Best Winter Vacations In US That You Need To Check Out

best winter vacations in US

If you are in the United States this winter break then you already got your vacations sorted as the US becomes one of the most visited places during winters. This place definitely has a lot of things to offer you which you can mainly enjoy during the winter season of the year. Now the US is not a small place and covering all the attractions in a single visit is next to impossible so you might be wondering about the best places in the US to be in during the winters. Here are a few places in the US which you need to check while you are in the States for your winter vacations:


Davenport: best winter vacations in US


Davenport is situated in Florida and this place becomes overcrowded during the winters as people visit the place in order to avoid the extremely cold climatic conditions. The temperature out here is stable and is warmer as compared to any other place. The trails surrounding the lake of Kissimmee state park is something that every nature lover would enjoy as the view of the place is just a treat to watch. There is a pair of large golf grounds at the place so you can try a game of golf at the place. While you are here at Davenport you can also visit the world-famous Walt Disney world and your kids would love the place. There are many beaches in the place where you get yourself relaxed and enjoy sunbathing.

Edisto Island:

Edisto Island: best winter vacations in US


This beautiful island is located in southern California and if you get attracted to the beaches and love enjoying the beach games then this place is perfect for you to be in this winter while you are in the US. This place is best known for the beach or water sports as well as the water adventures and if these things excite you then make sure to visit this place and also make sure to pre-book hotels as during winters the place becomes overcrowded and finding hotels may become a problem at that time. If you are lucky enough you can even spot dolphins at Kayak and if you then spot them then do not forget to click lots of pictures. Apart from these things you can even go on a forest trip at the place and enjoy the flora as well as fauna of the place.

Punta Gorda:

Punta Gorda: best winter vacations in US


This is again a very beautiful place located in Florida and you won’t regret visiting this place during winters while you are in the US. This place is said to be a historic place that holds on many historical records and this place is best known for the boutique collections that you can shop for from the street shoppers. This is a small city which would serve you with all the necessary luxuries but at many affordable prices. The Kayak mangrove forest trip is the most exciting that you can do here and if you are a nature lover then this trip would completely satisfy you. You can even get yourself snapped under the palm trees and you can even capture the beautiful background that the city offers you. After a tiring day, you have some amazing cocktails and relax at the waterfront bars as well as restaurants.


Tempe: best winter vacations in US


Tempe is a beautiful as well as perfect winter vacation spot which is located in Arizona. This place is literally in between Scottsdale as well as Phoenix and this city display the art and cultures of the place. Here you would be able to enjoy some music concerts as well as art exhibitions and this city is literally said to be the art center of Arizona. This place offers an affordable stay where there would be no compromise with the comfort level as well as the luxury of the visitors. You can enjoy mesmerizing views of nature while roaming around the lake and while you would get tired you can visit the roadside restaurant which serves some authentic delicacies of the place.

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Port Isabel:

Port Isabel: best winter vacations in US


Port Isabel is situated in Texas and do should check this place out if you are in the US during winters. This place is literally at the northern borders of the USA and Mexico so while you are here you can enjoy both Mexico specialties as well as US specialties. Here you can go on a historical trip and enjoy exploring the historical spots of the place. You can even enjoy the beach activities while you are here and you would be amazed to know that this place is said to be the most beautiful city in Texas. The temperature of the place remains warm even during the winter season which makes it one of the most affordable warm winter destinations to be in.


Pahoa: best winter vacations in US


Pahoa is a beautiful city which is located in Hawaii and you can simply not miss visiting the place if you are in the US during the winters. If you are here then don’t forget to have an oceanfront open hotel so that you can have the best view of the ocean from your hotel. This place is one of the favorite spots for tourists and it becomes overcrowded during winters so if have to pre-book the hotel otherwise you won’t get the desired oceanfront room.

These were a few of the best winter vacations in the US that you simply cannot miss while you are in the US and being in these spots you would have a perfect winter vacation trip. Thank you for reading the article till the end, keep visiting Travelila!!

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