The Best Locations For The Thanksgiving Holidays

Thanksgiving travel tip

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated as a national holiday in Canada, the United States, Germany, Japan, some of the Caribbean islands, and Liberia. It is accepted as a day of giving thanks and receive the blessing of the harvest of the preceding year. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the second Monday of October in Canada and the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. Thanksgiving has historical roots in religious and traditional roots in many cultures. During this time of the year, many people plan for vacation as office and school are announced holiday. Most of the people travel with their family and friends. Although Thanksgiving is the beginning of the peak season still there are many cheap flights are available to some of the dream destinations during this time of year. Depend on the choice of destination people plan their vacation. There are few Thanksgiving travel tip which is as follows:-

Athens, Greece

Thanksgiving travel tip: Athens, Greece


This is the place surrounded by more locals and fewer tourists, travel during the fall season. Athens, Greece is one of the famous tourist destinations. Travelers from all over the world come to visit Greece. The city has plenty of sights seen, places often get crowded and expensive. In the month of November, tourists can get an actual flavor of the city, authenticity is preserved. There are many historical places that tell the story of the mighty emperor and his fellowmen.

New York

Thanksgiving travel tip: New York


The city host one of the best Thanksgiving vacations in the country. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is one of the famous Thanksgiving traditions all over the city. People from distant land come to see this period. The whole city is decorated with lights for Thanksgiving which boost the holiday spirit of the tourist.

Bangkok, Thailand

Thanksgiving travel tip: Bangkok, Thailand


In the month of  November, the weather is mild and sunny in Bangkok which makes for the perfect late-fall travel destination. In addition, there is a significantly cheaper flight available in the month of November. Tourists can spend a relaxing time in the city and can enjoy Thai food and Thai massage which is world-famous.

Montreal, Canada

Thanksgiving travel tip: Montreal, Canada


Montreal in Canada is connected by road with many cities in the United State. Tourist can plan for a short road trip with the family and can cherish the scenery and the food. The delicacies like mashed potatoes, smoked chicken and meat, Poutine and Wine. Montreal gives an absolute feeling of Europe.

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.

Thanksgiving travel tip: San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.


In the year 2017, San Miguel de Allende is awarded the hottest travel destination for tourists all over the world. Thanksgiving is the perfect time to visit this city. Weather is also provided comfort and leisure during this time of the year.

Paris, France

Thanksgiving travel tip: Paris, France


The city is less crowded with tourists all around Thanksgiving. Month. Paris is the topmost preferred place to remain in every traveler bucket list. Summer crowds make Paris a little bit less desirable places. In the month of November, climate condition is mild hence tourist can enjoy the Thanksgiving ceremony like a local crowd.

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Thanksgiving travel tip: Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Cabo San Lucas is another perfect spot in Mexico with a relaxing beach environment. It is a popular winter vacation destination. Going at Thanksgiving means a visit before crowds and prices soar. Cabo San Lucas is also a great place for fishing and whale watching.

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

Thanksgiving travel tip: Pigeon Forge, Tennessee


In early November Pigeon Forge starts the Winterfest celebration. The city cover with decorative light. A tourist who travels during Thanksgiving is looking to escape the holiday altogether. If anybody looking to celebrate a festival Thanksgiving away from home, then Pigeon Forge, Tennessee, is the perfect spot. Titanic Museum is one more attraction for the tourist.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Thanksgiving travel tip: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


The perfect location to escape the coming winter season and live an endless summer. November is the spring season in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It is an ideal vacation destination for travelers who want to avoid the chilly weather at all costs. By traveling for Thanksgiving, people can get a warm-weather fix by avoiding Rio’s summer crowds.

Phoenix, Arizona

Thanksgiving travel tip: Phoenix, Arizona


Phoenix in the fall-winter is a great place for vacationers who want to enjoy the raw flavor of the city. It’s best in the late fall season the temperatures are far more manageable in the summer months. Traveling to the southwestern city for hiking, golf, and other outdoor activities are also available.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Thanksgiving travel tip: Reykjavik, Iceland


Reykjavik is the perfect destination for a cozy and cold-weather escape. Reykjavik, Iceland, is a popular destination for travelers flying from the US to Europe with cheap flights and plenty of sights to the scene, Reykjavik is an exciting city in its own kind.

Orlando, Florida

Thanksgiving travel tip: Orlando, Florida


Orlando has beautiful holiday decorations and events that begin around Thanksgiving. Temperatures in Orlando in Florida, remain in the  70s to 80s in November, so it’s the perfect warm-weather escape for Thanksgiving. Walt Disney World, the legendary park is another attraction for the tourist.

Palm Springs, California

Thanksgiving travel tip: Palm Springs, California


Palm Springs, California is just a short road trip from Los Angeles. It gives the feels of worlds away. The peaceful desert town offers a wide resort of resorts and rental homes.  If anyone looking for a traditional holiday feast, there are plenty of restaurants in the city to serve fresh takes on the classic Thanksgiving dinner.

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Barcelona, Spain

Thanksgiving travel tip: Barcelona, Spain


Barcelona is one cheapest destination during the month of November as the tourist might not get attracted to the beach atmosphere. It is still a good time to visit the tourist-packed city. Although it will be colder around Thanksgiving, making it easier to enjoy the city’s top sights such as Park Güell and the Sagrada Familia.

Park City, Utah

Thanksgiving travel tip: Park City, Utah


If anyone ready to start the winter season a little before then the Park City, Utah is the best thanksgiving destination. The Park City Mountain Resort opens for the skiers and snowboarders in the middle of November, so this is the better time to start enjoying the sloppy valleys. There are also other winter activities in the area such as snow tubing, an alpine coaster, and a zip line.

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