Things To Do While Being In The Lincoln Park Zoo

Lincoln Park Zoo

If you are planning a trip to Chicago then you have to plan a day in the Lincoln Park zoo because it is one of the top attractions of Chicago and it is worth being in this place and you would never regret being there. The first highlight of this place is the area and you would be amazed to know that the total area of this zoo is about 35 acres and it is also a free zoo which is amazing so you would not have to bear much expense for checking this place out. 

This zoo is there since 1868 which means that this is quite an old zoo and you should not miss being at this place at any cost. There are so many things that you can do in this zoo and you would be amazed to know that this zoo also arranges Lincoln Park zoo events which are great and such events would be loved by you for sure. 

If you are wondering about things to do in Lincoln Park zoo then here are a few of them listed below that you need to check out and then you would be able to enjoy every bit of this zoo which is again a great thing. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing this beauty.

The Conservatory of the Lincoln Park Zoo:

Lincoln Park Zoo


If you are the one who loves being around plants and is interested in knowing about different varieties of plants then this place would be perfect for you. It is a greenhouse in general which is made under a glasshouse and here you would be able to come across about 40,000 plants and you would also be able to know about 200 species of plants which is great. 

There is even a corner that is completely dedicated to orchids and that is the most beautiful corner of the greenhouse where you would be able to see several varieties of orchids. If you be here then don’t miss out on clicking some amazing pictures as this place would give you the amazing background for your clicks that you can preserve for a great life.

There is no Fee for the Visit to this Zoo:

Lincoln Park Zoo


This is an amazing thing to know that you don’t have to spend even a penny on the visit to this zoo. There are not many zoos left that are free to visit and this is the third zoo in Chicago that would not charge anything for the visitors so it can be assumed that the maintenance of this zoo is done by the government. 

The decision of letting the visit free is due to the reason that the government wanted people to explore the beauty of nature and animals so that people could be mover conservative towards animals and the plan seems to be successful as well. So even if you are short on money then also you can be in this place without much hesitation which is a great thing for sure.

The Lincoln Park Zoo Events:

Events: Lincoln Park Zoo


Apart from the flora and fauna of the place, you would also be able to enjoy different things here in the zoo which is a great thing. This place is also very famous for the variety of events that the place organizes regularly and if you are fond of listening to songs, concerts, watching people dance, drama, etc then this place can be the perfect place to be for you. 

If you would bring your kids here to this zoo then even they would be benefited as they would be able to enjoy some educational events that take place in this zoo regularly and you can also enjoy feeding birds at this great place.

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This is the Oldest Zoo in That Country:

Lincoln Park Zoo


This zoo went through a lot and but officially this zoo was constructed in the year 1879 but it was founded in the year 1886 but at that time it was not ready as a zoo. This zoo faced destruction throughout the time and in the year 1969 it was rebuilt and different things were constructed inside the zoo which seems beautiful. 

If you are planning to give this zoo a shot then do checkout the Kohler seal pool which seems to be one of the main attractions of this zoo and this pool is so popular that it is still considered as the landmark of the zoo which is great for sure.

You can Arrange Parties or Wedding at This Place:

Lincoln Park Zoo


Have you seen a zoo wedding ever? If you have seen Tarzan then you would know how fascinating a forest or zoo wedding can be and if you want to experience the same then this zoo would make a chance for the same. You can even visit this place if you are doing solo traveling. There are of course charges for booking this zoo and such events support the maintenance of this zoo but there are government funding as well for this zoo which is great. 

Here you can also arrange parties and since this place is great for clicking pictures so your guests would enjoy it throughout the time which is great for sure.

This Zoo would Serve you with Some Amazing Sights in the Country:

Lincoln Park Zoo


If you are about to get married and want to click some amazing pictures then this place can be a good choice for you and even if you are not into a wedding then also you would be able to click some amazing pictures of yours with the wonderful nature background which is great. 

Even if you are not a picture addict and you are not into clicking pictures that much then also you would be able to have a good time viewing the beautiful scenes of nature from the zoo which is so satisfying. Here you can either sit in a particular spot or enjoy or you can also stroll around the place and in this way you would also be able to enjoy birding sighting at the same time.

Lincoln Park Zoo Lights:

Lincoln Park Zoo


No matter if it is day or night but this place looks beautiful 24×7 and this is due to the lights of this zoo. Since this place can be booked for occasions and parties so the organizers make sure that the place has perfect lighting and here you would be able to come across some of the most beautiful lights which are great. 

If you are planning to be there at night then also you would not regret your decision as this place is as beautiful at night as it is in the morning time.

Make sure to carry a Lincoln Park zoo map if you are planning to be here otherwise you would stroll around the same place for a long time. This place is so huge that it is impossible to remember each path of the zoo so it is always a better idea to carry a map along with you.

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The Main Attraction of The Zoo:

The Main Attraction: Lincoln Park Zoo


Apart from everything the main thing that attracts tourists to this zoo is the different species of animals and if you would check in to this zoo then you would be able to come across 200 different varieties of animals which are great.

These were everything that you need to know about the Lincoln Park zoo and to know more about such things you can browse through Travelila.

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