Some Exciting Things To Do In Spain You Will Not Forget

Exciting Things To Do In Spain

Spain has so much to offer and has so many treasures and so much history and culture and it is nearly impossible to cover the trip without visiting some fascinating areas backed with a great history. Spain is a unique place in itself having some different things to do such as eating paella, sipping espresso at a café along a treelined street, or drinking cider and visit to world-class art museums. As evidence to this here is Travelila with Exciting things to do in Spain.

See Flamenco Show

Exciting Things To Do In Spain: See Flamenco Show


Are you looking for exciting nightlife in Spain? You have a chance to experience a typical Spanish atmosphere by booking your tickets for the Flamenco show across many Spanish theaters. Flamenco is a piece of traditional folk music and is unique considering the present time. You can witness powerful performances of talented singers and dancers. Notably, the best ones can be found at a gypsy wedding and if you are to visit the show tries to go visit the best place such as Seville or Madrid.

Visit Alhambra

Exciting Things To Do In Spain: Visit Alhambra


Spain is a mix of sunny coasts, unexplored mountains, vibrant cities, and diverse cultures and the best of all this is Granada. Specifically, in Granada, the best place is Alhambra Moorish fortress. The place that protected the inhabitants from invasion by Christians. This place offers visitors the chance to lie on a sunny beach, ski in the mountains, and immerse themselves in the rich local culture, nightlife, and tremendous tapas scene, all in the same day.

La Tomatina Festival

Exciting Things To Do In Spain: La Tomatina Festival


La Tomatina, among all other festivals taking place in Spain, is the most famous and only seen in Spain. Every year about 100 tonnes of squishy tomatoes are tipped from trucks to the waiting crowd. You can be better off with shoes but don’t expect to use them again. For an hour or so people take part in this cheerful tomato fight also named as the world’s biggest food fight.

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Visit Art Museums

Exciting Things To Do In Spain: Visit Art Museums


As earlier said, Spain is a huge producer of artists and some great forms of dance and music. Two of the most important artists Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali were also Spanish and are the best artist over the last hundred years. There are three very important museums in Spain that show the best work of some best artists out there and these museums are Centro de Arte Reina Sofia, Museo del Prado, and Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza.

Sky Diving at Costa Brava

Exciting Things To Do In Spain: Sky Diving at Costa Brava


Won’t you like to see the beautiful Mediterranean Sea from the above? If you are an adventure lover Sky diving in Empuriabrava should be on the top of the game. Sky diving above the Mediterranean Sea is surely a lifetime experience.

Have Dining Experience at The World’s Oldest Restaurant

Exciting Things To Do In Spain: World’s Oldest Restaurant


Ever wondered which is the oldest restaurant in the world? If yes, the answer is the almost 300-year-old Sobrino de Botin in Madrid. This restaurant is in the heart of the Spanish capital and was founded in 1725. The beauty of this restaurant is that it still uses the original 18th-century wood-fired oven to prepare some of the best-roasted lambs in town.

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