Spend Your Vacation Getting Sun-Kissed at Beaches in New Jersey

New Jersey beaches

Can one place be famous for two to three things? We don’t know about others, but New Jersey is. The “Garden State” known for the production of corn, tomatoes, and Blueberries is also famous for its world-class beaches in new jersey. What is the one thing that you will definitely love about NJ? The answer is its delicacies. An Indian curry by a Scottish chef and a world-famous ‘Taylor Ham Pork Roll’ are the must-try cuisines of NJ. 

New Jersey is a U.S. State and a Peninsula decorated with 130 miles of coastline and is also famous for the white sand beaches where you can soak up the sun and fun with family and friends. This jeweled crown state attracts more than hundreds of thousands of tourists every year and leaves them speechless with its unexplainable beach-beauty. The ‘Diner Capital of the World‘ will surely confuse you (in a good way!) about what to do and what not to? You would want to enjoy beach life, nightlife, and its food-life too. But there are so many options available, which one you will go for? 

Hold on to your heart; we are here to solve your problem of selecting the best new jersey beaches to enjoy your vacation with family, friends, or loved ones. 

In the following article, you will read about seven NJ state beaches that have their own significance of being beautiful. We can give you our word that after reading this piece of content, you are going to add almost all the beaches mentioned in the list to your checklist.

What are you waiting for, let’s take off…

Asbury Park Beach (Lucky place for Bruce Springsteen)

New Jersey beaches: Asbury Park Beach

Source: s-nbcnews.com

Asbury Park Beach is a place that is known for its white sand and a boardwalk. The place is total fun that offers swimming, sunbathing, and fishing. Do you know? The famous singer Bruce Springsteen started his career from this place only. Now, this makes sense, why this shore is popular for singing concerts. Some good things to know about the jersey shore, this is one of the best gay-friendly beaches in NJ, and also, you can take your four-legged baby to the beach (but only from October to May).

Best Time to Visit:- Between July and September

Best Things to do:- Shop, Dine, go to Theater, stroll on a Boardwalk, Swimming, and Fishing

Point Pleasant Beach (One of the Family Beaches)

New Jersey beaches: Point Pleasant Beach

Source: sparkplatform.com

The most popular jersey shore is Point Pleasant Beach. It is also counted as one of the best family beaches where you can spend quality time with your family. This spotless beach provides a safe place with the Jenkinson’s boardwalk for the kids. On the boardwalk, you will find arcade games, ice cream shops, and food stalls. Jenkinson’s Aquarium is another attraction of the beach. The beach also facilitates bathrooms, washrooms, and restrooms monitored by the lifeguards. Oh yes, you can also experience the best evening time on the shore with music and food on the table. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing this beauty.

Best Time to Visit:- From mid-June to late September

Best Things to do:- Swimming, Sunbathing, Surfing, drinking refreshing Drinks and Cocktails, Dine, a visit to Aquarium, play golf at Castaway Cove Mini Golf and taste the home-made Ice-Cream.

Long Beach Island (One of the Family Beaches)

New Jersey beaches: Long Beach Island

Source: defense.gov

Long Beach Island, locally known as LBI, is the most visited beach by families in New Jersey. This 18-mile sandy beachfront is home to several beaches like Ship Bottom, Harvey Cedars, Surf City, and Beach Haven. At LBI’s northern tip, there is Barnegat Lighthouse, where you can reach after climbing 217 steps. It is worth climbing as it offers the best view of the Atlantic. Beach Haven, one of the beaches on LBI, has great surfing spots. This beach island has a boardwalk from where you can dig-in to tasty food items after a long day of surfing, walking, and enjoying the beach.

Best Time to Visit:- From June to July and from August to late September.

Best Things to do:- explore history at Long Beach Island Historical Museum, water sports, boating, fishing, and devour the good food.

Cape May (Devour Curries and Hot Dogs)

New Jersey beaches: Cape May

Source: capemaycountynj.gov

Relax and explore at cape may, one of the oldest seaside resort community. This seaside is the oldest yet most popular and most visited during the vacations. It still hasn’t lost its luster and provides the best experience of beaches. Cape May has several beaches, such as Higbee Beach, Steger Beach, and Poverty Beach. You will find kids splashing water, and parents sunbathing on the beaches of Cape May. A city where you can experience a happening American beach vacation. From Jack Wright’s curries to Tommy’s Hot Dog, you can taste all the tangling food delicacy. Here are the top five beaches in Belize to visit.

Best Time to Visit:- Between June and September

Best Things to do:- Visit Lighthouse and a Museum, a tour on a vintage-style carriage pulled by horses, shopping, eating, kayaking, boating, windsurfing, and surfing.

Wildwood (Get wild there!)

New Jersey beaches: Wildwood

Source: travel-assets.com

Wildwood is the widest beach in NJ. A coastline stretched up to 5-mile allows you to enjoy a bunch of water activities, which includes boogie boarding, kayaking, jet-skiing, swimming, and surfing. Wildwoods tagline explains the place to the point, “As wild as you want to be.” Take a visit to Wildwood boardwalk and check out the amazing Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks to enjoy the wild rides and much more. Around 200 festivals are celebrated here around the year, some of which are Wildwood’s International Kite Festival and Monster Truck Races. The wide stretch sandy beach is a perfect getaway to make your beachy vacation full of sun kisses.

Best Time to Visit:- mid-July to mid-August.

Best Things to do:- enjoy wild rides, go for a morning bike ride, a walk on the boardwalk, visit the historical museum, go boating, play golf, etc.

Ocean City (Must Visit – Boardwalk)

New Jersey beaches

Source: ocbound.com

Don’t let yourself mislead with its name; it isn’t Ocean City (Maryland); it’s Ocean City (New Jersey). Though they have the same name, there is a huge difference between both. Ocean City is one of the highest-ranked family beaches among the beaches in new jersey. It dates back to the 19th century and has been declared as the ‘dry town,’ and almost all the beaches are lifeguarded. The happiest place in the city has the best sea salt taffies to offer. Other than this, you can also visit an amusement park for a thrilling experience. Ocean City also offers live music concerts and a stroll on Boardwalk.

Best Time to Visit:- From early June to early July and from early August to late September.

Best Things to do:- Kayaking, Boating, Surfing, Shopping, Golfing, walk on a boardwalk, thrill rides, water sports, visiting regional places, etc.

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Atlantic City Beach (Best for Nightlife)

New Jersey beaches: Atlantic City Beach

Source: atlanticcitynj.com

Atlantic city famous for casinos and gambling, also attracts a number of beach lovers in summers during day time for fun. There’s free entry on the beaches and a boardwalk that connects beach-life and casino-life, making the best atmosphere for travelers. The waves of it let your kid enjoy jumping, and you can go for either body boarding or boogie boarding, whichever you like (you can go for both!). The surprising thing about the boardwalk is it dates back to the year 1870. There are many high-end boutiques and shops to shop from and restaurants to eat from.

Best Time to Visit:- Between June and September

Best Things to do:- Visit Absecon Lighthouse, take a spa visit, get sun-soaked, windsurfing, boating, fishing, kayaking, explore the historical museum and aquarium, etc.

Landing Back:-

This was the list of seven best beaches in New Jersey for a nostalgic-fueled trip. Other than the above mentioned, here are a few more that you might want to visit after you are done visiting them: Spring Lake Beach, Lavallette Beach, Avalon Beach, and Fisherman’s Cove. After watching all this, we are left with one sentence for NJ, “Heaven looks a lot like Jersey.”

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