Greece Looks Like The Paradise In December

Greece in December
Greece looks like blue and white heaven in December. It looks beautiful and amazing during this period. You can gain the most thrilling experience from here if you visit Greece places during this time. The people who want to gain an excellent experience can come to Greece during this time. You will taste something different. Here you would come to know a lot of things about Greece in December.

The Weather In December:

Greece in December: The Weather In December:


The weather in December month remains cloudy and sometimes, rain comes. The temperature remains low. It is 9°C but sometimes it varies. The temperature can be up to 14°C. Anyways, Greece’s normal temperature remains around 12°C.

Arrive In Greece:

Greece in December: Arrive In Greece:


You can catch your flight from Elefthérios Venizélos International Airport. It is situated in Athens. This arrangement is for those people who would like to travel by air. Those who do not like to travel by air and who stay in the neighboring country can catch the train. They can start their journey from Athens Railway Station. This railway station is connected with the entire Europe. It could be the best place for solo travelers!!

Travel In Greece With a Suitable Budget:

Now, you need to know the average budget for traveling in Greece. You need to include the cost, like traveling cost (by air or train), meals, accommodation, shopping, local place visiting cost, and many other costs. To spend a holiday in Greece, you need to consider all those costs. These are the primary expenses. The travelers are requested to carry more cash money for traveling in Greece during this time.

The Average Estimation:

The flight cost will be: INR 65,000 approx. (for the round trip)
The accommodation cost will be: Rs.4, 000/- to Rs.6, 000/-only (taxes excluded)
The average. Accommodation would be: Rs.5, 000/-only
Meals’ cost will be: Rs.2, 000/-only to Rs.2, 500/-only (Lunch & Dinner)
Sightseeing cost will be approx: Rs. 3,000 /-only.
The Transfer cost will be Rs. 1,500/- to Rs. 2,000/-only approx.
The miscellaneous cost will be Rs. 3,500/-only to Rs. 4,000/-only.

The per-day average cost will be Rs. 15000/- only. (Per person). If you calculate it, with Euros, then it will be approx 180 Euros to 200 Euros.

One thing you must know that the flight rate has not been included with the average cost for per day as it depends on the person and his or her coming place. Another point is that the accommodation cost which has been calculated on an average basis, but always it depends on the person. It is a lower budget for traveling in Greece.  The budget can be increased according to your lifestyle.

The Most Important Places To Visit In Greece:

You can spend your leisure holiday, or the couple can go on visiting Greece in December. There are lots of beautiful places to visit. People can go on a honeymoon also.

The First is Zagorochoria Or Zagori:

Zagorochoria: Greece in December


It is situated in the northwestern region. There have mountains like Pindus. The place is called Zagorochoria of Zagori. There have 46 villages only. This place has been surrounded by Mount Mitsikeli, the Aoos river, and Mount Tymfi on all its four sides. It is the right place for hiking. It has huge importance as a tourist place in Greece.

When you will visit the place, you must experiment with Aoös National Park, river rafting in Vikos Gorge, trekking at Tymfi, camping at the Pindus National Park, and other places.

The nearest airport to Zagori is Ioannina. Its distance is 64 kilometers and it would take 1 hour to reach. One can catch the bus also. Those who stay in nearby neighboring countries can catch the bus to reach here.

The Second is Thessaloniki:

Thessaloniki: Greece in December


It is the second-largest city in Greece and it is the gorgeous capital city of Macedonia. It looks so nice and wonderful in the winter season.

The Third is Pelion:

Pelion: Greece in December


The pillion is covered with small villages. This is situated between the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Pagasitikos. The sunset of this place is marvelous. You can make your Christmas here.

Fourth is Karpenisi:

Karpenisi: Greece in December


It is a perfect place to travel. If you go to Greece, you must visit this place. It is the gateway in the heart of Evrytania.

Fifth Is The Monemvasia:

Monemvasia: Greece in December


It is located in Laconia. Laconia is a small town. There have some ancient churches to visit. The view of this place is really beautiful.

Things Which You Can Do During Winters In Greece:

You can visit The Temple of Apollo At Delphi. It is a beautiful place to travel to.  

You can explore the Magnificent Mount Athos. It is the holy mountain in Greece. It is covered with twenty marvelous monasteries. It is an old tradition of 800 AD.

You can reach Atop the Great Meteora. It is a marvelous place to visit. The view is really nice to travel to.  

You can swim In Thermal Lake Vouliagmeni. It is a thrilling task. You can do that also.

You can be a part of Greek Festivities. You will get pleasure.

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Best Hotels in Greece:

Hotels In Greece: Greece in December


You may go to the Aristi Mountain Resort Hotel. It is situated near Moni Panagias church. It is a classic hotel. There have modern amenities.

The cost will be Rs. 8700/-only for double sharing. This cost is included with taxes. The rating is 5/5.

You can visit the Anatolia Hotel also. It is not so far from Aristotelous Square’s waterfront. It will give you the most comfortable rooms. There have also modern amenities. The service of this hotel is very good.

Its cost starts from Rs. 9300/-only for double sharing basis. This cost is also included in the taxes. The rating of this hotel is 4.5/5.

You may visit The View Village also. It is situated in the foothills of Mount Velouchi. It is surrounded by mountains. Its view is wonderful.

Its price starts from Rs. 10600/-only. (Including tax). The rating of this hotel is 5/5.

Visit the Best Restaurants:

Best Restaurants: Greece in December


You can visit Gostijo Kosher Restaurant. Algeria is also a big restaurant. You can move to Tudor Hall also.  So, enjoy the trip with great pleasure.

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