Spectacular Hiking Trails In Los Angeles With Beautiful Endings

Hiking Trails In Los Angeles

Hiking in Los Angeles is a once in a lifetime experience that you must have and is almost a rite of passage.  It is not at all avoidable to miss the beautiful trials irrespective of the fact whether you are a native or a traveler. You can have the experience of a beautiful journey with jaw-dropping endings. Get ready with your hiking shoes, carry water, wear sunglasses and take a camera as Travelila has come up with some best Hiking Trails in Los Angeles.

Malibu Creek Street Park

Hiking Trails In Los Angeles: Malibu Creek Street Park

Source: thehundreds.com

Hikes in Malibu Creek State Park gives you wholesome Hollywood connections. Many films and Television programs shot at this place and the park includes areas that were used to shoot M*A*S*H and South Pacific. Other programs and films shoot here includes Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and Planet of the Apes. The place is great for hiking and also for some great photo-shoot with the remains of rusted Army Jeeps and other signs of filming here. Also, the park is the previous location of Fox studios.  

Eaton Canyon

Hiking Trails In Los Angeles: Eaton Canyon

Source: wanderingyuncks.wordpress.com

If you are a water person (something like a water child), try to have a hiking experience at Eaton Canyon. The waterfalls at this place are nothing less beautiful than a Niagara fall, smaller though, but beautiful. The hike is somewhat flat and shady but you can start the hike from the nature center. The hike is ideal for some really good adventurous days (Well, you will feel the pain later). You can hike along the main path to the junction marked WATERFALL. The trail further is of the concrete and bridge. If you are lucky enough and if the season is appropriate you can see the beautiful waterfall – a 40 foot long with a small pool at the base.

Griffth Park Trail

Hiking Trails In Los Angeles: Griffth Park Trail

Source: glossedangeles.com

This place has been a popular location for generations of filmmakers who make use of its remote-looking, somewhat alien setting. The place is so beautiful, it is featured in classics like The Searchers and Invasion of the Body Snatchers, as well as Star Trek VIand Army of Darkness. The Bronson cave is in the south-west of the Griffth Park is the 50-foot long tunnel the entrance of which is called as Batcave which was featured in the Television series Batman. The trial is famous for its views of the Hollywood sign.  

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Runyon Canyon

Hiking Trails In Los Angeles: Runyon Canyon

Source: thesource.metro.net

Runyon Canyon has three main trials they are Runyon Canyon Fire Road, East Ridge Trail, and Western High Way Trail. This trial is a great hike for people watching and possible celebrity sightings. The hike gives beginning hikers a chance to check out the Hollywood Hills and the amazing views. You can visit both the inspiration point and clouds points. The trial highlights million-dollar mansions and priceless views of the Hollywood Sign. You can also visit the Los Angeles Desert to experience the wilderness.

Beaudry Motorway Loop Hike

Hiking Trails In Los Angeles: Beaudry Motorway Loop Hike

Source: troscianko.com

This is the most challenging hike in Los Angeles. There is a dirt-free road where you can climb. At 0.5 miles, you can take the Beaudry south path. At 2.5 miles you can choose from the split paths Las Flores Motorway or Verdugo Motorway. A cluster of red and white towers rises behind a fence. Go along the paved road and take a hard right past a sign that reads Beaudry North. On your way up, you will find lizards, cacti, dragonflies, or hawks.

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