8 Most Beautiful Islands of Australia

Islands of Australia

Australia has all the best things with it. Being the only largest country in Oceania, it has lots of things to offer to tourists including islands of Australia. The water bodies surround Australia, and apart from big attractive cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, and Perth, it also has islands that count near to 8000 (definitely they are more than that!).

The surprising fact about these islands is that they all have their unique culture and beauty. The more you will know about the island’s grace, the more you will be eager to go there. Tasmania being the famous island, isn’t outshining the other islands. Australia is famous for its breathtaking diversity in flora and fauna. We are sure, this article about the eight most beautiful islands of Australia is going to make you feel mesmerized by the discoveries it has kept hidden.

Beautiful Islands Of Australia

We have listed down only the eight most beautiful islands and the ones that you shouldn’t miss when on a trip to Australia. The plus point is for the Aussies they can visit all those beautiful islands anytime. Among them, some are on the list of the most beautiful Islands of Australia. If you have limited time to explore the Islands, go for those and the rest you can visit on your next trip to Australia.

Whitsunday Islands

Islands of Australia: Whitsunday Islands

Source: lonelyplanet.com

Whitsunday Islands are a collection of 74 islands that lies between the northeast coast of Queensland, Australia. This Australian island is one of the Most Beautiful Islands in the World. Most of the Whitsunday islands are designated as a national park, so you will find many primitive beaches and dive sites there. On this group of islands, you can experience snorkeling, diving, sailing, and swimming. 

  • Best time to visit:- September (early spring)
  • Best places to visit:- Great Barrier Reef, Whitehaven Beach, Daydream Island, Hamilton Island, Shute Harbour, Hook Island, and many more. 

Fraser Island: One Of The Largest Sand Islands Of Australia

Islands of Australia: Fraser Island

Source: zenbeachretreat.com

Fraser Island is one of the largest sand islands in the world. The ocean currents are depositing sand on its shores for thousands of years, being the reason called the sand island. Though it is not a desert, you will find many ancient lush green rainforests, wetlands, and fresh-water lakes. To avoid much crowd, plan your visit on weekdays and make sure you are there for a couple of days, this way, you will be able to explore its sandy dunes and beaches.

  • Best time to visit:- All-year-round 
  • Best places to visit:- Lake McKenzie, SS Maheno, Lake Wabby, Champagne Pool, Lake Boomanjin, Beerabin, Indian Head, and many more.

Lord Howe Island

Islands of Australia: Lord Howe Island

Source: lordhoweisland.info

Located in the Tasman sea, lord howe island offers the best view of sandy beaches, subtropical forests, and clear water. It is a remote tropical isle between Australia and New Zealand with a crescent moon shape. It wasn’t discovered until 1833, then after that, it has been developed well, and now it offers the ideal experience of snorkeling, diving, and swimming. It is also home to masked bobby and other seabirds. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing this beauty.

  • Best time to visit:- September and May
  • Best places to visit:- Mount Gower, Mount Lidgbird, Blinky Beach, Neds Beach, Malabar Hill, Goat House Cave, and many more.

Rottnest Island: One Of The Beautiful Islands Of Australia

Islands of Australia: Rottnest Island

Source: blogspot.com

Rottnest Island is famous for the population of quokkas that is about 10,000. Its appearance may mistake you and think it’s a rat just like Dutch explorers did and named this island Rottnest, but they are The Marsupials. You can explore this island through cycling or walking as only government vehicles are allowed in there. You can experience swimming, snorkeling, diving, and fishing on this island.

  • Best time to visit:- November to February
  • Best places to visit:- Geography of Rottnest Island, Wadjemup Lighthouse, Little Salmon Bay, Bathurst Lighthouse, Pinky Beach, Thomson Bay, and many more.

Kangaroo Island

Islands of Australia: Kangaroo Island

Source: si.com

The third-largest Australian island, Kangaroo Island, is famous for its rich diversity in wildlife. More than one-third part of the island is covered as a national park. You will find many wallabies, koalas, and kangaroos roaming freely. Apart from this, it is also home to many sea life creatures such as fur seals and sea lions. This island is a must-visit place for nature lovers.

  • Best time to visit:- June to August
  • Best places to visit:- Flinders Chase National Park, Seal Bay Conservation Bay, Remarkable Rocks, Admirals Arch, Little Sahara, Kelly Hill Caves, and many more. 

Phillip Island: One Of The Best Islands Of Australia

Islands of Australia: Phillip Island

Source: cloudfront.net

Phillip Island is located near the city of Melbourne and attracts around three thousand travelers around the year. The main attraction of this island is the Natural Habitat of Penguins. People especially gather around here in the evening to watch penguins parade back to their nesting areas. Apart from penguins, there are other animal attractions too. This island is also good for activities like hiking, biking, sailing, and fishing.

  • Best time to visit:- December to February
  • Best places to visit:- Phillip Island Wildlife Park, Penguin Parade, Nobbies Centre, Churchill Island, Phillip Island Nature Parks, and many more.

Magnetic Island

Islands of Australia: Magnetic Island

Source: budgettraveltalk.com

More than half of the island is covered with sanctuary giving a living place to animals like wallabies and koalas. The captain cook named this island because it had a magnetic effect on its ship’s compass. This island has many beaches and is 8km offshore from the city Townsville of Queensland. A treat for people living there, as they can visit there as much as want, and anytime they wish. You can either experience snorkeling or just soak up the sunshine and relax.

  • Best time to visit:- June to August
  • Best places to visit:- The Forts, Radical Bay Road, Magnetic Island National Park, Alma Bay, Geoffrey Bay, Rock Wallabies, Balding Bay, and many more. 

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Fitzroy Island

Islands of Australia: Fitzroy Island

Source: fitzroyisland.com

This island is located at a short distance from Cairns. This island is slightly off-beat and less crowded but offers the best experience and views. It also the place with tropical weather and the beautiful Great Barrier Reef when there don’t miss the experience of snorkeling at the great barrier reef.

  • Best time to visit:- August
  • Best places to visit:- Nudey Beach, Fitzroy Island National Park, Green Island, Marineland Melanesia, and many more. 

These were the eight amazing Australian Islands that offers so much to experience. For more ideas on exploration, visit Travelila.

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