Best As Well As Most Romantic Weekend Getaways

most romantic weekend getaways

Couples always try to search for a romantic gateway for spending their weekends after a tiring week of work. Though you may get many weekend getaways around the world not all of them are romantic as most couples expect them to be. If you, as well as your partner, are also looking for a quick escape from the daily work routine then you might be wondering about romantic places in the world. So here are some of the best as well as most romantic weekend getaways around the world. That you need to check out and can even try visiting there:

Cayman Islands:

Cayman Islands: most romantic weekend getaways


Sri Lanka is one of the best places to be in if you are on a budget and the place is so beautiful that it proves to be the best ever place for couples. Since it became one of the most visited places so they have even modified the airport where from now in you would be able to receive better facilities. You would be amazed to know that this Island is one of the wealthiest islands in the entire Caribbean.

This place is a pact with celebrity restaurants where you can have a romancing dinner or lunch date. After getting satisfied with good food you as well as your partner can go on shopping around the streets. Also you can check out beach resorts around for staying and relaxing.

Lake Tahoe at Nevada:

Lake Tahoe at Nevada: most romantic weekend getaways


If you as well as your partner are nature lovers then you guys together can hit this place and treat your eyes to the mesmerizing views that nature offers with. This is lake seems to be the most beautiful as well as a romantic freshwater lake in the country with such amazing surroundings.

You can go skiing with your partner at the Squaw Valley. And while you feel tired you can have pair of cocktail along with your partner at any of the bars. Moreover, you can go to the terrace as the place would offer you a dynamic view of Sierras which is just enough to make your moment romantic. You can even check out pool bars over the place where you can enjoy a hot water tub and spend quality time with your partner.

Northern Italy:

Northern Italy: most romantic weekend getaways


If romance is music then Italy has to be the most melodious musical tone, if you are seeking the most romantic place to be in then you cannot miss Italy. The canals of  Venice city as well as the gastronomy of Florence are enough to drive you crazy. This place is literally said to be heaven for all couples. As it is considered the most romantic place in the entire world. Traveling over waterways in a small boat with the love of your life can be the most romantic moment of the whole trip.

You can even explore the historic residue of the place with a hands-on hand with your partner. This place has everything to offer you with which would be enough to give you the best ever holiday experience. The exotic, as well as luxurious resorts over the place, can be considered for your night stay. While you feel tired after the long day you can enjoy Italian delicacies in the nearby restaurants. Along with your loved ones and you can even enjoy drinks alongside.

Koh Samui in Thailand:

Koh Samui in Thailand: most romantic weekend getaways


If you as well as your partner loves being around the beach then this place can prove to be the best ever place for that quick escape from the busy day-to-day work. The exotic beach with white sands all over and palm trees. As well as coconut trees around the beach seem to be perfect. This Island is the second-largest island in Thailand. It is a bonus that the place is pack with some beautiful as well as wonderful resorts where you can stay over.

The fresh tender coconut ice cream has to be the most special dish of the place. If you miss that then you are missing a huge part of the trip and an ice cream date can never go wrong for sure. The place has many things to offer. But the natural view of the place can be the best thing and most romantic as well. Here you would be able to spend some alone time with your lifeline. Make sure to click lots of pictures at the beachside and add them to your best ever memory list.

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Udaipur: most romantic weekend getaways


If want to be in Venice but are on a budget then head straight to Udaipur. This place in India is considered the Venice of the east. Here you would be able to enjoy the site view of lakes as well as the Aravalli hills.

You can stay at a lakeside hotel and enjoy a romantic as well as cozy stay over the place. You can go on a historical tour of the place. And you can even shop for some amazing handmade stuff from the roadside street vendors.

These were a few of the most romantic weekend getaways around the world where you can check in along with the love of your life. Thank you for reading the article till the end, keep visiting Travelila!!

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