Las Vegas Destination: 10 Things To Do In Las Vegas When Visiting For The First Time

Las Vegas destination

Las Vegas is the Wonderland of every traveler because there are so my things to do in Las Vegas.  The land never feels to amuse its visitors who come to enjoy their lazy holidays from almost every part of the world. In Las Vegas it is not necessary to spend your bucks in every shopping mall you come across to get hold of something interesting.  In this article, we are going to go through some of the famous Las Vegas destination one experience.

A Place To Spend Time With Flamingos

A Place To Spend Time With Flamingos: Las Vegas destination


It is known to very few people that in a place like Las Vegas there is a small habitat where tourists can have a nice time with these beautiful birds. Flamingo Wildlife Habitat is a true natural canvas where we can also find other words like ducks,  swans, and even some turtles. It was also once reported that 2 pelicans were rescued and sheltered in this place. With lots of greenery, waterfalls, and beautiful ambiance it is a perfect place where quality time can be spent with the family to get hold of lots of good memories.

Lots Of Chocolates

Lots Of Chocolates: Las Vegas destination


Ethel M ® Chocolate Factory is heaven for any chocolate lover.  Apart from getting free chocolate samples, one can get to see one of the largest cactus gardens with approximately 300 species of cactus plants which are located in the four acres area of the factory.  It is reported that the factory is visited by almost two thousand tourists every day. Which finger-licking ice cream cones and chocolates, this place deserves to be on the bucket list of any Las Vegas visitor.

Get On To The Right Of Your Life

Get On To The Right Of Your Life: Las Vegas destination


In the Link Promenade, you can the highest roller coaster wheel measured as 550 feet tall.  Just spend 30 minutes from your holiday schedule and get a fantastic view of the entire Las Vegas from one of the cabins on the wheel. Each and every given is secured with glass to allow you a 360 degree visual of the land. If you like rides and want to experience something extraordinary then a comma just happens and enjoy the best ride of your life. There are many famous best hotel in Las Vegas where you can have a lavish stay!!

Yummy Cuisine At The Buffet

Yummy Cuisine At The Buffet: Las Vegas destination


Not a single holiday can be completed without tasty food. Any traditional Vegas Buffet you can get to taste some mouthwatering dishes that carry the traditional heritage. Introduced in 1940 the Las Vegas Buffet is renowned all over the world for its delicacy and historical importance.

Fabulous Nightlife

Fabulous Nightlife: Las Vegas destination


How can Venus clubbing when talking about Vegas. Omnia Nightclub is precise as a center of attraction with its famous LED chandelier and rooftop balcony from which the entire Strip can be viewed. The entire club consists of 75 square foot area in which party lovers can groove with the music of some of the world-famous DJs. Located at the Caesars Palace, this place allows you to get immersed in the party life of Vegas.

A Trip Of Gambling

A Trip Of Gambling: Las Vegas destination


The things for which Las Vegas has become the most desirable spot, the world-famous casinos r one of them.  If you are stars are in your favor then you can get a million by throwing just a single penny into a slot machine.  Thousands of people spend the evening betting on their lucky teams. In between this glittery glamour world, there is also the spin of millions called the MegaBucks. Who knows what’s your trip to Las Vegas will end up you becoming a millionaire.  

Welcome To Vegas

Welcome To Vegas: Las Vegas destination


When someone says the name Las Vegas the first thing that comes after your mind is that symbol on the Strip. It says welcome to Las Vegas Nevada.  This sign was created by the Western Neon Company in 1959. A designer named Betty Willis designed the iconic symbol. In the list of the National Register of Historic Places,  this symbol was added to signify Las Vegas. While driving towards the southern side of Las Vegas Boulevard, you might come across it near Russell Road.

Walking And Exploring

Walking And Exploring: Las Vegas destination


It is always said that while traveling to a new country one must take a long walking journey so that he or she can explore the unexplored.  Maybe you can just spend one of your evenings by slowly walking through the streets of the Strip. You will come across thousands of street performers entertaining you, you will find yourself surrounded by neon lights and loud noises coming from different dance bars.  By capturing unusual moments and hanging around with your travel partner seems like a nice option to spend your first evening in Las Vegas.

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Fun In The Sun

Fun In The Sun: Las Vegas destination


It is not like you will have to wait for the sun to set to start the gun ride. With a bunch of pools working as nice day clubs,  it is like 24×7 nonstop activity. You can just sip your favorite cocktail or dance till the end on the beats. Get the feel of lounging at a beach,  just turn up to the Drai’s Beach Club. This day club located at the Cromwell has created a fantastic beach-like atmosphere on its roof along with the full scape visual of the Strip.  

Performances To Remember

Performances To Remember: Las Vegas destination


Las Vegas is the storehouse of legendary performers. On your first trip to Vegas,  it is mandatory to watch a star-struck performance to get the full taste of the Capital of Entertainment. Starting from the ambiance the lights and glam look of the show leave you mesmerized.  You can drool over the cords of the Backstreet Boys or get charmed by the magical voice of Celine Dion. So just take your first flight available to Vegas and jump into the fun without thinking anything else.

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