curacao: Cas Ababa Beach


If you are a beach person this is the best place for you to chill. This white sand beach is surrounded by lush green scenery and has a beautiful shade of large palm umbrellas. You can see turtles here and also spot eagle rays and rainbow of tropical fish and a lot more. There is also a Saudi Arabia beach to visit.

This was Travelila’s list of some exciting things to do in Curacao. Choose your favorite and have the best experience of your life.

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