Get Ready To Experience Some Amazing Things To Do In Cork

Things to do in Cork

Cork is one of the most vibrant places to visit in Ireland. This place has a variety of places to visit and some amazing things to do and with this, we assure you will never get bored of anything. Cork is backed with a rich history which is evident in the number of castles and old buildings that have their origins in the Medieval to Modern periods. With these great things to do and places to visit there are some of the things, you cannot miss while your visit, and for this Travelila has narrowed down all the great things to do in Cork.

Visit The English Market

Things to do in Cork: The English Market


This eccentric food market is located in the heart of Cork City and with an eye-catching fountain at its center. This market is trading since 1788 and has the perfect touch of its historical background and being under the possession of the Cork City Council it becomes one of the world’s oldest municipal markets. This market is stuffed with fresh seafood, artisan bread, and other specialties you can find it here only. You can imagine the beauty of the market by understanding the fact that Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain visited here on her first-ever state visit to the Republic of Ireland in 2011. If you want to know where to go in Ireland then you can look here.

Leisure Walk Around The City

Things to do in Cork: Walk Around The City


If you want to grab a leisure walk around the city you can walk around Cork City’s main road, St. Patrick Street. This street is one of the core shopping areas and has a variety of stores. You can witness the statue of Father Theobald Matthew which is situated near St. Patrick’s Bridge. Also, some ten-minute walk will take you to the Anglican cathedral of Saint Fin Barre. This place is a Gothic revival structure since the seventh century AD.

Visit Black Rock Castle

Things to do in Cork: Visit Black Rock Castle


This castle gives the perfect vibe of castles you have always fantasized about because of numerous battlements and sturdy fortification. This castle is situated on the shores of the River Lee and was built in 1828 which is now used as an observatory and tourist place owned by the country council. This place consists of a planetarium, a cinema, and several interactive exhibits.

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Things to do in Cork: Cobh


Formerly known as Queenstown this historic port of Cobh is a 25-minute drive southeast of Cork city.  This town is known as the last port for the Titanic on its maiden voyage in 1912. Millions of people immigrating to America choose this fort and is still a favorite dock for most people. You can also have a Titanic Trail walking tour and also visit the Cobh Museum and the Queenstown Story Heritage Centre.

Take a View of Charles Fort

Things to do in Cork


Charles Fort is located on the water’s edge. Charles Fort is built on the site of Ringcurran Castle. Several sections of the port were restored and were then open for tourists to witness the beautiful star fortification designed fort which was a layout specifically designed to resist attack by cannon. Also, a lighthouse is established having its establishment to the 17th century.

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