Philippines- “The Gorgeous Southeast Asian Hub Of Islands”

places to visit in Philippines

The Philippines is located in the Pacific ocean is a southeast country that is surrounded by 7000 islands. Manila is the capital city of the Philippines which is most famous for its waterfront promenade and centuries old China town, Binondo. The heart of old Manila is Intramuros. The Philippines shares its border with Vietnam, Taiwan, Palau, Malaysia, and Indonesia. The place is earthquake and typhoon prone because it is close to the equator. It has a population of 100 million and has abundant natural resources and the world’s greatest biodiversity. It is the most beautiful and peaceful place where you can spend your vacation with your partner. It is a suitable place for an island enthusiast. There are many places to visit in the Philippines if you are planning to make a trip. Some of the places to visit in the Philippines are as follows.


places to visit in Philippines: Palawan


If you are in the Philippines then Palawan should be the place on top of your list. In this place, you will experience spectacular beaches and islands. In El Nido and Coron, you can experience underwater and overwater views. You can also go for Island hopping in Balabac, Port Barton, Taytay, Quezon, Honda Bay, and an amazing city tour in Puerto Princesa. This place also has some luxury resorts.


places to visit in Philippines: Cebu


In order to explore the Philippines Cebu is a top tourist destination and an awesome jump-off point. In Mactan Island, the best resorts are available for the tourist. The Metro Cebu offers you many Historical sites. It has the best white sand beaches in the Philippines. It includes hiking and beautiful waterfall in Osmena peak, Samboan, Ginatilan, Oslib, Badian, and Barili. You can also explore the beaches and islands in Alcoy, Dalaguete, Lapu-Lapu, Aloguinson, Badian Barili, Cordova, Santander, and San Remigio.


places to visit in Philippines: Bohol


It is a beautiful place full of heritage sites, beaches, and natural attractions. Tourists will have a nice view of the famous Bohol chocolate hill that looks like a heap of chocolate. They can also explore some Spanish Colonial heritage sites and churches. Tourists can also visit the world’s smallest primates the Tarsier sanctuary. In Panglao near Bohol, you can explore the beautiful beaches and diving sites. It also includes the Loboc river cruise and waterfalls.

Huma Island

places to visit in Philippines: Huma Island


It is the most suitable place if you are an adventure lover. It will give you an experience full of exploration and discovery. This island attracts the tourist with beautiful turquoise water along with attractive accommodation and mouth-watering food.


places to visit in Philippines: Camiguin


Camiguin is also called “Island Born of Fire”. It is the island that experiences the most number of volcanoes like Mount Shay, Mount Vulcan, Mount Hibok Hibok, and Mount Mambajao. It also includes beautiful waterfalls, hot and cold springs, and a sand bar. The visitors can also explore old ancestral homes and churches. It also organizes the Lanzones festivals.


places to visit in Philippines: Coron


It is a tropical paradise for the visitors which includes white sand beaches, limestone cliff towering and crystalline waters, colorful corals. Visitors can also experience underwater wrecks.


places to visit in Philippines: Batanes


It is said to be the heaven of the earth for the visitors. It is surrounded by rolling hills, lofty cliffs, boulder lined shores, and deep canyons. It also has historic stone houses.


places to visit in Philippines: Boracay


It is one of the best places and one of the world’s best islands in the Philippines. It offers visitors the sunset, soft white sands, and dazzling water. The nightlife on this island attracts many visitors and is a treat for the eye.

Lake Sebu

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Lake Sebu is a charming destination. It has clean lakes with beautiful waterfalls. Visitors also experience the Ubo and T’boli tribe’s culture. The zip line in Lake Sebu is a breathtaking experience for the visitors.

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places to visit in Philippines: Vigan


It is an adventurous and unique place for the Vigan. It is termed as a UNESCO world heritage city. You can experience the rich culture and heritage of the country. It gives you an old-world charm with its 17th century Augustinian cathedral and Spanish styled house.


places to visit in Philippines: Siquijor


Siquijor is a mysterious place and it is believed to be a place of supernatural creatures, witches, and sorcerers. Many people think the island is magical. It is also a mesmerizing place full of beautiful waterfalls, beaches, and parks like Kagusuan beach and Salagdoong beach.

Tubbataha Reef National Park

places to visit in Philippines: Tubbataha Reef National Park


If you love scuba diving then this is a perfect place for you. Tubbataha reef national park is a protected sanctuary and the best dive site. You can view the colorful coral reefs and endangered hawksbill sea, sea lions, turtles, sharks, sea turtles, and clownfish. It is also the best place for bird lovers also as it has a variety of bird species.


places to visit in Philippines: Catanduanes


Catanduanes is known as the land of the howling winds which is a typhoon prone area. It has high mountain tops, the beauty of nature, grassland, and ocean breeze. It also has many historic sites and rock formations.

Mount Pulag

places to visit in Philippines: Mount Pulag


It is the most suitable place for an adventure and nature lover. It offers you a hiking trip through which you can view a milky way galaxy and sea of cloud. This place is best for solo travelers to explore everything!!

Lagun Gobingop Cave

places to visit in Philippines: Lagun Gobingop Cave


Lagun Gobingop cave is situated in Samar which has multiple caves situated on this lovely island. It is a huge cave that will give you an adventurous feel while exploring it.

Kalanggaman island

places to visit in Philippines: Kalanggaman island


Kalanggaman island is situated in Leyte. It is a white sand beach often known as the jewel of Leyte. The visitors can also view international cruises on this island.

Mayon Volcano Albay

places to visit in Philippines: Mayon volcano Albay


Mayon volcano is situated in Albay is termed as the most photogenic volcano by CNN. It is cone-shaped and it is the most beautiful and celebrated volcano in the world.

Northern Samar

places to visit in Philippines: Northern Samar


Northern Samar is popular for its rock formation, beautiful beaches, and cloisteredcoves. Another Island that is popular for its rock formation in Northern Samar is Biri Island.

So these are popular places to visit in the Philippines. It is a hub of a beautiful and adventurous island. So if you are an adventurous person then you can explore these places in the Philippines. This article will serve you as a guide if you are planning to make a trip to the Philippines.

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