All You Need To Know About The Largest Statue Of The World: Statue Of Unity

Statue of Unity

For a very long time, India seems to be the favorite spot for many people, and people from far apart places to visit India just to adore the thing that India has to offer all. Taj Mahal was the favorite as well as a most crowded tourist spot that people loved visiting but now people are even more excited to visit India after the formation of the Statue of Unity which is said to be the largest statue in the world. This spot has now turned into the favorite tourist spot for many and people especially plan their holiday to take a glimpse of the statue of liberty. Here are a few things that you need to know about the largest statue in the world:

Height of the Statue:

Statue of Unity


This statue of unity is said to be the largest statue in the entire world with a height of almost 182 meters which is 600 feet and you would be amazed to know that the dam where it is built is a large structure itself with a height of almost 42 meters.

This statue has won the battle of being the largest as well as the tallest statue of the world by beating the spring temple of Buddha that is 128 meters tall and is situated in China. This statue resembles the picture of Sardar Valla Bhai Patel who was a freedom fighter and was known for spreading the concept of unity among all Indians.

Where It is Situated?

Statue of Unity


This monument is located beside the Narmada River and is constructed on the Sardar Sarovar Dam. This place is on the western side of Gujarat and you literally have to travel almost 200 kilometers from Ahmadabad that is the capital city of Gujarat to reach the Statue. You would be amazed to know that the largest statue in the world is made up of the largest dam in India and it is in the largest city of Gujarat as well.

The surrounding of the Statue has many lights which are flashed on the statue making it appear beautiful even at night time. To form the statue almost 2,500 workers were hired who worked efficiently to form the history. Along with the Indian laborer’s Workers from China were also hired so that the statue could be made in time. It is really amazing to know that the making of this statue gave employment to many unemployed people.

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What This Statue has to Offer Visitors?

Statue of Unity


This statue of unity has a gallery at the height of 153 meters from where you can get some amazing outside views of the entire city and the view are breathtakingly beautiful. The place allows almost 200 visitors at a time so that everyone can experience beauty without facing any such crowd.

There are 128 rooms in the statue and there is even a 3-star hotel where you can get your rooms booked for the stay. There are even conference facilities at the statue which is made for the business meetings and you would even get good food at the place.

This statue has so many things to offer and to maintain all the facilities it has given employment to 15,000 people and the total cost to form this statue was calculated as 2989 crore Indian rupees.

These were a few things that you need to know about the largest statue of the world and make sure to pre-book your hotel room if you are willing to visit the place. 

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