The Best Day Trips From Boston You Will Love To Go

best day trips from Boston

Boston is one of the oldest cities in the United States of America and has a number of historical things to explore. There are plenty of day trips from the Massachusetts capital that will keep your wanderlust activated and your sense of adventure fulfilled and a number of places to visit from Boston.

This is Travelila’s list of best day trips from Boston, have a look.


best day trips from Boston: Newport


Newport is a city in New England State and is set on Aquidneck Island. This city is home to some of Rhode Island’s most opulent homes. Many of these are now museums. If you want to see the best architectural view you must visit The Breakers mansion and Marble House. The International Tennis Hall of Fame is the home of the first-ever U.S Open Championship 1881. Newport is indeed a good place for traveling with friends

Cape Cod

best day trips from Boston: Cape Cod


Cape Cod is a most beautiful and popular holiday destination for locals and is not less popular among international visitors alike. You can witness quaint Massachusetts villages, seafood cafes, and as well as the rugged and picturesque coastline. The best view here is it oldest village Sandwich. The day trip from Boston gives an additional view of The Heritage Museum and Gardens which is more famous especially during the summer months. There is nothing more inspiring than a blustery beach walk.

The House of Seven Gables

best day trips from Boston: The House of Seven Gables


The house of seven Gable is a stately cabin that dates back to the mid-1600s. This house was built by a sea merchant named John Turner and his three generations stayed there before selling it to Captain Samuel Ingersoll in 1782. The cabin served as the setting for The House of Seven Gables. The house now serves as a space for educational programs and special events. This house is also available for different events nowadays.

Good Harbor Beach

best day trips from Boston: Good Harbor Beach


If you love to spend your day chilling at the seaside then you should Gloucester’s Good Harbor Beach. This beach has soft white sand and the view of the Atlantic Ocean is all you need to chill and relax. During summer the number of visitors increases because of the great view and a good place to swim and don’t you worry a team of lifeguards on duty throughout the summer this place is the best one for a day picnic and you can also find good restaurants here.

Province town

best day trips from Boston: Province town


Province town is located at the northernmost tip of Cape Cod. This place is great for those who want to hang out especially for artists and musicians. This place is home to dozens of art galleries, edgy nightclubs, and plenty of specialty shops with a modern touch. Commercial Street is where all the action is as it has a number of visitors, especially in the summer season.

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Castle Hill

best day trips from Boston: Castle Hill


Castle Hill is a beautiful coastal mansion located on the Crane Estate. It was designed by world-famous architect David Alder. This place is an hour’s ride from Boston and is ideal for a romantic day out. Throughout the day you are likely to spot deer in the estate and migrating birds too. You can have a short walk with your beloved and have a great time in your life.

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