Romantic Places to Go For Valentine’s Day With Your Partner

places to go for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is already knocking at the door and it is for sure that all the couples around the world have already applied for a week off of valentine’s week. It is when you can actually embrace your bond as well as love and get some time rather than some alone time just with your partner with no one around you. Couple trips are different from family getaways so not every place proves to be best for couples to come a have holiday. If you are the one who is purposely searching for the best place to get your valentine’s day sorted then here are some of the best places to go for Valentine’s Day that you need to check out as well as consider visiting as well:

Kumarakom at Kerala:

Kumarakom At Kerala: places to go for Valentine’s Day


This is a southern place in India and it is said to be one of the affordable as well as the most beautiful places to be in for the weal of valentines. Spending quality time at the boat which would get you on a river ride is something that seems to be the most romantic thing that you can do while you are here. Moreover, you can get some of the most luxurious hotels as well as themed resorts at the place that you have to pre-book in order to avoid the problem of unavailability of rooms. While you are here do get your hands on a private boat so that you could be able to avoid the crowd.

Ooty at Tamil Nadu:

Ooty At Tamil Nadu: places to go for Valentine’s Day


India is full of beautiful places where you can be in for different purposes and Ooty which is in Tamil Nadu that is in the southern part of India seems to be so beautiful that it can prove to be one of the best places to be in the week of Valentine’s week. Here you would be able to witness some amazing scenic views that prove to be a treat for the eyes and while you are here you should click some picture posing with your partner by keeping the beautiful nature gifted background. The atmosphere here would be kind of cold which proves to be the best weather for being cozy other than that you can also explore the hills of the place.

Agra at U.P:

Agra At U.P: places to go for Valentine’s Day


This amazing place is located in Uttar Pradesh which is one of the biggest places in the country India is known for the seventh wonder of the world that is the Taj Mahal. The purpose of building the Taj Mahal was to show some love to the then Begum of Shahjahan who passed away. There could be nothing better than showing some love to the love of your life in from the monument of love. The pictures that you would get in front of the beautiful white marble monument are going to be the best couple of photos that you can get. Other than that you can spot many other historical monuments as well as flower gardens at the place.

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Srinagar at Jammu and Kashmir:

Srinagar At Jammu and Kashmir: places to go for Valentine’s Day


Srinagar is the capital city of the states Jammu as well as Kashmir which are situated at the top north corner of the country. The place is so beautiful that it is already declared as heaven on the earth and it is because of the scenic beauty of the place that literally spells magic on the visitors. This place can be considered as the best place to visit on valentine’s week with your loved ones.

While you are here you can try playing with the snow and you can literally try snow adventure sports at the place apart from this you can visit the amazing lake and book a boathouse in order to spend some romantic time with your partner. The tulip garden, as well as Dal Lake, are some points of the place where you need to visit otherwise you would miss a big part of the trip.

Havelock at Andaman Island:

Andaman Island: places to go for Valentine’s Day


This is one of the best places to be if you are searching for a romantic destination holiday. It is a small place that is located at Andaman Island which is an Indian island located at the Bay of Bengal. This place is so amazing that it has literally become the most preferred honeymoon destination as well. the place has got some amazing luxurious themed resorts where you can consider staying but in order to get bookings, you need to pre-book the rooms.

While you are here you can do water adventure sports such as scuba diving, surfing and many more. Walking on the golden beach sands while holding the hands of your partner can prove to be the most romantic thing ever and if you are lucky enough then you can also see a beautiful sunset as well as sunrise.


Santorini: places to go for Valentine’s Day


Being at this place can prove to be like couples’ goals and this place is so beautiful that it would prove to be the perfect valentine’s week holiday for you as well as for your partner. The beautiful view of the place with the blue sea behind and while vintage building at sides can be a perfect platform for you if you want to propose your love over again. While you are here you need to be at Oia in order to enjoy a sundowner.


Paris: places to go for Valentine’s Day


This place is literally the best place in the world for couples moreover people from around the world prefer this place for a honeymoon. The place is like a poem which is a romantic one for sure and while you are here you can enjoy a perfect candlelight dinner witnessing the Eiffel tower beside and get pictures clicked for sure.

These were a few of the best places to go for Valentine’s Day and you can also lookup for more such places at Travelila.

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