Most Safest Countries To Live In The World

Most Safest Countries To Live In The World

For many years the world has become a dangerous place to live in. No one can rely on any other due to worse conditions and insecurity in society. The first and foremost thought one has while traveling to a new place is the safety and social environment out there. As wealth cannot assure happiness how can it assure safety and security? Travelila is here to help.

It has been seen that when people are unemployed, underemployed, or otherwise facing financial hardships, they are likely to commit crimes such as armed robbery, in order to sustain and improve their situation. Here is the list of the safest countries in the world. The safety of a country depends on the Global Peace Index.

2New Zealand
6Czech Republic

1. Iceland

most safest countries in the world: Iceland


For the last ten years, Iceland has topped this position and is still winning at it. Firstly it is safe because of its small population of about 350000 people. You would be highly surprised to know that this country doesn’t have an army. The other thing which is affecting safety is that there is no ‘class’ system. Thus there is no discrimination between rich and poor and also no special treatment is given based on gender, caste, etc.

2. New Zealand

most safest countries in the world: New Zealand


The second country on this list is New Zealand. This is the safest country when it comes to women’s safety and security. Women’s safety is one of the reasons for a country to generate long term wealth, increase in growth potential, literacy, and much more. This country is also rated the most peaceful and least corrupt country in the world. It sounds really great!

3. Austria

most safest countries in the world: Austria


The third country on our list is Austria. In this country, the street crime level is the lowest. Although you need to be vigilant to possible threats at some tourist places. This country attracts more than 25 million tourists per year but it still is a safe place to visit. Still, it has some crimes at their peak such as pickpocketing and ATM frauds but is still a safer place for women.

4. Denmark & Canada

most safest countries in the world: Denmark & Canada


Other countries such as Denmark, Canada are very much safe to settle and live in. Most of the crimes are internal struggles between gangs and families but they do not give trouble to decent folks.

5. the Czech Republic

most safest countries in the world: Czech Republic


The Czech Republic remains on this list consecutively over four years as the crime rate in this country is consistently decreasing over years. A decrease of 38% in crime rates nationwide has noted in this country.

6. Singapore

most safest countries in the world: Singapore


Singapore, next in our list is in the list of the safest country for the last three years. According to the survey, 94% of the people feel safe walking alone at night in this country which is a great achievement.

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7. Japan

most safest countries in the world: Japan


Japan is already well known for its high level of safety and low levels of crime and its name in this list reconfirms the same. The key factor of being a safe and secure place is the honesty of the people of the country.

8. Ireland

most safest countries in the world: Ireland


Ireland, next in our list was ranked as the world’s safest place for the 11th year in a row as their crime rate is lowest, with just 1.8 murders per 100,000 people annually which is really a great thing to achieve.

9. Slovenia

most safest countries in the world: Slovenia


The next one, Slovenia, is gradually becoming a country to travel to as it is increasing efforts in this direction and also working tough to increase the standards of people out there.

Most of the factors which affect the safety in any country are the education system in the country, the freedom and equality they offer to their citizen, low discrimination among people, etc.

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