9 Top Places To Visit in Egypt

Egypt Holidays 2021

Egypt, the oldest city in the world has many places to visit. This city is almost 6000 years old. Egypt was once ruled by the mystical Pharaohs and was also an important place for the Greek and Roman empires. Except for historical monuments, there are other places as well to visit in Egypt. If you are more of a historical person then Egypt Holiday is perfect for you. Even if you are a city person or a beach lover, Egypt Holidays 2019 is still the best option for you. But to help you in planning your holidays better we have come up with the list of Places To Visit In Egypt.

Pyramid of Giza

Egypt Holidays 2019: Pyramid of Giza

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A Trip To Egypt is incomplete if you don’t go on the sight-seeing of the Pyramid of Giza. It is also one of the seven wonders of the world that have been as it is as it was thousands of years ago. There are three pyramids of Pharaohs, you can even take a tour inside the pyramid but there will be extra charges and I guess they are worth it. The statue of Sphinx is also part of that complex only. The pyramid of Giza attracts the highest number of tourists. Besides Egypt Africa has a lot to offer. There are many other Holiday Destinations in Africa which you should definitely explore.

Islamic Cairo

Egypt Holidays 2019: Islamic Cairo

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Cairo is a city full of historical monuments, one of the Best Places To Visit In Egypt to explore and learn about ancient Egypt. Islamic Cairo is a part of the center of Cairo where there are thousands of mosques,  madrasas, mansions, and many more. There is a market with confusing passages, Khan-el-Khalili where you will find coppersmiths and artisans who have located their tiny stalls of artifacts on the streets. Nearby this market, many Islamic architectural monuments attract many tourists. From the top of the ancient gate, Bab-Zuweila you can have a beautiful panoramic view of the minarets of the town.


Egypt Holidays 2019

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Aswan, a mid-size city situated at the north of River Nasser. This the most tranquil place of Egypt with the surrounding orange-hued dunes of sand. Take a boat across the river and explore the colorful street of Nubian Village and visit Elephantine Island. Aswan has its own ancient monuments and places though they are minor from what Luxor has, still, they have their own charm. Aswan has the best starting point for the excursions from temples of Philae and Kabasha to Sun temples of Ramesses II at Abu Simbel. Except for all this, the best thing to do in Aswan is to kick back the problematic life and enjoy the river life.

Abu Simbel

Egypt Holidays 2019

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Abu Simbel is an incredible place that has something special to offer to tourists, though it is in the place that is decorated with temples, Egypt. And that is the temple of Ramesses II, which has statues of guards outside the temple, and inside there are a number of wall paintings that are decorated on the walls. Abu Simbel has experienced the incredible feat of the entire temple disappearing into the water because of the Aswan Dam.

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Egyptian Museum

Egypt Holidays 2019

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The Egyptian Museum is located in the city of Cairo. It is the treasure trove of the Pharaonic world. The structure of this museum gives the feel of old-school with the pinkish outer wall. It houses many interesting exhibits. But it is a bit of a disorganized museum with labeling on offer. On the top floor of the museum are the golden glory of King Tutankhamen and the exhibition of royal mummies. Though it is a bit messy place every corner in the museum will awestruck you with information about ancient Egypt.

White Desert

Egypt Holidays 2019

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Egypt’s White Dessert is the kookiest place of all yet the most beautiful view you will ever see. There are white rocks of surreal shape that formed due to erosions and sandstorms. At times you will feel like it is a place that came out of those sci-fi or mystical movies. If you want to experience the most beautiful view of the White Dessert then stay here for a night camp and lay under the dazzling starry sky with the black background.

Siwa Oasis

Egypt Holidays 2019

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Siwa Oasis on the western border of Egypt is a peaceful treat to the one on a relaxing trip. Siwa Oasis is the only one that still has the cultural heritage and the donkey carts are still as important as motorbikes. This place is surrounded by date palm plantations, freshwater springs, and the most perfect picturesque locations. Relax here and refresh your mind and heart, you can even plan an adventurous trip to nearby deserts. Siwa Oasis has become the most traveled place by travelers in Egypt. It has a charm that no one can resist.


Egypt Holidays 2019

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The great Alexander founded the city having an unmatchable history in 331 BC. Though there are not many things left to see it still has some of the historical monuments to explore. Everything was destroyed during the earthquakes in the 14th century. It has the largest library containing more than 500,000 books it. But now Alexandria is the biggest transportation and port hub of Egypt. It still has attracts travelers and tourists to enjoy its shopping and cafe life.

St. Catherine’s Monastery

Egypt Holidays 2019

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St. Catherine’s Monastery, the oldest monastery in the world is located at the foot of Mount Sinai. This is the place where Moses got the ten commandments. This monastery in the desert has a collection of manuscripts, art, and iconography that travelers crave to know about. Hike up to Mount Sinai is something you should not miss. You can even take a camel ride or climb to reach the Steps of Repentance and enjoy the view from there.

These were the places that you should not miss to Trip To Egypt. For more ideas on the travel planning visit, Travelila.

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