6 Packable Sun Hat That Will Save You From Harmful UV Rays

Packable Sun Hat

In summers, we do whatever we can to save ourselves from burning heat. We get different types of products for skincare or change our schedule. No one ever thought about the fashion products that will keep them safe in the hot summers. Yeah, there are products in the fashion industry to help you out.

Dermatologists also recommend them; we know you will think why a dermatologist would recommend a fashion-based product? Except for sunscreen with high SPF, the thing that will help you is a sun hat. Here is some Best Way to Pack a Suitcase.

Especially when traveling you can either keep applying sunscreen to the skin all the time or can simply put up the sun hat. Later one seems to be more comfortable than the first one. When going for first, there are chances that you will miss out on many things on your expedition. 

While if you go for the later one, you may reward yourself with cool photographs. Hats can add a charming and picture-perfect look to your outfit. You would have seen the pictures of a girl wearing a queen-like hat and looking as gorgeous as the princess; now it’s your turn to get that kind of photo.

But wait, wait! How are you going to take the hat on to your trip? You won’t be able to keep it in hand and explore the new city; it will be too messy and stressful. So you will need to buy a Packable Sun Hat that you can fold and keep in your bag. They are also known as Travel Hat. 

How to Buy a Travel Hat?

We are here with the brief guidelines on how to buy Travel Hat? That includes what kind of features it should have so that it can protect you from UV rays and your skin from getting tanned. Following are the points that you should consider while buying a sun hat:-

  • Get your hands on the wider brim for the best protection.
  • Make sure a hat can cover both your face and neck adequately (or else you will have burnt neck skin).
  • It should have UPF Protection.
  • The high crown hat can make you look taller and the flattering crown hat can make you look shorter, so choose wisely.
  • Last but not least, color! Go for the one that can go with most of the things in your wardrobe. Natural straw color and black are the best options.

Keeping all these points in mind we have short-listed some packable Sun Hat that you can have for your trip, and they are as below:-

Sr. NoProduct NameBrim SizeHat CircumferenceCovers Both Face and NeckSun ProtectionColor
1Straw Panama Roll up Hat2.9″22.5″YesUPF 30+Khaki
2Bora Bora II3″24.5′YesUPF 50Grill
3Straw Floppy Sun Hat3.5′22.8″YesUPF 50Beige
4Cotton Sun Hat with Chin Cord4″-4.5′Varies according to sizeNoUPF 50Navy Blue
5Flap Cover Cap4.7″Varies according to sizeYesUPF 50+Sky Blue
6Straw Sun Visor5.12′22″-23.2″NoUV Ray ProtectionNatural

Straw Panama Roll up Hat

Packable Sun Hat: Straw Panama Roll up Hat

Source: amazon.com

Lanzom’s Straw Panama Roll up hat is made up of high-quality natural paper straw. It is tightly woven and is breathable and comfortable.

Bora Bora II

Packable Sun Hat: Bora Bora II

Source: amazon.com

Columbia’s Bora Bora II has been made up of wicking fabric that has sweat-wicking capabilities.

Straw Floppy Sun Hat

 Packable Sun Hat: Straw Floppy Sun Hat

Source: amazon.com

Jeff & Aimy’s Floppy Hat is foldable and packable. It also has the perfect outlook for a beach vacation.

Sun Hat with Chin Cord

Packable Sun Hat: Sun Hat with Chin Cord

Source: amazon.com

Comhat’s Sun Hat is a cotton hat with UPF sun protection. It is a foldable and combat hat perfect for a travel hat.

Summer Flap Cover Cap

Packable Sun Hat: Summer Flap Cover Cap

Source: amazon.com

This one is also from Comhat, but it has a wider brim and a sunshade for the protection of eyes from UV rays.  

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Straw Sun Visor

Packable Sun Hat: Straw Sun Visor

Source: amazon.com

This Straw Sun Visor is from Simplicity. It is foldable and can be easily carried for travel. It has a more fashionable look, but still, it can protect your face from the front and most of the back skin too.

These were the sun hats that you should buy as your travel companion this summer. For more ideas related to fashion, visit Travelila.

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