Top 5 Places to visit in Amritsar

places to visit in Amritsar

Amritsar is a beautiful place that is located in Punjab which is an Indian state that is the north most part of the country. As you already know that India is a diverse country where there are many different religions as well as cultures all around and Sikhism is one of the religions that the country has. the place is no doubt very beautiful as well as divine and the place has many such beautiful things to offer you with.

While you are on a Punjab tour there are some places that you simply cannot miss to visit and Amritsar has to be one of them and while you are at Amritsar there are still places that would blow your mind so here are some of the best places to visit in Amritsar that you need to check out rather you should consider visiting otherwise you may end up missing a very big part of the Sikh culture:

Golden Temple:

Golden Temple: places to visit in Amritsar: Golden Temple:


Nothing can match the peace as well as the divinity of the golden temple and the beauty of the temple would surely mesmerize you and is surely going to be the best treatment for your eyes. this place is also known famously by the name of Harmandir Sahib and even though it is a Sikh temple still the place, as well as the local people of the place, welcomes people from every culture as well as a religion with all the love as well as respect. This is one of the best places to visit in India.

The construction of the temple itself is so beautiful that you would hardly get your eyes from the temple as the name of the temple suggests the upper floor, as well as the dome of the Darbar sahib which is said to be the holiest part of the entire temple, is made up of gold plates.

The best thing about this temple is that the temple offers free food and has the largest running kitchen in the entire world that serves everyone. Local people prove to be the helping hand and make sure that every day the temple is able to serve good food to many people and while you are here do not forget to taste the delicious Mitha Prasad which is a sweet treat made up of wheat flour, nuts, purified butter as well as sugar.

Also, do click a lot of pictures of the construction along with you and keep it forever as a good memory and also make sure to get something to cover your head as it is said to be a way to offer respect to the Sikh warriors as well as god.

Wagah Border:

places to visit in Amritsar: Wagah Border:


If you are an Indian then you would feel Goosebumps ups as the place is said to be famous for filling any visitor’s mind with patriotism and even if you are not Indian then also you would enjoy visiting the place. Followed by the golden temple this place is the most visited spot of the state and this basically the main Indo-Pak border.

The beating retreat ceremony is an absolute watch while you are here at this place and the best thing that the ceremony takes place every day at the evening time and is being performed by the soldiers of both the country India as well as Pakistan. The best thing about the place is the time when the soldiers of both the countries salute each other as well as the flag of both the nation which ensures respect from both the side of the border. The ceremony mainly takes place at 5:15 pm on summer days and for winters the ceremony starts at 4:15 pm.

Jallianwala Bagh:

places to visit in Amritsar: Jallianwala Bagh:


This place is especially a remembrance place for the massacre that happened years back in India which took the lives of many innocent people. The fight between freedom as well as slavery under British rule resulted in such brutal deaths and also the division of the two countries India as well as Pakistan as a result of British rule.

The is a historical site which then got converted into a beautiful garden where you can spend some peaceful time and while you are there you can click some beautiful pictures and keep them for a life long time. The best time to be in this place is between 6:30 am to 7:30 pm and you can cover both golden temples as well as this place on the same day as they are near to each other.

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Maharaja Ranjit Sigh Museum:

places to visit in Amritsar: Maharaja Ranjit Sigh Museum:


It is a museum that has preserved many historical pieces of evidence for the past few years and the museum is named after the most adored king of Punjab and he was the king before the separation of Pakistan happened and it is said that the capital of his kingdom was Lahore which is now the capital city of Punjab. Apart from the interior great collection the exterior of the museum is also very beautiful as well as covered with flowering plants from all over. The best time to be at this place is from 10 am to 5 pm and here you would also be able to know about the history of the state Punjab.

Food Walks:

places to visit in Amritsar: Food Walks:


No, this is of course not a single place but the whole range of restaurants as well as Dhabas and the street stall of course. The trip to Amritsar has to be incomplete if you haven’t taken the flavors of the place and foods are the best way to know about a place. The wide range of food that the place offers includes mutton tikkas, butter chicken, and an endless variety of paneer dishes. Punjabis are said to be pure foodies so while you are here you simply cannot miss the food tour for sure.

These were few places that you need to visit while you are on a trip to Amritsar that you need to check out and also you can check out many more such places at Travelila.

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