Witness The Top Events Taking Place In San Diego In 2019

san diego events

San Diego is coming up with some exciting events this year and the whole year is going to be full of fun and adventure. Here is a list of events that going to take place in San Diego this year for those who are planning a tour this year.

San Diego Restaurant Week

san diego events: San Diego Restaurant Week

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Welcome the New Year’s first month with food and fun at the San Diego Restaurant Week in January. This event has more than 150 restaurants taking part with newly invented appetites that are sure to fill your stomach but not your heart. It has two-course lunch and three-course dinners that will surely make you keep your diet plan at a pause.

Art Exhibitions

san diego events

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The exhibition of music and art is going to take place from January to March this year at The Athenaeum Music & Arts Library. This exhibition will feature the works of Beliz Iristay and Irène de Watteville free of cost. This is something an art-loving person cannot miss.

Also, there is a furniture show hosted by Brian Murphy which is the 10th presentation of wood and fine woodworking. This exhibition has works of various famous furniture makers showing their outstanding work at Escondido Municipal Gallery. This exhibition is going to continue throughout the month from January 22, 2019, to February 1, 2019.

Sophie’s Kensington Gallery is presenting Sara Makes Art. This collection will showcase the collection of paintings of local artists and other work of Sophie’s artists.  

Soul Music Festival 2019

san diego events: Soul Music Festival 2019

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This is the live music festival taking place in San Diego in April 2019. Maze Featuring Frankie Beverly has become one of the most influential groups and is presented by G-squared events. This is the fifth Annual San Diego Soul Music Festival. Tickets for the festival are available atTicketmaster.com.

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Whale and Dolphin Watching  

san diego events: Whale and Dolphin Watching  

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If you are a lover and admirer of sea animals such as whales and dolphins and sea birds this is the best opportunity you will ever get on the open ocean. You can speed out to sea on one of your comfortable yachts and pass barking sea lions and leaping dolphins as you search for the legendary gray whales—known for showing the longest distance of any mammal on Earth. You can board on the cruises which are there for the event daily from December 2018 to April 2019.

Rooftop Bar Experience

san diego events: Rooftop Bar Experience

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If you are a lover of drinks then here is some good news for you. George’s Ocean Terrace Rooftop Bar is offering special prices on selected bottles and taps and additionally, you can have a beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. As this is available every Tuesday from January 22, 2019, to May 21, 2019, the special attraction here will be new beer especially available every week.

Also, this place offers much to the sports lovers and also has special attractions such as science festival, CRSSd festival various conferences and a lot more. For more information about more places to visit travelila.

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