Best Places To Visit In Darjeeling For Nature Lovers

place to visit in Darjeeling

Darjeeling would serve you with some awesome natural views and it would definitely give you reasons to love this place. It is a small hill station that is located in West Bengal which is an eastern state of India and if you are a nature lover and want to be close to nature then you need to be at this place in order to experience the best of nature.

This place is especially known for the beauty that spells through the view of nature and rarely there is anyone who doesn’t like this place. This place is literally the most visited tourist destination of West Bengal which often seems to be crowded. If you are already pleased with the place and planning to be here on your next holiday then here are some of the best places to visit in Darjeeling that you should not consider missing at any cost:

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute and Darjeeling Zoo:

Darjeeling Zoo: place to visit in Darjeeling


Animals are the biggest part of nature and watching them is bliss for every nature lover so this zoo situated at Darjeeling would take you to a tour where you would be able to spot some amazing animals. The most amazing thing about this zoo is that here you would be able to spot some amazing endangered species that are known for living in extreme conditions but the zoo authority here have taken every single step to keep all the animals protected also have taken many initiatives to make the animals comfortable at this atmosphere.

Here you would be able to wildlife photography of snow leopard, goral which is also known as mountain goats, red panda, Tibetan wolf, Siberian tiger, and an endless variety of beautiful as well as unique birds. So while you are here you should not forget to click some pictures of the animals that you see here. Apart from this, you would also be able to see an amazing museum at this place where mountaineers’ artifacts are shown. This place also runs a small school which is completely dedicated to mountaineers and while you feel tired as well as hungry after so much of exploring the place you can always have some peace of mind and can also quench your hunger at the nearby restaurant that they have.

Tiger Hill:

Tiger Hill: place to visit in Darjeeling


This is one of the most visited, as well as the famous tourist spot of Darjeeling and Darjeeling trip, is incomplete without visiting this awesome place. This hill is said to be the tallest area of the entire region which makes it so attractive. This is the place where you can stand and capture a panoramic shot of the mountain Kanchenjunga, as well as Mount Everest and many other mountains as well as hilltops, are clearly visible from this spot.

Here you can trek and reach other nearby amazing spots and the mountain adventure can also be experienced at this place and while you are here at this place you should not miss the sunset as well as the sunrise from that point. The place is near to the main Darjeeling town so you don’t have to spend too much traveling in order to reach this place. do not forget to click some amazing snaps while you are here at this place and you can also spot some small tea stall at the route from where you can have your snacks and also you can take some rest at the stalls and the hospitality that the local people provide the visitors with is really very amazing.

Batasia Loop:

Batasia Loop: place to visit in Darjeeling


If you are a nature lover then you would love this place and this place proves to be heaven for every nature lover. The spiral narrow route railway tracks where toy train that is the spatiality of this place completes a loop makes this place this awesome, as well as popular among the tourist and even local residents, enjoy being at this place once in a while.

This place even has a beautiful big children’s park where you can take your children to make them enjoy their day. Here you would get to see gardens pact with unique as well as beautiful flowering plants that would make you fall in love with this place. Prefer being at this place in a bright sunny day so that you could be able to have a wonderful view of Kanchenjunga Mountain. While you are here you can have some local delicacies at the nearby food stalls as well as restaurants.

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Rock Garden As Well As Ganga Maya Park:

Rock Garden As Well As Ganga Maya Park: place to visit in Darjeeling


These two places would offer you nature at its best and here you would be able to view some amazing botanical collections. From this place, you would be able to have some amazing views of nature that you should capture in your camera and also the colorful flowering plants of the place would make you mesmerized for sure. The best part about this place is that you can enjoy the folk dance of the Gorkha people of the place.

Darjeeling Ropeway:

Darjeeling Ropeway: place to visit in Darjeeling


The reason for including this particular activity in this list is that from the point of the ropeway you would be able to enjoy scenic view of the entire place and the view is so amazing that it would definitely please any nature lover for sure. If you would miss riding the ropeway then you would be missing a very large part of the Darjeeling tour and even adventure freaks love this place for this particular reason. The view is phenomenal that you cannot get from anywhere else rather than from the ropeway.

These were a few of the best places to visit in Darjeeling for nature lovers that you need to check and apart from these place there are many more places as well and you can about them all in detail at Travelila.

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