A Query Of Every Dog Lover – How To Travel With A Dog?

How To Travel With A Dog

Being both a traveler and a dog lover can sometimes get you into the difficult situation of missing your dog on your travel journey. Plus it’s not easy to travel with the four feet friend everywhere. They are more diplomatic than human beings. They need more care especially while traveling. Before you plan to travel with your dog you will have to know about How To Travel with A Dog precisely.

From packing to boarding on a plane or any means of transport to arriving at the destination, everything needs to be pre-planned while traveling with a dog. Even while planning a trip you will have to consider the weather in the city you are going to. We are giving some pointers on How To Travel With A Dog, hopefully, that will help you with planning a trip with your four-feet best friend.

Where To Travel?

How To Travel With A Dog

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For a trip, deciding a place is a must. It won’t be a difficult task if only you were going on a trip, this time you are going to take your pet with you so be aware of what climate suits them and what not before deciding the place. Although they have the capability of adapting to the new atmosphere and climate, it’s better not to bother them for short trips. Carry every necessary thing that will make them comfortable in different weather like jackets, mufflers, boots for colder weather, and summer jackets, shoes, and dog caps to protect them from heat and warm weather.

And make sure your dog is comfortable in traveling to new places. They are somehow like human beings, they can get homesick easily. So if you want to have a trip with your dog, start taking him out on your short-distance travels. A Beach is a very nice place for your furry friend to go wild and have fun. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing this beauty. 

Rules and Regulations

How To Travel With A Dog: Rules and Regulations

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Once you decide the destination, go through the rules and regulations regarding the importation of your dog to that place. Many countries have their own regulations that each and every dog around the world have to meet before stepping in. No matter how well-behaved or cute your dog is, rules are rules!

Different countries have different regulations on the importation of dogs. Like, a rabies-free country needs only micro-chipping and proof of rabies vaccinations while traveling to a country that is not rabies-free will also need a recent blood test report of the dog and lots of paperwork before entering the country.

Overall, it is good for your dog’s health too. Get him fully checked up at the veterinary so that you can also be doubly assured of the safety of your four-legged friend.

How to Travel?

How To Travel With A Dog: How to Travel?

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There are many modes of transportation for you and your dog to travel with. Every model of transportation has its own policy about how to travel with a dog. First, let see what are the modes of transportation. They are by plane, by train, on a cruise or boat, or by car.

Of which traveling by car is the easiest one as it will allow you to stop by at any time to take a four-legged friend out for a walk or refreshment. By train is also the easy one, they have some regulations like they are allowed to travel by train but they had to stay in a dog crate the entire time.

The same is with cruise or boats, you will have to make sure that your furry friend must stay in a dog crate or in a car then only they are eligible to travel on a boat. And traveling by plane is a bit complicated, you cannot take them with you in a cabin, they will come by cargo plane or if they are small-sized then the authority may allow you to take them with you in the cabin as extra baggage.

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Safety Measures

How To Travel With A Dog

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While traveling through a plane, an IATA (International Air Transportation Association) approved dog crate will be needed to travel with a dog. They have their own regulations regarding the travel crate to be preferred like. It should have air holes for proper ventilation, a wired door that can be locked from the outside. The proper amount of space for your dog to move around and stand straight. Normally every airline has the same rules regarding this. But still, it’s good to take a look at the regulations of the airline you are traveling by.

Some airlines offer a rental travel crate for your dog and that is more convenient than struggling to carry travel crates everywhere you go. It is better to invest in a waist harness to carry your cute friend without having tension about him running away again and again.  

Attach a frozen plastic water bottle that will allow him to drink water as it melts. And a proper amount of food in the crate for him to eat when he is hungry. Place a soft mat in the crate for him to stay comfortable whilst traveling. After all, it is going to be his home for a time being.

Enjoying at The Destination with Your Furry Friend

How To Travel With A Dog

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Hurray! Finally, you are at the destination with your most loved travel partner. This is not just enough, confirmation about staying at a hotel, hostel whatever you have preferred, you must go through the T&C’s of keeping a pet with you. Do it beforehand so that your little one doesn’t have to wait while he is too hungry.

As traveling with a pet has become a trending thing to do, almost every hotel is pet-friendly. Check in and get on the bed with your furry friend. What is more adorable than sleeping next to your furry one?

You can opt for camping as well you just have to train your dog. About how to stay in a tent, what to do and what not to while camping. Traveling with your dog will help you in making the strongest bond between you both.

Get your queries solving with this information. Plan your trip with an amazing traveling partner “your dog”. For more such ideas related to travel visit Travelila.

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