15 Road Trip Snacks to Carry for a Munchful Getaway

Road Trip Snacks

Sometimes I wonder. Is it just me, or this happens to everyone? While traveling, I often feel like eating, like kgs of food. Suddenly you crave food, not that proper kind of lunch or dinner but snacks that you can eat continuously! Not spicy or tongue tangling but something salty, something sweet, and totally light!

If you are the one driving, then you may need to stock up chewing gums; usually, drivers (the one who drives, no offense!) have a habit of chewing gum. It has been observed that chewing gum can keep you awake and more focused on the road. But the people sitting around, have a constant craving for food, chips, popcorn, chocolates, and whatnot.

Especially when you are on a road trip, snacks are a must. But you know some snacks can make you feel nauseous, like too much oily food. You obviously wouldn’t want to be a spoilsport. Road Trip Snacks are to be chosen wisely, taking your tastes and cravings into consideration.

Not only snacks, but some of the gourmets are also fine. There are some foods that you can prepare and take on a trip, but it won’t last long, so you should have alternatives too. Food Travel must include fruits, sandwiches, rolls, cut-up fruits, veggies, etc., they will satisfy your hunger for a few hours.

After they make a way through your stomach, you will need a back-up snack for munching all the way down to the destination. Crispy foods have gotten the highest preference on road trips. But remember you should always opt for less carb and more protein! Healthy Road Trip Snacks will fill up your stomach as well as munching desire. 

Below we have recommended some of the road trip snacks to carry:-

1. Popcorn

Road Trip Snacks: Popcorn

Source: foodandwine.com

Popcorn, a munching food full of fiber, vitamins, and minerals. You can get them at any local store. Another option is to pop them on the stove, add butter and salt for the seasoned popcorn. You can also add cheese powder to it. It amazes me how a single ingredient can make people fall in love with these crackers.

2. Protein Bars

Road Trip Snacks: Protein Bars

Source: amazonaws.com

The name itself says they are full of proteins. Get them in bulk from the mart. But act wisely while selecting the protein bar. There are bars in the market that are just loaded with sugar. Look for the one which has few ingredients and a proper amount of sugar.

3. Beef Jerky

Road Trip Snacks: Beef Jerky

Source: outsideonline.com

Jerkies are the best option to pack for any expedition. When on a road trip, get beef jerky. Rather than getting it from gas stations, prefer the one sold at a local natural food store. Beef jerkies are protein-rich and will satisfy your hunger.

4. Carrots & Grapes

Road Trip Snacks: Carrots & Grapes

Source: myrecipes.com

Fruits are always a better option to carry on a trip. From which carrot and grapes are the best ones. These two fruits can stave off your boredom on the road and will also provide you with fiber vitamins and other high nutritional values.

5. Hard-boiled Eggs

Road Trip Snacks: Hard-boiled Eggs

Source: thriveglobal.com

The easy to prepare and easy to carry road trip snack. It won’t get messy while eating on the back-wheels, in addition to that, it has proteins that you will need while on the trip. 

To add some crunch to the snack, carry some nuts or whole wheat pita.

6. Hummus & Celery

Road Trip Snacks: Hummus & Celery

Source: amazon.com

Hummus is the best option to carry as a dip and celery is the perfect match to act as a dipping stick. Hummus is full of vitamin B, and celery has high water content and low calories. The combo of both will satisfy your hunger with a taste you will again crave for!

7. Baked Chickpeas

Road Trip Snacks: Baked Chickpeas

Source: mindovermunch.com

Baked chickpeas, easy to prepare and a tasty treat to have. It is packed with protein, plus you won’t have to just stock on chips. Prepare them with the ingredients you want and fill them in jars.

Tip:- “Instead of packing your snacks in plastic bags use foil bags or jars, and arrange them in an open tote bag.”

8. Nuts

Road Trip Snacks: Nuts

Source: tripsavvy.com

Nuts are filled with healthy fats, proteins, and vitamins. They are the best portable snacks to have for munching all way long to the destination. You can season with olive oil and salt for the twist in taste.

9. Dried Fruits

Road Trip Snacks: Dried Fruits

Source: ashkadigitalworld.com

Fresh fruits won’t last long, but dried fruits will. It will help you in quelling your hunger for having fruits at any time of the trip. Check whether the ingredients listed on the pack in just “fruit” or not. Don’t buy if it contains fructose corn syrup or added sugar.

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10. Homemade Vegetable Chips

Road Trip Snacks: Homemade Vegetable Chips

Source: meredithcorp.io

Vegetable chips are nothing but fried or baked veggies. There is nothing as healthy as them (like in chips world!). You can prepare them at home. Use veggies like beetroot, sweet potato, potato, tomato, eggplant, okra, raw banana, spinach, kale, and many more.

11. Chocolate covered Nutties

Road Trip Snacks: Chocolate covered Nutties

Source: placeoforigin.in

Another variation to have nuts. Sometimes I crave sweet but crispy snacks; if this happens with you too, then chocolate dipped nuts are the solution. I love them, especially when nuts are seasoned with a little amount of salt. You can even prepare them at home.

12. Juice Boxes

Road Trip Snacks: Juice Boxes

Source: pinimg.com

Slurping on fruit juice is a must, when on a road trip. Carry fruit juice boxes with you. Sodas can make you feel a little nauseous, but fruit juice will give you energy as well as quench your thirst.

13. Cookies

Road Trip Snacks: Cookies

Source: wp.com

Cookies are like best friends, always with you, making you smile. A constant snack that you can munch on! They have variations too:- chocolate chip cookie (most loved one!), brownie cookie, an oatmeal raisin cookie, peanut butter cookie, oreo, etc. Click here to know about the Essential Camping Gears

14. Corn Nuts

Road Trip Snacks: Corn Nuts

Source: amazonaws.com

The roasted version of corns! Along with baked chickpeas, roasted corn will also satisfy your hunger. You can get them from the local mart or prepare them by yourself. 

15. String Cheese

Road Trip Snacks: String Cheese

Source: vice.com

You are never an adult for string cheese. String cheese is one of the best road trip snacks you can carry. Add an apple slice for the perfect combination of healthy fat, protein, and complex carbs. This combo will keep your energy level high and hunger level low (at least for the time being!).

Road Trip Snacks

Source: credit.com

Above were the fifteen must-have road trip snack to satisfy your hunger on the trip, apart from snacks, make sure you carry enough amount of water, plus your travel gear.

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