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Origin of Honeymoon

The earliest meaning of “honeymoon” originates from an old European custom. The custom of a newlywed couple going on a honeymoon trip originated in Britain in the 19th century. The practice then spread to Europe, and the concept of honeymoons in the modern sense became common. In modern times, destinations are the most important part of the honeymoon. Romance can be created anywhere from an exotic beach like a honeymoon in Greek islands to a camp in the mountains. Let’s talk about some best honeymoon destinations in world.

Choosing a Destination

It is true for all new couples that choosing a honeymoon destination can really be tough. They have a hard time deciding on the best honeymoon destinations in the world, as it is the perfect start to an unforgettable married life together.

Some of the Best International Honeymoon Destinations are Mentioned Below:


Seychelles: Honeymoon Destinations in World

Source: cloudfront.net

The Seychelles archipelago is the ultimate fantasy destination. It is a beautiful paradise where the beaches are bordered by palm trees. The turquoise water surrounding the island offers a deeply calming effect. The rich wildlife and the coral reefs are bound to attract a lot of honeymoon couples. It is a luxurious place where all the resorts, hotels, and private islands exude a posh vibe.

The best time to visit is from May to October when the weather is cool and dry. The best place for the honeymooners to stay in Seychelles is on the North Island. This private property offers some breathtaking scenic views. The island is three kilometers long where eleven thatched villas provide accommodation.

They are built from rosewood, ylang-ylang tree, and the woods of takamaka. The rustic appearance is alluring and has lots of spaces where it is next to impossible to find another soul. The peaceful retreat is a nature conservancy. Endangered flora and fauna are stocked here by environment conservationists.


Maldives: Honeymoon Destinations in World

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The Maldives is a known honeymoon destination and there are many places to visit in the Maldives. It is a common pick for beach lovers. The Maldives itself is a vision. It is a place with villas, personal butlers and for couples who are willing to spend a good amount of money.

All the hotels and resorts offer rich romantic experiences to couples. The opulent resorts cater to the needs of different kinds of honeymoon couples. You can experience a candlelit dinner on your own private beach, wooden suites on stilts on the sea which can only be accessed by boat.

The difficult decision is to choose from this variety of options. Almost all of them offer this kind of dreamy luxurious holiday for a honeymoon surrounded by sparkling blue water.

The best place to stay in the Maldives is the Gili Lankanfushi. The super chic luxurious place has a rustic appearance. When you arrive here, hand over your mobile phones and shoes and enjoy a soothing stay away from the real world. The Crusoe Residences are the biggest overwater villas located here.

A twenty-four hours boat service is available to take you and bring you back. Each of these has its own outdoor decks that lead straight into the sea. The Private Reserve is the biggest covering an area of around 1700 sqm with two master bedrooms.

Cheval Blanc Randheli is another glamorous place to stay with exquisite surroundings. It has 45 over-water villas and offers novel experiences such as moonlight diving expeditions and yoga classes


Mauritius: Honeymoon Destinations in World

Source: kornersofindia.in

Another popular choice among the honeymooners, Mauritius is the Indian Ocean paradise. The spice island has incredible national parks, amazing wildlife in the tropical forests. You can explore the high mountains along with marine parks by boat. The coastlines offer a stunning view where you can lie on a cabana with a cocktail for hours.

The best time to visit Mauritius is from June to September when the weather is cool with an average temperature. The best place to stay in Mauritius is Constance Le Prince Maurice.

It is the most romantic luxury hotel with spacious villas and suites, sophisticated designs, and posh wooden furniture. You can go to the Princely Villa that has its own private terrace, private pools, secluded gardens, and a private beach. It offers the best spa experience while floating restaurants on the lagoon are sure to catch the eye.


Italy: Honeymoon Destinations in World

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Italy is considering the home of romance. It has a range of beautiful places ranging from the mountainous Amalfi to beachy Puglia and not to mention Venice, the most romantic destination in Italy.

Sardinia is not behind with its shiny bright beaches surrounding by blue waters. The rough and tough Sicily makes the list too. It may not be all too dreamy but it has its own appeal. The enchanting Tuscany offers a perfect view to enjoy.

The best place to stay is Monastero Santa Rosa in Amalfi. It is a magical place that spellbinds you even before you have arrived at the hotel. The journey along the coast with sharp bends is nothing less than a cinematic experience. The authentic delicacies and the local wine tasting is also a huge attraction.

Located on a clifftop which is surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea, Monastero Santa Rosa is the most alluring place in Amalfi. The lavish hotel was inaugurated in 2013 with twenty rooms designed in a 17th-century monastery. It has gardens on the coast, terraces, and a pool with the most stunning panoramic views.

The picturesque Venice has lots of hotels to offer. Ca Maria Adele is the most romantic hotel to stay-in in Venice. The richly decorated hotel is located by a canal in Dorsoduro. The canopied ceilings have Murano chandeliers hanging from them. The interior of the hotel is atmospherically lit with spacious and large hotel rooms.


Paris: Honeymoon Destinations in World

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A Honeymoon in Paris is altogether a very different experience. Without the posh hotels and restaurants, it still has a lot to offer. You can wander for hours in the cobblestone streets, explore the landmarks like the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and the Notre Dame Cathedral. Paris is home to some charming boulevards and cozy cafes that needs no saying.

The 6th Arrondissement is the heart of Paris, known for the cafe culture. It was a former hub for writers, philosophers, and artists such as Ernest Hemingway and Pablo Picasso. The cuisine here is a must-try. It has more Michelin three-star restaurants than any other city in the world except Tokyo.  

The lively nightlife is excellent with diverse options that range from outdoor concerts to chic clubs. Paris, indeed, is the most romantic destination ever and hence perfect for a honeymoon.

The best place to stay in Paris is Le Roch Hotel and Spa. It is as opulent as the destination itself with artistic decor. The hotel offers one of the best spa treatments.


Bali: Honeymoon Destinations in World

Source: travelzom.com

Intriguing Indonesia is the land of some of the most amazing places in the world. The misty mountains mingle with the palm-fringed beaches to create magnificence. One of these amazing places in Bali. It is home to some heavenly hotels with infinity pools, virgin forests, and many more.

However, this spiritual place has no resort to offer. The hotels here retain cultural authenticity and the beaches are clean too. It caters to all budgets.

The Hanging Gardens Ubud is that place where the pool is suspended and that is enough for you to book a stay there. The hotel has 38 luxurious villas to choose from.

It has its own verdant views with tumbling waterfalls surrounding it.
The affordable Comi Uma Ubud is one of the best. The property is surrounding by lush magnolia trees. It recently introduced pool suites and pool villas.

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Greece: Honeymoon Destinations in World

Source: discovergreece.com

The simple beauty of Greece is utterly captivating. The historically and mythologically rich place appeals to a lot of honeymooners. It is a perfect clash of dazzling blue and white. The cottages and church domes are built into the rock.
There are hundreds of islands named after gods and monsters – the Cyclades, the Ionians,  Thassos, and Spetses.

Each has its own distinct character. The most photogenic of them is Santorini. A honeymooner’s paradise, it is absurdly beautiful. You could stay in the whitewashed villages on the steep hillsides to get an uninterrupted view of the volcano and the deep blue sea.

The Kinsterna hotel and spa is an ancient manor house. It was opened as a hotel after the house went through a process of redecoration. The authenticity maintains with its stone walls and floors, antique furniture, and vaulted ceilings. There are pools in the terrace garden and has award-winning restaurants and spas.

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