Machu Picchu Tours Guide: 8 Places That Will Leave You Spellbound

Machu Picchu Tours

Millions of travelers visiting a place in a year! Admittedly it got something beautiful to offer.

Traveling isn’t a mere visit to a random place; it includes an emotional attachment to every place you visit. Whether it’s a historical site, adventurous tour, or a relaxing trip, all have emotional values attached to them. Today here, we are talking about Machu Picchu, one of the world’s most beautiful places. After Machu Picchu tours, you won’t even find Grand Canyon attractive. (It will exceed all the options you have in the list of beautiful places).

The city of Peru in South America has many unsolved mysteries, beautiful stonework, man-made terraces, and adventurous spots. This site has many questions asked, rather than answered. 

Let’s look at the short information that we gathered:-

It is often referred to as the “Lost City of the Incas” and is the most familiar icon of the Inca Civilization. It was built around 1450 but abondening after a century at the time of the Spanish Conquest. Creating it with dry-stone walls.

In 1911, American Historian Hiram Bingham made it international attention. After that, recognizing by the government. By 1976, restoring it by 30% and still restoration process is going on, and in 1983 it was the part of UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Fact:- It was voted as New Seven Wonders of the World in 2007, during the worldwide international poll.

There are many places in this city whose existence is still a mystery. As we stated above, it exceeds all the lists. It also has sacred stones there, which are believed to be used as keeping the sun at a place as it traveled across the sky. This place is full with excitement and a lot of adventures and hiking.

Before moving on to the list, we will first tell you about the Machu Picchu weather and the best time to visit there. Just a quick sneak-peek!

To visit this mysterious city, make sure to plan when it’s dry there. The views of Machu Picchu in dry months are unbeatable. Usually, it’s hot during the day, and cold and fresh atmosphere at night over there. The best month to visit Machu Picchu tours is between June to August. It’s a high season both for trekking and tourism. You will meet many travelers at this time. It gets a little crowdy but the #instagram_perfect pictures you will get will be worth it.

Now back to the main topic:

To reach Machu Picchu either you will have to take a bus or hike up to the Machu Picchu. Both the options have their own benefits, one will let you take in the views of the place within your comfort zone, while another will let you take control of your adventure cravings along with the sight viewing.

The following are the places that you must visit to free your adventurous spirit:-

Huayna Picchu

Machu Picchu Tours: Huayna Picchu


A don’t-forget place to visit in Machu Picchu is Huayna Picchu. In every landscape photo of Machu Picchu you will see, you will find a rock standing straight and proud in the background, and that is Huayna Picchu. 

You can climb that mountain. Make sure to book in advance as only 400 people per day can climb on the top of the Huayna. Even if you reach by 6:00 in the morning, there is no guarantee you will get the ticket to Huayna. And if you are a hiker or an adventure freak, then you should definitely try to get your hands on the tickets.

You won’t find any peaceful adventure as you will experience here. Get a birds-eye view of the site from the top of the mountain.

Temple of The Sun

Machu Picchu Tours: Temple of The Sun


A visit to the Temple of the Sun will give you knowledge about the finest stonework done in Machu Picchu. Believing that using this temple to observe astronomical activities. There are several niches in the temple for the offerings. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing this beauty.

At the center of the temple, there is a large altar carving out of the stone where ceremonies and sacrifices would take place. It was a sacred place for the Incans. The sun was a vital part of their life. Considering that it is responsible for the creation of everything. Hence, not everyone can go in the temple. This temple is built to worship the sun along with other gods.

Intipunku (The Sun Gate)

Machu Picchu Tours: Intipunku (The Sun Gate)


Looking for a place from where you can get a spectacular view of the sunrise? Your search comes to an end here, Inti Punku (the sun gate) is the best place for the striking view of sunrise. It also the most important part of Machu Picchu as earlier using its stairs as the grand entrance, to enter or exit the village.

It is located 290 meters above the urban sector of Machu Picchu and takes around 90 minutes to climb up to the sun gate. Due to the structure it has, many historians beleives that only selected imperial people were allowed to enter the city.

Inca Drawbridge

Machu Picchu Tours: Inca Drawbridge


It was a secret path built for the Incan army. To be exact, it is a bridge carving into a cliff face of the west route of the city. There is actually no bridge. Instead, few tree trunks set to cross the 20-foot drop. The reason behind such an arrangement is to avoid unwanted guests to invade.

Temple of Three Windows

Machu Picchu Tours: Temple of Three Windows


It is one of three buildings in ‘Sacred Plaza‘. It is from the larger rocks weighing around 3 tons. Beleiving that the three windows represented three parts of the world, namely, the Underground (Uku-Pacha), the present time (Kay-Pacha), and Heaven(Hanan-Pacha).

After the success of Manco Capac in creating the Inca Empire ordering the construction of this temple. Decided to keep three windows representing his parent’s house. An interesting fact is according to Inca mythology, Manco Capac and his sister Mama Ocllo were sent from heaven. 

Royal Tomb or Palace of the Princess

Machu Picchu Tours: Royal Tomb or Palace of the Princess


After discovering the Royal tomb, Hiram Bingham. The outer wall of the royal tomb is the most exquisite wall of all the Americas. The main focus point is that this palace of the princess is located right below the temple of the sun, carved from the cave.

The interior of the tomb has little craving on the rocks. It even has an altar for the offerings, precisely in the middle of the tomb. Usually, the tomb is the darkest place. Using as a burial, but the entrance of the tomb is at the east, so when the sun rises, the monument gets lit up like a cathedral. Don’t know why it is ‘tomb’, one more mystery!

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Funerary Rock and It’s Caretaker’s Hut

Machu Picchu Tours: Funerary Rock and It's Caretaker's Hut


As soon as you reach the ruins of Machu Picchu, you will see a watchman’s hut, and right beside it is a Funerary rock. It is said that using this funerary rock as a sacrificial altar. The view from the caretaker’s hut of the whole city will leave you awestruck.

There are many theories behind the existence of this funerary rock. We already stated one of the theories above. The next one, it was a symbol that you are entering the cemetery, and this rock was the place where all the funeral ceremonies were offered. But the archaeological remains found around explain, the before construction was either served as a chapel or the sanctuary of Machu Picchu.

Central Plaza

Machu Picchu Tours: Central Plaza


The plaza differentiates the ceremonial plaza from the residential and functional plaza. You will find the maximum amount of greenery here. It is mostly in grass, and you will definitely find some Llama grazing there.

You will get a beautiful view of a central plaza from the temple of the three windows. The main attraction of the central plaza is the Temple of the Condor. It has the head of a condor carved above the rock pile and right behind is a door to a tiny underground cell.

Fact:- Machu Picchu is consider as “Old Mountain”.

And it ends here!

Reading the above article you would have understood that this place is full of temples to visit and mountains to hike. Plus with it, you may also get some historical knowledge about this mysterious city. Or maybe you solve one or two mystery by yourself. (You never know!)

Not much remain for Halloween, here are some of the best places to go for Halloween.

Apart from all these, above is a list of the best eight places in Machu Picchu. You may not be able to cover up each and every place just in a visit but try to cover most of the spots for the mind-boggling experience.

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