What Is Disney World Offer New In 2019?

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Being is Disney world is already so exciting and it is for sure that being a child we always wanted to be at the Disney world but Disney world is not the same as it was previously and the good thing is that it has introduced many new things as well as offers that would be live in the year 2019. Disney world holidays would be the best gift that you can offer to your kids and being an adult you would also enjoy the holiday trip as you would also become a toddler from mind while being around so many kids and such wonderful things. Now you must be wondering about what new things Disney came up with so here are a list of things that are new at Disney world which you should not miss at all if you are on holiday Disney world 2019 as missing this thing may be a loss for you:

Avatar at Animal Kingdom:

Avatar: Animal Kingdom: Disney world 2019

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Pandora is the new thing that the animal kingdom has new to offer the visitors and this addition is said to be a major as well as awaited addition that Disney world did after a long period of time. This addition is much loved by every visitor irrespective of age or gender and this land has done every possible thing to impress every single person. The avatar flight is said to be the most popular as well as loved rides of the animal kingdom which you need to try for sure. Apart from this you can also walk on and explore the beautiful place evermore.

Star Wars Galaxy Edge:

Star Wars Galaxy Edge: Disney world 2019

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This new thing would be coming up in the year 2019 and if you would consider visiting Disney world in late autumn then you would be able to experience this thing. There would be a ride which would let you be in the controls of millennium falcon and there would be one more ride which is for taking the visitors to the battle of 1st order as well as the resistance. If you are a star Wars fan then you need to check this place out and the set itself is said to be too stunning that you would love it and the rest can be said after it would be opened in the year 2019.

Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration:

Mickey and Minnie’s Surprise Celebration: Disney world 2019

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Thinking of Disney without the Minnie and Mickey Mouse theme is simply impossible and this is a great addition that Disney came up with. This would be open from January 2019 so if you would plan your Disney World trip after the first month of the year then you as well as your kids would get the chance to be a part of the Mickey and Minnie’s surprise celebration. This thing would be there in the magic kingdom and here a street party would be organized which every visitor can enjoy. The dance to the Mickey Mouse clubhouse music would take you back to your childhood and your kids would enjoy everything for sure.

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Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party:

Hakuna Matata Time Dance Party: Disney world 2019

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This dance party would also take place in the year 2019 and probably from the month of January itself you would be able to experience this party while being at Disney World. This is a limited edition experience that you can enjoy and after a certain time, this party thing would end so if you won’t be a part of this themed party then you need to be at the place in between the month of January to September 2019. You as well as your kids would have good time dancing on the dance floor and the Timon as well as Rafiki inspired people would keep you entertained by their fun moves. The soundtrack that the musician would provide seems to be the best for creating the dancing mood.

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy:

Lightning McQueen’s Racing Academy: Disney world 2019

Source: disney.com

This is great news to know that the lightning McQueen’s racing academy is going to be a part of the Disney world Hollywood studio and this thing would happen in late springs of the year 2019 so if you would consider being thereafter spring then you can experience this thing here at Disney World. This would let the visitors experience Pixar’s car films and this creates a great chance for the next generation to learn a lot of things about racing and also about cars in specific.

Apart from all the above-mentioned things you would also get to see many new rides that you should experience and make sure to be there at the fall season because by that time every new thing of Disney world would already be introduced so you won’t be missing anything new from the year 2019.

These were some new thing that Disney world 2019 would introduce to all the visitors that you need to check out as well as experience. Thank you for visiting Travelila. Have a happy journey! 

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