6 Best Things About Mount Everest Base Camp Trek

Mount Everest base camp trek

The Himalayan visit itself seems to be a very exciting holiday as if you have already decided to be on the Himalayan trek in your coming holiday then you must be wondering about what you can do there. Well, there are endless things as well as activities that you can enjoy while you are on a holiday to Himalaya. Himalaya is said to be the tallest mountain and being there itself means a lot and you can be there from Nepal or even from India and the selection of place completely depends upon your preference.

So if you are confused about what to do on the Himalayan trip then the best ever thing is to have a Mount Everest base camp trek which proves to be the best thing that anyone can do at Mount Everest. It would be the best place to visit for solo travelers who loves the hills and nature. Here are few reasons to not miss a Mount Everest base camp trek if you ever get a chance to be in the Himalayas:

Flight to Lukla:

Flight to Lukla: Mount Everest base camp trek

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It involves the process of the journey to reach the trekking point in order to start camping. It is the only easy way to reach there and to do so you have to take a flight to Lukla. Though there are many other ways to be there at Khumbu certainly it is said to be the shortest way as well as the easiest way to be there and you would reach there much faster in this way and most of the people prefer this way only as if said to be the safest route as well.

You would be surprised to know that the flight to the destination itself involves a small adventure journey as the Lukla airport is constructed at the drop-wards which is at the end position of the runway. It is so amazing to know that this airport runway is considered the shortest airport runway in the world. So while you are on your way to Khumbu you already made a memory that would surely be remembered by your lifelong.

The Sagarmatha National Park:

Mount Everest base camp trek

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While you are on your camping you can visit the neighboring area and this national park needs to be on your top list. There is no wonder that this national park is said to be the most visited as well as loved place while people are in mount Everest base camp.

Here you would be able to notice the trekking trails that would take you to the protected area of Himalaya and if you are lucky enough you would be able to see some unique as well as beautiful flora as well as fauna of the place which are not less than a treat to watch. This place is considered as the national heritage of the world site and getting a chance to trek there itself becomes a great experience to have.

It is the place where you would be able to observe many endangered species of animals as well as birds that you can capture by clicking a picture. So you can always trek there in order to find your own perfect place to set your camp and you can even set the camp in between the wild.

Namche Bazaar:

Namche Bazaar: Mount Everest base camp trek

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It is a highlighted point of the place and usually, every visitor of the Himalaya arrives at this place. This place is a local town which is located at the mountain trails and from this place you would be able to see the beautiful peaks of the Himalaya. The reason behind this place being this famous is because this place is said to be the gateway to Himalaya which falls under the country Nepal. Here you can rest for a while have food as well and here you can also buy some local things as Tibetan traders are said to trade here.

The Sherpa Culture:

The Sherpa Culture: Mount Everest base camp trek

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This place comes under Nepal and this place would let you know the Sherpa culture which is a much-believed culture of Nepal. This culture has been inspiring for people and while you are on a Mount Everest base camp trek you need to know about this culture as well as all the good things that this culture teaches people. Local people in this place are said to be very friendly and they would give some amazing mountain climbing training.

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The Tengboche Monastery:

The Tengboche Monastery: Mount Everest base camp trek

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People out there are very spiritual so they have a good range of monasteries around and the Tengboche monastery has to be the one where you should have a must-visit. This monastery is so beautiful as well as quiet that you would surely go to get some peace of mind at the place and gains some spiritual power for sure. It is basically a Buddhist monastery and local people have unbreakable believes regarding this monastery.

The Everest Base Camp:

The Everest Base Camp: Mount Everest base camp trek

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Finally, it is about the ultimate thing of the entire trip and this has to be the most exciting thing about the whole trip and nothing can match the excitement of being in the base camp of Himalaya. It entirely takes about a week to reach the final destination which is the camp base and reaching the destination is the most glorifying thing ever that trekkers could feel there at the place. Viewing the sky from the high and breathing the purest air is something that will fill you with joy.

These were few things that you need to check out while you are on a Mount Everest base camp trekThank you for visiting Travelila. Have a happy journey!

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