Awesome Things To Do In Brooklyn Today

Brooklyn is the place which will provide you so many things to do when you are on visit, so here are some of the things to do in Brooklyn listed down for you by Travelila which you can include in you visit to Brooklyn.

1) Visit Brooklyn Navy Yard


The historic Navy yard was one of the working ship yards of navy until the year of 1979, which is now home to Rooftop, Brooklyn Grange, etc. and also there is a museum which depicts the great history of this naval ship yard. The museum is open on the weekends for the public and educational programs where you can find anything about this naval ship yard.

2) Take A Walk On The Brooklyn Bridge


This Bridge is so much famous because it joins the Brooklyn with Manhattan. It is a bridge where you can walk or drive or bike to enjoy the beauty of bridge along with the view around it. There is also a pedestrian walkway over the main bridge where people can just take a walk away from all those traffic on the bridge. This bridge is not only a place where only tourist can enjoy but this bridge is enjoyed by the local civilians also.

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3) Visit Brooklyn Museum


Brooklyn museum is very much popular for its Artistic work as it consists of the large collection of the Egyptian art which is in permanent collection. It has the mesmerizing fountain before you enter the museum where you can spend some time enjoying its beauty along with the natural beauty around the museum. The museum remains closed on the Monday and Tuesday, whereas it will be open until 6 p.m. except till 10 p.m. on the Thursdays.

4) Enjoy Shopping At The Brooklyn Flea


One of the New York’s primary flea markets is the Brooklyn flea market. The person loves the vintage collection of the clothes and the furniture and they are mainly the ones attracted to the flea market. It is a flea market which you should visit whether you want to buy or not, it is also very famous for the high quality of the Merchandise.

5) Hear Chamber Music On A Barge


It is the concert hall which was created in the year of 1977 which was on a 100 foot steel barge. Until the year of 1899 it used to be the working vessel. You can enjoy the music on this floating concert hall. Barge music has the free concert series for the ones who are travelling with the families and children. The music in motion which takes place at 4 every Saturday is very much helpful for children to know the classical music. You will also love to know the best things to do in curacao.

6) Spend Some Time At Williamsburg


It was the place which was known as the place for the artists who were priced out of the Manhattan, but now it is a place of the Brooklyn’s culture. It is the place where there is Brooklyn’s first Apple store and also a home to new Whole Foods, where you can enjoy some of the delicious food of Brooklyn.

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