Solo Travel: 5 Tips For Best Wanderlust Trip Ever

Solo Travel

An Introduction to Travel in General 

Travel has long been one of the most popular past-times in the world. Since an age which cannot be accounted for anymore, mankind had made it his hobby- nay, his duty to travel to the farthest, the most exotic, and the rarest of all the wide, varied and different corners of the Earth. You can visit the best solo travel destination to release inner power!!

Almost all humans experience a pretty strong feeling of wanderlust, calling them to each and every one of the most exotic places they know. This wanderlust, as we have chosen to term it, is one of the most intense feelings that man can know, going along the same track as other intense feelings like love, or an intense, all-consuming desire for vengeance. But, back to our topic. Ignoring those who have suppressed the call, many across the world have heeded the call of wanderlust, leaving the entirety of their lives, their jobs, and even their family, to go around the world, and know its secrets.

The Idea of Solo Travel

However, solo traveling solo has proven itself to be one of the more popular kinds of travel, based on reviews, polls, and studies of the last decade. Solo traveling is said to be, by experienced travelers, to be one of the most satisfying kinds of traveling, as most who opt to go solo is the ‘listen to the sounds of nature’ type. But, travelers, and solo ones especially, need good advice and need to know how to travel alone.  Thus, we have compiled a list of the 5 best tips for the solo traveler!

1. Remember to Save Up!

Solo Travel: Remember to Save Up!


Most first-time solo travelers think that since they’re going alone, they’ll need probably half or a quarter of the money that is required for a group outing. This is one of the most common, widespread, and misinformed misconceptions that one can find in today’s world.  Solo outings definitely do not need just half of the money needed for a group outing, and the idea itself is incredulous at best!

One must remember that trips, no matter how many people are going, are an expensive affair in and of themselves. For this view, one has to consider the various fees and expenses that are assured to accost one on their peaceful journey, namely some large ones such as transportation costs (a big problem in the world of today), dining costs (food is really expensive) and the most dreaded, the lodging costs (these are more than the transportation and the dining expenses put together!).

Thus, to have the best trip and not to have to go hungry or spend nights on park benches, one must remember to save up a nice amount of cash to ensure a comfortable trip!

2. Decide Your Destination!

Solo Travel: Decide Your Destination!


Many people including senior travelers do not give a whole lot of importance to their destination, figuring the point of the trips to have an expedition or outing, not to tour the specifics of a single place. Well, this is…simply stupid and lazy, and can indeed bear to bring a lot of trouble for the person having the outing.

Almost every single one of the specifics of the trip depends upon the location of one’s outing, expedition, or tour. One of the biggest factors that come to mind is the matter of expenses. While going somewhere near to home is recommended for those with a smaller wallet, a person with a larger budget can afford to go somewhere truly exotic and rare. Another is finding reliable and safe lodging, along with a dependable dining establishment for food requirements. Thus, always be sure of your destination, and don’t have second thoughts!

3. Know The Locality   

Solo Travel: Know The Locality


One of the most important things to do after you reach your destination is to study up as much as you humanly can on it if you haven’t already done so before you departed your home. Studying up on the place can be one of the most important parts of your duration there, and will assuredly work wonders for you, and can even go as far as to save your life in a difficult situation!

After reaching your hotel, motel, or another lodge, one of the first things you should do is to immediately procure a detailed map of the surrounding neighborhood. Asking the locals for advice on establishments and neighborhoods is also one of the smartest things you can do. Trust me, this will be one of the most useful items you can have!

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4. Learn Some Of The Local Language

Solo Travel: Learn Some Of The Local Language


This is by far one of the most disregarded tips given to solo travelers. Most of them opt to go verbally ‘commando’, not bothering to learn a single word of the local language. This particular way of behavior is often seen as unacceptable by the locals, as some rather hostile indigents can go so far as to think that you, the traveler, considers their language ‘inferior’.

Learning a bit of the local language can work wonders for you, as this will open up whole new pathways of communication between you and the locals, something that’s going to come in handy during your stay there. In particular, words like ‘Where is the bus station?’, ‘Hello’, ‘Yes’ and ‘No, thank you’ are the most helpful to learn.

5. Become A Regular At A Restaurant

Solo Travel: Become A Regular At A Restaurant


This may sound strange and needlessly limiting to most people, but one should consider becoming a regular at a restaurant. This is not a random tip, but a rather helpful thing- the staff at places you have not been to before do not know your preferences, and this can create difficulties in foreign lands.

Its very simple really- pick one of the good restaurants in your locality or neighborhood, and start going there regularly, preferably for dinner and lunch- over the smallest period of time, such as a week or so, the staff will come to know you, and thus you will receive a better quality of service.

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