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the things to do in Gainesville

Gainesville is the largest city in northern Florida. The population rate according to the US census is estimated to 132,249 approximately in Gainesville. It is also known as a home to the University of Florida which is the nation’s fifth-largest university campus. Gainesville is well known for its visual arts. Every year they organize art festivals which attracts a lot of artists, tourists, and visitors from other states or countries. The city’s cultural lifestyles have been increasing due to the presence of the universities.

Gainesville is also popular for its good music sense. It gave birth to a lot of music bands such as Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Stephen Stills, Hot water music, Less than Jake etc. It also serves as a platform for the founder of Santa Jam i.e which always organizes a concert in Florida for homeless and injured children. Is indeed a very beautiful city in Florida!!

It has a butterfly rainforest and it is also home to a lot of free-flying beautiful butterflies and birds.

In this article, we will see what are the things to do in Gainesville.

Bass Fishing Trip

the things to do in Gainesville: Bass fishing trip


If you are a fishing enthusiast then Rodman Reservoir is the most suitable place for you. Join your tour guide and hold your fishing rod to catch some trophy bass. Rodman Reservoir is a man-made in the St. Johns River. You will get an opportunity to get in touch with the natural beauty along with the combination of both sea and air.

Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation

the things to do in Gainesville: Wildlife


Carson Springs Wildlife Conservation Foundation is a rehabilitation center for a lot of local animals. It also has a collection of interesting exotic wild animals. It is not a zoo or a wildlife sanctuary. They try to provide a proper lifestyle to the abandoned and traumatized animals. They provide educational facilities for schools and groups. If you are an animal lover you can visit as the price of your private visits goes directly for the development of the animals. It is the best place for wildlife photography!

Florida Museum of Natural History

the things to do in Gainesville: Florida Museum of natural history


The Florida museum of natural history is a must visit the museum. It is a national gem that organizes permanent exhibits as well as regular exhibitions. One of the most popular exhibits is the Butterfly Rainforest and the Florida fossils collection. Youngsters can have nice educational fun in this museum. They can also see beautiful butterflies as well. You can visit most of the museums free of charge. Donations are accepted as well if you wish to offer them any but a small fee is directly contributed to the development of the butterfly rainforest and other exhibits.

Haile Homestead

the things to do in Gainesville: Haile Homestead


Haile homestead is in KanapahaCotton Plantation. It will take you to the time of the 1800s. Here you can have a look at the craftsmanship of the laborers who built the Haile homestead for the Haile family. The most attractive part of the house is the talking walls. It is being said that the family has written about their lives and about their slaves on the wall and the reason behind it is unknown. Visitors can also gather a lot of information regarding this from the tour guide offered by the Haile homestead on Saturdays and Sundays.

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IchetukneSprings State Park

the things to do in Gainesville: IchetukneSprings State Park


It protects the Ichetukne river. It has a wonderful playground which is suitable for summer. It offers a lot of activities to the visitors such as having a picnic, swimming, hiking and wildlife watching. It also offers visitors scuba diving facilities in its crystal clear water. Exploring the waterway by canoe or kayak and tubing is the most interesting activity in the part. Dozens of birds, white-tailed deer, raccoons, and many more are expected to be seen in the park.

Lubee Bat Conservancy

the things to do in Gainesville: Lubee Bat Conservancy


Lubee bat conservancy is the best place to remove your bat phobia. They protect various species of bat from extinction. They provide you with an online tour and also an educational tour. You can also visit the annual Florida bat festival that is organized by the Conservancy in the month of October where you can see many giant fruit bats also.

Swamp head brewery  

the things to do in Gainesville: Swamp head brewery  


Swamp head brewery offers you some local artisan beers and great food after busy sightseeing. They have gained popularity since 2008. They produce all Florida authentic artisan brew. The ingredients are collected locally and the by-products are returned to the land.

Bluefield Estate Winery

the things to do in Gainesville: Bluefield Estate Winery


It is located outside Gainesville in a small town named Windsor. It is owned by husband and wife winemakers Jennifer and Bradley Ferguson. They started producing blueberry wines in their kitchen and now they have a couple of acres of blueberries and grapes planted. Here you can get a stock of various fruit wines that are high antioxidants than other varietals. You can buy some tasty wines for your homes too.

University of Florida Bat houses

things to do in gainesville


It is the largest bat house in the world. It has varieties of bat which can be seen in the twilight. The appearance of the bats is not guaranteed as they prefer a calm evening with plenty o insects to eat. Bats can be expected to come down to eat as they don’t bother the visitors. A perfect bat viewing place for a bat enthusiast. The perfect season for bat viewing in spring and summer.

Kanapaha Botanical Garden 

the things to do in Gainesville: Kanapaha Botanical Garden 


It is a beautiful botanical garden with a collection of 24 major horticulture collection. It is a hub of the largest herb garden in the southeast and the largest bamboo display in Florida. You can have a look into this garden along with a 1.5-mile pathway. There are also benches to relax and observe the beauty of the surroundings. In the month of Spring and May, the garden is at its best. The garden is also lit with twinkle lights and lanterns which is perfect for a moonlit walk.

So these are The things you can do in Gainesville. It is an interesting place for the visitors to explore and try a lot of things that they have never seen or done before.

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