The Must Visit Places To Be In While You Are In European Trip

European tour 2021

Europe is no doubt a big continent and very few lucky people get a chance to go for a European tour and if you are the one who has already decided to be in Europe for your 2019’s holiday then you have already taken a step forward in making your holiday successful as you have chosen the best place for your holidays. Being it one of the biggest continents covering the entire continent is next to impossible and there is no second thought in that but the idea here is to cover the best places while you are on the European tour so here are few places that you need to be in your European tour 2019:


European tour 2019: Paris:


Paris seems like a dream and while on the European tour you simply cannot miss this country. If you are a history lover and art attracts you too then there is no doubt that you would love being here in Paris. Apart from museums, you would also get to see many monuments in Paris and moreover the number of beautiful churches at the place would fill you with peace. The most iconic thing in Paris is the Eiffel tower where you can spend an entire day by just admiring the beauty of the monument and while you witness the beauty do not forget to click some pictures to restore the beauty for a lifetime. You can enjoy your food as well as some wine at the sidewalk restaurants as well as in cafes and enjoy the delicacies of the place.


European tour 2019: Rome:


Rome in Europe is one of the best places for couples to be when it comes to a European tour. Here you would be able to enjoy the aromatic Italian delicacies while you walk through the streets of the country. The historical sites of the country have restored some of the precious historical residues have been restored with honor. This capital city of Italy would take you on a wonderfully delicious food tour that you would love and if you are a foodie then you would love being here in Rome. While you are here in Rome you need to be in Colosseum which is the museum as well as St. Basilica for sure.


European tour 2019: London:


Many people have a dream to have such a stay in London and while you are on your European tour in 2019 then you should surely give a visit to London. Here you can make a visit to the British Museum and admire the entire historic residue that has been restored at the museum. The world-famous fish & chips is a delicacy which you need to try at any nearby local restaurant as well as a pub. The London tower as well as big Ben is sometimes something that you need to check out while you are here in London. The black coffee along with an English breakfast is something that you should not miss while you are here in London.


Venice: European tour 2019


Venice is considered the most romantic place in Europe and if you are about to visit here with your partner then nothing can be better than visiting Venice. The gondola rides in the waterways here in this place are the best thing to do while you are in Venice. The place spells romance and the couples literally get drown in that magic that the place offers. Apart from the ride, you can even enjoy visiting the theater to enjoy drama or music, churches to get some peace of mind and after a tiring day, you just need to relax for a while as well as enjoy the food at any nearby restaurants. The coastal line of the place would make your tour successful and you would be mesmerized by the beauty of the place.


Istanbul: European tour 2019


It is one of those out track places that you can consider visiting while you are on a European tour and if history attracts you then it is the place you need to be in while you are here in Europe. It is a very ancient place where you would be able to explore some of the amazing historical monuments that are definitely a treat to watch. While you are here you can explore local varieties which are always in an exhibition in the local market. Do not worry even if you want to party then also there is a wide range of nightclubs around the place which makes the entire city look different at night time. While you are here you need to visit the mosque and make sure to carry some extra cloth with you in order to cover your head as bare head you cannot be in any mosque.

Swiss Alps:

Swiss Alps: European tour 2019


If you get mesmerized by hills as well as mountains then a visit to the Swiss Alps would complete your European trip in 2019 for sure. The wonderful high mountain peaks look amazing which makes the place a treat to the eyes. if you enjoy adventure then you can try skiing, hiking as well as snowboarding at the place as the place tends to be covered with snow almost all the time and this place becomes next to heave during the winter season. Do not forget to capture all the beautiful scenic view on your camera and restore them as a wonderful memory for a lifetime. Here you can enjoy some luxurious as well as relaxing time in the mountain resorts which are nearby.

These were some of the best places to visit in that you need to check if you are on a European tourThank you for reading the article till the end, keep visiting Travelila

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