Great Way to Treat New Year with Top Christmas Travel Destinations

Cologne, Germany

Hey Mom,

Guess what? I have done my part of Christmas duty by finding out the best Christmas travel destinations for our holiday plan. You might think that the list is the result of little internet surfing, but the truth will amaze you. I have taken all the real-time experience from my classmates and professors from the University, in preparing the list.

But the problem is, I am confused between multiple places because all these places are so amazing. And I am confused to choose one. Why don’t you and dad help me with this? I am going to list down the Christmas destinations 2019 with a brief description in this email, and then you and dad finalize a place out of it. 

1. London, England

London, England: Christmas travel destinations


Ms. William was telling me that she celebrated her last Christmas vacation in London. The whole city was covered with lights from top to bottom, and the amazing thing was that she got to see Trafalgar Square which has got the biggest Christmas tree! She asked me not to forget to attend midnight mass at the magnificent church of Westminster Abbey. 

Even she went to Hyde Park for some crazy rides, games, contests, and some really fun stuff. She ended the trip with a visit to Hogwarts where she saw “In the Snow” show which had some wonderful things like Gryffindor’s room, marvelous architecture, and majestic Hogwarts castle. All these events made her enjoy the days to the fullest!

2. Quebec City, Canada

Quebec City, Canada: Christmas travel destinations


The next name on the list is honored with the top destination in 2019 by CNN. “The place is a great combination of history, charming local shops, fluffy snow, great shopping, and endless lights, a true wonderland on this Earth”, said John (my friend). The place has also got a sizzling food tour and exhibitions of artwork. I am sure dad would love his wintery walk in the snow and life-size nativity scene at the Notre-Dame de Québec. Can you believe this place got an Ice hotel with all the frosty suites option? 

3. Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark: Christmas travel destinations


The place has some wonderful designer and boutique hotels, which is a grandeur experience in itself. Frozen waterfall, a fairytale castle, snowboarding, hiking, and whatnot. This small place is easy to navigate on the feet to feel the true essence of this rich country. I had a word with Riya and she was amazed by the scintillating alpine-village style Christmas market which she got from this spectacular place. She was not able to contain her excitement and also told me that she gave me a red scarf as a birthday gift from there. 

There is a thought-provoking fact quoted by the World Happiness Index which says Denmark is one of the happiest countries in the World. 

4. New York, USA 

New York, USA : Christmas travel destinations


To add more confusion, Riya suggested another Christmas destination in 2019, i.e., New York, the city that never sleeps. Riya’s cousin, who lives in New York, was saying that the Christmas fever is really high in the city. The whole city is covered with beautiful lights, Rockefeller Center’s gargantuan tree, decorated Fifth Avenue, carriage rides in Central Park, lovely and busy Columbus Circle Holiday Market, beautiful Brooklyn Bridge Park, and most important people of the city welcomes the tourists with great holiday spirit. Even her cousin sent one of the mesmerizing window displays from the shop store which was really special!

5. Dublin, Ireland

Dublin, Ireland: Christmas travel destinations


Dublin has a special and beautiful atmosphere during Christmas, says David. You know what mom, it has got an amazing Christmas market filled with hand-embroidered table cloths, handcraft stuffed at a very affordable price. To enjoy shopping thoroughly, we can send dad to Trinity library, after which we can visit Guinness Storehouse, to taste the real beer and other drinks. St. Patrick’s Cathedral is yet another masterpiece of engineering that David talks about regularly. Isn’t it an exciting place to visit, mom?

6. Malta

Malta: Christmas travel destinations


CNN Travel is also known as Christmas Island. Mom, do you remember the long-lost pal of mine who used to nag me in early childhood? Yes, I am talking about George! Indeed, he visited this historical and warm-hearted place and received a lot of boost in return. It was a kind of blessing for him as he returned with a festive spirit. He also told me the place was a beautiful treasure filled with  St. John’s Cathedral, hilltop town, Roman Villa archaeological site, golden bay beach, and beautiful architecture all around. He disclosed an ancient secret of this place.

You know what mom is home to knights and great artists! He also visited spectacular restaurants and great scenic pubs. One thing that surpassed his experience at this place was great weather and good-hearted people. And definitely mom, you might think that I am being partial while writing this stuff but this destination deserves to be amongst the top list for Christmas travel destinations!

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7. Rome, Italy

Rome, Italy: Christmas travel destinations


This name is the result of my on-growing interest in history, even our professor told us about its rich history and great Christmas celebration. The official celebration in Rome begins on December 8th and lasts till January 6th. The place got historical churches that narrate the Nativity scene in a mesmerizing way. One of my professors during one of my academic lectures once told me that this particular place has got a classic carols concert, a blessing from Pope in person, and the most spectacular thing was the mouth-watering food. The professor also told me that the city celebrates Christmas like nowhere in the whole world.

8. Edinburgh, Scotland

Edinburgh, Scotland: Christmas travel destinations


The next place is a special mention of my best friend. It has got a fairytale castle and rich history at each nook and corner of the city. He told me that there are several eye-catching tourist attractions like rocky crags, jaw-dropping landscapes, northern lights, Christmas shopping market, star flyer ride, hot drink exotic places, the light trail at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh, theater performance, and lots more. Carry a camera and keep some Photography Tips in mind while capturing this beauty.

He told me about the mouth-watering Loch Duart Salmon which is cooked to perfection at Edinburgh. We can even explore different parts of beautiful Scotland. Mom, if we ever choose to visit this place for Christmas I am going to make sure to get myself clicked in the bagpiper uniform.

9. Cologne, Germany

Cologne, Germany: Christmas travel destinations


The place has got a unique Christmas spirit with a matchless carnival, chocolate museum, most striking Christmas market, musical performance, and impressive architecture. Mom! This place has got eight Christmas markets on both sides of the Rhine river with all the unique gift articles. Talking about its celebration, it offers a grandeur experience with a Pre-Christmas boat tour, mini train, and parties on the street under a resplendently gleaming star-covered sky. You might be wondering how I came to know about this beautiful place…right? Jenny shares the knowledge. You know Jenny, right? My new room partner after this fall.  

10. Prague, Czech Republic

Prague, Czech Republic: Christmas travel destinations


Mom, this is the perfectly Instagrammable Christmas destination. Set in the backdrop of the beautiful Gothic architectural, making it worth soaking the beauty of the old town and Wenceslas squares by foot. The celebration lasts for the whole month, and you were right about this place, where locals believe that baby Jesus resides in the high mountains and also present gifts to kids.

To be honest, I am pretty much in love with this place, do you know, here locals believe that food can foretell the future! I am pretty excited to explore such a mysterious place. Oh! By the way, the information credit for this goes to a professor who is a native of the beautiful Czech Republic.

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11. New Orleans, USA

New Orleans, USA: Christmas travel destinations


After watching “The Originals” on Netflix, I am still fascinated by the French quarter and garden districts and the truth behind the vampire history. Don’t panic, I am just kidding. This beautiful city of the USA is a perfect destination for the winter holiday as it has wow-worthy displays of Poinsettia tree, giant gingerbread display, bonfire along the Algiers riverfront, sugar bowl – a ritual game, excellent shopping destination, and whatnot. 

Mom, make sure to finalize the place before the beginning of December as I have to find out the visa process and other details about the place. I am sure after reading about such fascinating Christmas travel destinations, you’ll also get confused, but make sure to decide on a final place. I am getting late for the history class now. Love you, mom, bye! 

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