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Melbourne is the capital of the Australian state of Victoria, and the most popular city of that state. There are many places to visit in Melbourne. It is the second-most populous city in the whole continent of Australia. It is ranking number two just below the official capital, Sydney. The Australian islands are the most beautiful is hand in the world that you must visit once in a lifetime. 

The magnanimous city comprises much of the coastline of Port Philip Bay. It is one of the most amazing vistas to look at come sunset. Then it proceeds towards the Dandenong and Macedon mountain ranges and Yarra Valley. It has a whopping population of approximately 5,000,000. Its residence commonly calls as Melburnians.

History of Melbourne

History of Melbourne: places in Melbourne

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The city was founded by free settlers on 30th August 1835. Declared a city by the famed Queen Victoria in 1847. It was named after the British prime minister William Lamb, 2nd Viscount Melbourne. During the tumultuous times of the Victorian gold rush of the 1800s, it sees true flourishment and was referring to as ‘Marvelous Melbourne, and become one of the most important and richest cities of the British empire.

Today it is one of the most important financial centers of the Asia Pacific region and ranks among the top 15 cities in the global financial center’s index.

The Tranquility of Melbourne

The Tranquility of Melbourne: places in Melbourne

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Places to visit in Melbourne are some of the best and most memorable sites found in any Australian city; It is a place of the perfect balance between the urban jungle and real actual jungles. It has maintained a strong and steady connection with the welcome arms of nature while still progressing forward into the modern age.

The city contains many parks, preserves, tree enclosures, and warded-off areas devoted to preserving the ancient trees found in the city. The streets, avenues, and roadways are lined with trees, grass, and plants to protect the oxygen level. One can visit the scarred tree in Fitzroy gardens an ancient relic of the indigenous native of Melbourne.

Victorious glorious colonial history can be seen at the cook’s cottage transported from the village of Yorkshire where captain James cook was born. One can visit the famous Burrell hill a set of gardens that used to serve as Melbourne cemetery before the establishment of the official cemetery in 1853.

Sites South of the River

Sites South of The River: places in Melbourne

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One can visit the famous royal botanic gardens which have served as a home to over 10,000 different species of plants for a long time and is also a safe haven for the species of native wildlife. It is best and recommended to discover the diverse extravagance and beauty of the gardens at a slow pace that one feels comfortable with.

The locale is home to the Sydney Myer music bowl, a large and expansive outdoor, open-air amphitheater. At the end of the day, one can sit, lie down or go to sleep in the Alexandra gardens which not only have a beautiful climate but an even more extravagant view as one can watch the multitude of fairies go by.

Here are some of the best and most memorable places in Melbourne one can see in or around the city of Melbourne.

Yarra Valley: Places to Visit in Melbourne

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The Yarra Valley is one of the most beautiful sites to be seen in the state of Victoria. With its rolling green pastures gently swinging in the wind vineyards and rustic old farmhouses is much less than a mere hour’s drive from one of the busiest districts in Melbourne.

Some great spots to see and relax in are the yearning stations and giant steps. While one is there they should take care to taste (only taste!) some of the region’s world-famed cheese. The Balgownie Estate offers accommodation to those visitors who wish to stay the night.  

 places to visit in melbourne

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The Royal Botanic Gardens is located right in the heart of the city. The amazing thing is that this region through the heart of a city is free of pollution. The gardens offer a wide expanse for a picnic or it being so close, somewhere to eat your lunch.

The ornamental lake is one of the most famous spots for picnics on the grounds. There are the famed botanic gardens themselves, a haven for plants, bushes, trees, grass, and other green life forms of all types.

Places to Visit in Melbourne

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The Merri Creek trail is one of the quietest trails find around the city. As it populates with cyclists runners joggers and walkers of all ages, focussing only on keeping their bodies fit and healthy.

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 places to visit in melbourne

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The Melbourne Aquarium is filled with a wide array of fish of different shapes sizes colors tones and themes. It contains aquatic wildlife from many different ecosystems. It has magnificent king penguins mysterious luminous jellyfish and mighty sea dragons. Certain parts of the aquarium are also available for booking parties and weddings.

Places to Visit in Melbourne

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Bundoora Park is a famous park located in Victoria. It houses many different animals, like goats cows buffaloes oxen rabbits dogs cats, and other sorts of lovable furry creatures.

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