Some Of The Best Places To Visit In New Zealand That You Should Not Miss

best places to visit in New Zealand

If you are planning for a destination holiday and have chosen New Zealand to visit as it is said to be one of the best holiday destinations in the world then you must be wondering about the best places to visit in the place. New Zealand is not a small city so every attraction cannot be covered in just a holiday visit but among all the places there are few top class places that you simply cannot miss while you are in New Zealand. So here are some best places to visit in New Zealand that you need to check:

Muriwai Beach:

Muriwai Beach: best places to visit in New Zealand


This beach is near Auckland city and you need to drive for about 45 minutes to visit the beach and if you love being near the ocean or sea then this place would be loved by you for sure. Apart from the beautiful breathtaking beach as well as the surroundings, you would also get t see some black sand dunes and you may even spot surfers surfing at the sea waves. The most attractive thing about this beach is the view while the sun is setting down in the sea and the scenario is definitely a great treat to watch.

Milford Sound:

Milford Sound: best places to visit in New Zealand


Visiting this spot may serve you with the ultimate New Zealand holiday, checking out of New Zealand without checking this place out would be regretful for sure. This single place is just enough to describe how beautiful New Zealand is and this place is marked as the most beautiful as well attractive spot of New Zealand. There you can even spot dolphins and the mountains, as well as the waterfall itself, is mesmerizing to see. Even if you are not on a long holiday and cannot check too many places then also this place should first on your must-visit list. Do not forget to capture pictures of the breathtaking scenario of the place.

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Matapouri: best places to visit in New Zealand


If mermaids were real then they might be spotted in this beautiful place and maybe this is the reason behind the name of the place as the mermaid pool. This beautiful place is located at the Northland and there you would be able to see emerald rock pools which are deep enough. Do not consider visiting the place while it is high tides at the place as during those times the sea wave rises higher than usual and you may even get into the sea though you can enjoy the view from a good distance. At other times of the day, this place becomes best for having a good sunbath in the perch of the beach. The water there is so clear that you can see through it clearly and can spot everything which is underwater.

Mount Cook:

Mount Cook: best places to visit in New Zealand


You need to visit this place to believe how beautiful this place is because this place is so beautiful that people often refuse to believe in the pictures of the place. By walking through the hooker valley you would be able to reach up to the highest mountain in New Zealand. You can even roam around the beautiful hooker river and there are swing bridges as well from there you can have a look at the humongous old glaciers that you can even click lots of pictures there and lock all the wonderful memories of the place. The sound of the cracking, as well as the breaking of the glacier, is amazing to experience, and people special visit places for experiencing this sound in particular.


Russell: best places to visit in New Zealand


Russell is situated in the Bay of Island and this place is said to be the European settlements that were permanent. This place has got some of the historical ancient buildings which read a lot about the history of New Zealand. The restaurants serving some of the delicacy of the place as well as some shopping place as are something can checkout. Apart from this you can even hang out on the beach and enjoy dolphin sighting and the clear water would let you see through and you can even enjoy fishing there. The night sky of the place is incredibly beautiful and to believe it you need to visit the place for sure while you are in New Zealand.

These were some of the places that come under New Zealand that deserves your visit and you won’t regret visiting any of the above-mentioned places for sure and a visit to these places would definitely be counted as your best ever memories of holidays. Thank you for reading the article till the end, keep visiting Travelila!!

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