Things To Know About Flower Show In Ahmedabad 2019

flower show Ahmedabad

Flower shows are the best way to spot many unique as well as beautiful kind of flowers in a single place altogether and for any nature, lover flower shows prove to be exactly like heaven and like every year again Ahmedabad is going to organize their very popular flower show which would take place from January 16th, 2019 and would continue till 24th January 2019 so you would be getting total 8 days to be there and rejoice watching flowers.

The exhibition or show would take place every day and would start from 10 am sharp and you end at 9 pm every day so try to be on time so that you could watch every small detail of every flower. The show has been organized at Kochrab Paldi at Ahmedabad which is in India and even foreigners visit this exhibition in order to get lost in the beauty of the flowers of the place.

Here is everything that you need to know about the flower show 2019 and if you are nearby then don’t forget to get your tickets and you can even pre-book them and rather visit the flower show as missing this show would be regretful for sure for everyone:


Fees: flower show Ahmedabad


The ticket fare of the flower exhibition is below expectation and it is so affordable that anyone can enjoy being there at the flower show and the low ticket coat make people attend the flower show more than just one time and the most amazing thing is that people actually visit the exhibition more than one time because one visit is never satisfactory to the eyes.

The most amazing thing is that the organizer of the flower show always shows a soft corner for children as well as for handicapped person and like always even in the year they have decided to give the children under 12-year free entry at the flower show and even a handicapped or physically challenged person can be there at the show for free without any ticket and this seems to be a great initiative taken by the authority of the show that deserves compliments and even the school students would get free entry and if they would be in a group tour then the person who would be there to take care of the children would also get free entry at the flower show.

This becomes the tourist destination of many schools as well as colleges during this time and children especially enjoy the show way too much and such a crowd is expected in this year of 2019 also.

What is There Beside The Flower Show?

Beside The Flower Show? flower show Ahmedabad


The flower show no doubt is the best ever thing that one can experience there but the show values the emotion of the watcher so they have also come up with some amazing counters where you can get your hands on some beautiful flowering plants that they put up for sale and it is for sure that they provide the customer with the top-class plant which you can grow in your home and enjoy viewing flowers almost every day without being anywhere at all.

There would be a total of 37 stalls where you would be able to get flowering as well as exotic plants and many people specially visit the show once or even more, times just to get their hand on the plants that are on sale in the counter of the show so you can too check out some of the best plants for your home and get your home decorated.

What is There on the See Apart From Flower Show?

flower show Ahmedabad


Well, the exhibition of flowering plant is not just the crowd caller of the event but there is some flower sculpture that artists prepare with so much of hard work actually pulls the crowd toward the flower show. Like every year even this year, you would be able to see some amazing sculptures that are entirely made up of flowers or leaves, and to support the structure the use of iron rods as well as wooden sticks can be seen in the flower show.

The sculpture of the show actually proves to be the best place to click some pictures with and most people create a crowd around the sculpture just to get some snaps clicked of them along with the amazing as well as huge flower sculpture. While you would be there you can notice peacock sculpture, dinosaur sculpture, and sculpture of many other animals or mammals at the show.

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Flower Show in Detail:

Detail: flower show Ahmedabad


The show actually would bring almost 750 different varieties of flowers to the viewers and it is for sure that witnessing so many types of flowers at the same time would be great and would be not less than a treat to watch. All the flowers that would be in the show would be divided into almost 13 different nurseries so that if everyone could be able to enjoy the exhibition in detail.

Apart from the flower show you would be amazed to know that the organizer of the flower show has also hosted a drawing competition just for children so that children could show their creativity in the competition. After that, the area gets ready for the upcoming kite show of Ahmedabad which also proves to be really amazing.

These are few things to know about the flower show Ahmedabad 2019 that you need to check out rather you should enjoy being a part of the amazing flower show. You can get to know more details about the flower show as well as many upcoming events at Travelila.

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