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african safari

Travelers have keen interest to reach the darkest and deepest Africa. Travelers can experience here the exceptional wildlife viewing. They also can get a chance to be a witness of the spectacular sunrises or the sunsets over the African Savannah. The wildest tours can be able to give you the exceptional experience to sleep under a squillion stars accompanying with the roaring sounds of lions and the bitter cackle of Hyena. A traveler can get a golden chance to feel the wild African night. The extraordinary wildlife is the predominant reason for doing the African Safari. Africa gives you the ideal safari destination packed with excellent wildlife sights, fantastic and exciting camps and the lodges.

The word ‘Safari’ carries the meaning of the journey. In the early age of our lives, the safari was meant to be for hunting and killing animals. But nowadays, the African safari is an exceptional journey to see the wildlife of Africa and not to harm them. You can experience the best safari in Africa. Africa has the full range of animals in their bucket such as fastest, largest and strongest animals anywhere in the World.

Wild destinations:

Kruger is the best and biggest reserves on the continent. It is a well-established reserve because it is the best safari destination in Africa. On the other hand, Botswana is the home to the magnificent elephant empire of Chobe.

  • The Okavango Delta:

african safari

Source : botswanatourism.co.bw

Delta is considered as an emerald green paradise in the middle of the Kalahari Desert. It is the World’s popular heritage site. At the centre of Delta’s heart, there is Chief’s Island. It is a permanent dry land and it is about a third the size of New York’s Long Island. It is an important part of Moremi Game Reserve and there you can get a chance to see many rare wild dogs. The safari includes a selection of camps and lodges. Each of these can be able to bring something unique to the experience. These camps can be able to provide you with the water and the land activities. You can get a real understanding of Delta. The Okavango Delta is one of the best for its spectacular photographic safaris. Family safaris are the excellent chance for the families to experience the African wildlife without any restrictions. Special guides and activities can be able to help the children to get the most out of their safaris. There you can get the young explorers safaris which are specially designed for the young footsteps and give them the opportunity to discover the wonders of Africa. The desert and Delta safaris allow the families to get the experience in Botswana with fun-filled adventures. You can easily spend your day by exploring the pristine wilderness of Botswana.

  • Chobe National Park:

Chobe is one of the first biologically diverse national parks of Botswana. It is the home to 70,000 elephants. It is one of the biggest populations in Africa. There are three areas in Chobe:

  • Chobe River:

african safari

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It is the major watering spot for the wildlife. It is the one and only place in Botswana where you can see the puku antelope. It is very close to Victoria Falls. The place is the safe and secure haven for the elephants of Africa.

  • Savuti:

african safari

Source : wetu.com

Savuti is a mysterious region covered with Savannahs. There are hundreds of dead trees along with the rolling grasslands and the channel’s bank. The place has a famous significance of the epic battles between lion and hyena for the food and territory.

  • Linyanti:

african safari

Source : andreahugo.com

This is the very wild and remote region and it was a great part of great inland lake. It is the best place of bird watching in Southern Africa. It is also the home to many majestic raptors which are very rare today.

  • The Kruger National Park:

african safari

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The Kruger National Park is one of the legendary parks which lie in the north-east part of South Africa. It is one of the biggest Game Reserve of the continent. Kruger is filled with many thorny acacia trees along with its rivers. There are many marula and mopane trees in Kruger National Park. The east part of the park is recognized as the most important grazing area. It is the World’s renowned wildlife sanctuary. The diversity and the numbers of the animals are the main attraction of Kruger. It can be able to provide the top luxurious African Safari. The dramatic landscape, forest, river, mountain, Savannah, and the thousands of animals are enough to give you the wild feelings. This safari is specifically elegant and super luxurious. Expert game rangers will take you for the early morning and evening safaris. The overall breathtaking sceneries and numerous waterfalls are simply a geological surprise to you. The fishing, horse riding and the outdoor living will give you the feeling of a wild culture of Africa. You will remember this best safari in Africa for your whole life.

A walking safari:

african safari

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You can also enjoy the walking safari and for that, you don’t need to purchase a life insurance for you. You can get a chance to walk instead of drive if you want to do so. Walking is the best method to get close to the African culture and wildlife. The experienced guide will be there to guide you. You can get a full chance to research on the behaviours and characteristics of wild animals by tracking their footprints.

Tented safaris:

african safari

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Tented safari is a totally different experience for anyone. You are virtually out in the middle of the bush at night. You can feel and hear the thrilling sounds of wild animals. Well, the guards are there to ensure the distance of the wild animals. The tented camp is a feeling with a different kind of. You can get a chance to hear the morning birds’ chirping outside your tent along with your morning tea. It will be the great experience for a hard-core traveler.

Overall, Africa is the wildest country in the World. It can be able to give you a lifetime experience.  

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