Best Easter Holidays Destinations In Europe

Easter holiday destinations in Europe

Easter is very much important to Europeans as it is a time to celebrate and have fun in the busy life and the joy increases more when they get Easter holidays to spend time with their loved ones. These days are also special because sunny days are back and places in Europe are gearing up to be lovely and warm in the spring. Travelila has summed some gorgeous Easter holiday destinations in Europe, choose your favorite.

Best Easter Holidays Destinations In Europe For This Easter

1. Canary Islands

Canary Islands: Easter holiday destinations in Europe


Temperatures in the Canary Islands often reach 22˚ in early March and increases to above 25˚ in late May. This island has beaches scattered over 60 km and is maintained by UNESCO. You can choose your Island based on your requirement and of course the vacation you are planning to do with and also the activities you want to do here.

The southern coast is best for a sunny warm beach holiday. You can have a great time here walking, cycling, hiking, and exploring the island’s beauty.  

2. Bristol

Bristol: Easter holiday destinations in Europe


Bristol is an exciting place to visit. The people here a so friendly and supportive and even the city is unique and beautiful. You can have a tour of the town by taking Bristol Ferry Boat and experience delicious dining and drinking at the cafés. This place has beautiful local shops and bookstores. You can take a stroll at Clifton Suspension Bridge which is the unique identity of the town.

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3. Lisbon

Lisbon: Easter holiday destinations in Europe


Lisbon is said to be the most beautiful capital in Europe. This city is a very lively city and will also make you one! Lisbon is equipped with beautiful rivers and landscapes backed with its unique traditional market, decent shops, resorts, and romantic castles.

You would be surprised to know that the seaside resorts inspired the creator of James Bond. This Portugal city gives you a completely modern vibe with a smooth touch of its traditional things. This is truly one of the trendiest European capital.

4. Rome

Rome: Easter holiday destinations in Europe


Rome, which was once the center of the Roman Empire, is now an ultimate vacation destination. You can discover major sites here such as the Coliseum, the Trevin Fountain, and the Pantheon.  The best thing to do in Rome is to wander around the street and to have a look at the beautiful city and its traditional museums.

5. Budapest

Budapest: Easter holiday destinations in Europe


Budapest is one of the beautiful places for an Easter break. This Hungarian capital is not a city of huge sites but a place where the streets are filled with quirky cafés and bars and the iconic thing the city is best known for – the thermal baths. Budapest is the best vacation holiday to go with your friends and loved ones.

6. Prague

Prague: Easter holiday destinations in Europe


If you want to experience exotic nightlife you can surely visit Prague. Very few cities are as beautiful as Prague in nightlife. This place is famous for beer and clubs but this place has more than this which includes a moonlight stroll and tour of the vast castle complex. You can also visit funky bars and cafes.

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