Top Middle East Countries Where You Can’t Stay For A Day

Middle East Countries

Long gone are those days when the ‘Middle East Countries’ used to be known as the ‘land of spirit’. No more mystery, no more magic. Unlike Abu Dabhi destinations the ongoing unrest in these places has made this western part of Asia a dilapidated center of all the civil wars, mass killing, and enforced immigration.

The civil war in Syria has been coupled with some other major problems all over the middle east like the corrupt government, rising unemployment, fanaticism, and consequently with a desperate confrontation between the mass and the authority.

These have caused a rapid increase in death, destruction, and whatnot. The old hub of ancient religious and cultural structures is now at the end of its tether. And today it has become the newspaper headlines. Even a toddler from any globe part is aware of the danger to spend even a night at these places.

Today, we pick up some of the most dangerous countries in the Middle East:

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia: Middle East


In terms of violence and political upheavals, Saudi Arabia will definitely remain at a lower position of the hierarchy. Far from being the center of all unrest following the Arab Spring Protests in 2011, it is more infamous for its extremist ideologies, both religious and political.

No entry for non-Muslims, no travel visas, open support for ISIS- all these had made a tough choice for travelers.


Afghanistan: Middle East


The famous saying tells- if Pakistan is the head office of terrorism, then Afghanistan is the birthplace of it. Jokes apart, quite politically speaking, if you are not that desperate to get a taste of nature at its primitive best, then you are never going to pick up enough nerve to visit this country.

The random bombing, rapid sounds of firing along constant fear of loss of life are certainly enough to blow a chill down your spine.


Yemen: Middle East


If one is willing to spend a night here, he or she must know that there is always a risk of being kidnapped, civil war, and rapid unrest. Besides Yemen is the country, infamous for the dominance of the terrorist organization- Al Qaeda.

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Syria: Middle East Countries


Though it all started with peaceful protest during the 2011 revolt, every ideology later boiled down to sheer aggression. Syria has become the epitome of the Middle Eastern civil war.

The city of Damascus fell prey to immense attacks in 2012 and is yet torn within the power struggle between the Syrian government and ISIS. Do you want to go there yet? Make sure you have at least a pocket pistol with you.


Palestine: Middle East Countries


The recent photos of Gaza had shaken the internet with their images of desolation and destruction. The political complication between Israel and Palestine have made the scenario even worse. Though it is no more under the control of the Israeli force. But it is safe only under the strict control of the border forces.

The constant bombing, attacking of the government buildings and police stations, and at last but not least the Israeli raids inside the border have made it a place of a nightmare even for its inhabitants.

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