Top 5 Day Trips From Tokyo

day trips from tokyo

There is a number of amazing places you can reach within an hour or 2 from Tokyo. Mt Fuji viewing, Hakone Onsen, nature activities, and other amazing and beautiful places. Here are the 5 most exciting day trips from Tokyo recommended and listed by Travelila.

Classic Route at Hakone and Mt Fuji

day trips from tokyo: Classic Route at Hakone and Mt Fuji


The two most popular side trip destinations from Tokyo are Hakone and Mt Fuji. With a bus tour, you can visit these two spots in a day which might be tough to do by yourself. You can enjoy iconic and different views of Mt Fuji from several spots, and in Hakone, you can spend a pleasant time in the beautiful nature, all in one day. These would be the best places when you travel with your friends. That bus tour might also include a round trip from the central area of Tokyo with an option of a return trip by bus or Shinkansen. 

Explore Kamakura and Enoshima

day trips from tokyo: Explore Kamakura and Enoshima


A beautiful and historic city on the south coast of Kanagawa Prefect is named Kamakura. A trip to Kamakura makes you travel for 1 hour from Tokyo. As there is a number of historic monuments in the town, Kamakura is often called east of Kyoto.

You can explore Kamakura’s beautiful historical temples and shrines with an English-speaking guide, and learn the rich history of Kamakura during the tour. A touristic island, which offers various attractions such as a shrine, park, observation tower, and cave, is named Enoshima. You can also get a pleasant view of Mt. Fuji if the weather is not cloudy.

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Fuji Q Highland

day trips from tokyo: Fuji Q Highland


An amusement park in Japan named Fuji Q Highland offers several rides roller coasters and scary rides which brings an adrenaline rush. It is an ideal place to visit for adrenaline seekers. But don’t worry, Fuji Q Highland thinks about kids who can enjoy many joyful attractions including the character-themed area and non-scary rides.  The park is located at the foot of Mt Fuji, so visitors, while enjoying the attractions can enjoy the magnificent view of Mt. Fuji. Well, you will also love to see the best amusement park in the world in which this of japan is ranking.

Best Bits of Yamanashi

day trips from tokyo: Best Bits of Yamanashi


In Yamanashi Prefecture you can visit several pleasant spots of Mt. Fuji including Lake Kawaguchi and the 5th station of Mt. Fuji. You can join in picking seasonal fruits and enjoy it as much as you want, as Yamanashi is famous for a wide variety of foods. While having the tour of Yamanashi you can enjoy and have delicious lunch with great wine.

Tokyo Disney Resort

day trips from tokyo: Tokyo Disney Resort


Tokyo Disney Resort consists of two amusement parks: Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo Disney Sea. Both are the world’s greatest amusement parks, in addition to which there are many shopping malls and hotels inside this resort complex. For Disney Lovers, Tokyo Disneyland and Disney Sea are the dream destinations.

Here you can get out from daily life and have a great and magical experience. The parks are located in a city named Urayasu of Chiba Prefecture which is just outside of Tokyo. There are numbers of fun themed attractions in both parks. Both the parks also include The Disney character merchandise collections which are hugely popular among visitors.

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