Best As Well As Most Romantic Honeymoon Places In India

honeymoon places in India

Honeymoon is one of those special occasions that come once in a lifetime and it needs to be the best for everyone. While choosing the perfect honeymoon destination you can check out India as the place has too many things to offer you and surprisingly this country has got almost everything to satisfy any kind of traveler. If you have already considered India for your honeymoon destination then you would be able to explore many things altogether but being it a big country it has got too many places that need to be explored but with a single visit that might not be possible so considering the purpose of honeymoon here are some best honeymoon places in India that you need to check out rather you should visit these places:


Andaman: honeymoon places in India


Ask any Indian about tropical paradise and you would be directed to Andaman. It is a small island which is in the Indian Ocean and this Island has many things to offer you and is considered as the best honeymoon destination as well. The best time to be in this place is between October to June even it remains crowded throughout the year. While you are here you can simply be mesmerized by the scenic beauty of the place and you can even click loads of pictures here. Apart from all you can also enjoy scuba diving, many water sports and you can even visit museums as well as historical places and if you are lucky enough you would also get a chance to see many exotic florae as well as the fauna of the place. The best thing is being it attractive honeymoon destination there are many beautiful as well as luxurious resorts over that place where you can enjoy a comfortable stay throughout the trip.


Goa: honeymoon places in India


Goa has been a dream for many Indian teenagers and you would be amazed to know that every Indian has once planned for Goa in their life. If you are an ocean or beach lover then you need to check this colorful place which is situated in the western part of India. This place has many things to offer you and while you at on your honeymoon you can spend some romantic time in this place. Goa would serve you with some best as well as beautiful beaches of India where you can enjoy beach life by enjoying some water sports as well as games. Apart from beaches you simply cannot miss the nightlife of Goa and you can even go to a nightclub where you can move on your favorite music that you would be enjoying through headphones considering the fact that loud music can cause noise pollution. Shopping is another best thing followed by enjoying Goa delicacies that you can enjoy here.


Srinagar: honeymoon places in India


Ask any Indian about heaven and you would get directed to Srinagar which is in the northernmost point of India and truly the beauty of the place makes it the heaven on lands. The place remains cold all the time and if you are a mountain as well as a nature lover then you need to check this place out for sure. The ride on the very famous Dal Lake is something that should be on your must-to-do list while you are in Srinagar. You can click some amazing pictures considering some amazing backgrounds of the place and store them as memories forever. The best time to be in this place is between the months of April to November as the temperature of this place becomes cooler thereafter. While you are here in Srinagar you need to check out Houseboats, lakes, Shikara and you can even shop over the place and check in to Mughal Gardens where you can dress like a Kashmiri and get pictures clicked. If you would miss checking out Kashmiri food then you are going to miss a huge part of your honeymoon trip.

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Agra: honeymoon places in India


Agra is known for the seventh wonder of the world which is the Taj Mahal and you would be surprised to know that the monument is the main prove that how much Shahjahan loved his lady love Mumtaz. The monument was built after Mumtaj died and it looks absolutely stunning and perfect for all the couple photography. Apart from the Taj Mahal you would be able to see many other historic monuments of the place and would be able to know a lot of Mughal history. Apart from all you can have quality time in the luxurious resorts that are present in this place and afterward the Mughal delicacies, as well as food items, are something you should try while you are on your honeymoon trip to Agra. The best time to be in this place is between the months of October to March.


Gangtok: honeymoon places in India


If you are a mountain lover then you need to check this place out and there is no doubt that even a non-mountain lover would also love to be here in this place. Witness the sunset as well as sunrise with the love of your life is the most romantic thing ever. This place is famously known as the honeymoon destination of India and even if you are on a low budget you can still enjoy being in this place. There is no best time for being in this place this place remains this beautiful throughout the year and you can literally check in to this place anytime you want. While you are here you can explore lakes, landscapes, the Himalayan range and you can even enjoy shopping, trekking and many more things here.

These were dew of the most romantic honeymoon places in India that you need to checkout as well as consider visiting. Thank you for reading the article till the end, keep visiting Travelila!!

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