Buenos Aires: Explore The Hypercity Like A Local

buenos aries

Buenos Aires is basically known as the ‘Paris of South America’. This is an elegant Latin city that holds tight to its European roots. The place is proudly putting forth a new generation of artists and tastemakers. The city has an overwhelming café culture to rival the test of South American food. Buenos Aires is the second-largest city in South America (after Rio de Janeiro).

The place is the hot spot for those people who love music, food, dancing, and all. The nightlife in this city is fantastic. If you love the nightclub culture, then the city is the best place for you. The city exhales a very European feel in it. The city has been able to provide a high-quality life for the people. The place is quite different from the other cities in the World.

The Best Time to Go:

The Best Time to Go: Buenos Aires

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You can go to Buenos aires at any time in the season. But there are many people who want to travel and enjoy the sun. For them, October to March is the best time span. The season and weather in Argentina are the reverses of those in the Northern Hemisphere. The ideal season in Buenos aires is March to May and September to November.

You can get the best travel deals between April and June. October and November are the best time to visit when the Jacaranda trees are in bloom. From December to February, the time is described as ‘high season. The ‘low season’ is recognized from June to August.

In the season of July and August, there is a slight rise in tourism just because of North American summer and the South American ski season, and in the month of December, the weather is pleasant in most parts of Buenos aires. In the month of January and February, the full city is abandoned by locals who flock to beach resorts in Mar del Plata or Uruguay. January is the high time for travelers.

The Culture of the Place:

The Culture of the Place: buenos aries

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Buenos Aires is the dream destination for lovers of the arts. Teatro Colon is famous and one of the top three opera houses in the world. It offers guided tours including live shows. In Latin America, Nestor Kirchner Cultural Centre is the largest one with a correspondingly large calendar of events.

The modern art fellow will be able to enjoy a trip to the Malba and a street art tour with Graffiti Mundo. There is also the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes in Recoleta that has an impressive collection of fine arts. The city is influenced by different waves of immigration.

The city has a strong European influence. The different waves of immigration can be able to provide a cosmopolitan profile. A kiss on the cheek is the normal and polite greetings between men and women. Gestures such as smiles, hugs, and kisses are common and friendly ways of communication among people.

Places to Visit:

There are many places you can visit in Buenos aires. Let’s have a look at this.

Recoleta Cemetery:

Recoleta Cemetery: buenos aries

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This cemetery is not at all an ordinary cemetery. The cemetery is the place of rest for the powerful, famous, and rich of Argentina. The admission cost is totally free. But you will need a map in order to find your way around. The place contains the graves of notable people.

The place is considering one of the most unusual cemeteries in the world. The cemetery is one of the most famous burial sites of Argentina including Evita. The place is located on a hill in the lovely neighborhood of Recoleta. Each and every grave is unique and constructed with different architectural styles.

Explore Tigre:

Explore Tigre: buenos aries

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If you are on solo travel and want to inhale some fresh air, then you should take the train to Tigre in order to explore the delta. Tigre is basically known for its delta of hundreds of tiny islands and waterways as well as its large artisan market. Puerto de Frutos is the largest market with crafts, foods, and handcraft furniture.

You can also take a boat tour, rent a kayak, or else grab a ferry to some of the waterfront restaurants and clubs. You will get a chance to check out the bohemian scene. The town is full of great restaurants, parks, rowing clubs, museums, amusement parks, and nature reserves.

Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes:

Museo Nacional De Bellas Artes: buenos aries

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This is the museum of fine arts in Buenos aires travel and it is the best in the world. You can be able to see the works of artists of South America in addition to the big names like Van Gogh, Monet, and Picasso. The admission is totally free.

You can be able to enjoy the art and culture of the city without paying single money from your pocket. The museum has paintings, tapestries, cravings, and all to exhibit on display.

San Telmo Market:

San Telmo Market: buenos aries

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The market is colorful and crowded Sunday Street fair. More than 12000 people visit this place every week. There you will get tons of antiques, artwork, knick-knacks, and other treasures.

The place is perfect for travelers to feel the original golden age of Buenos aires. There are 270 stalls in that market. You can also be able to buy some homemade snacks there.

Polo Match and Horse Racing in Palermo:

Polo Match and Horse Racing in Palermo: buenos aries

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Actually, places in Argentina are known for horsemanship. So, you will get a chance to see the polo match there. You can also go to Palermo Hippodrome in order to see a horse race. You can also be able to see the ground and its French architecture and the horses in the paddock.

Floralis Generic:

Floralis Generic: buenos aries

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It is one of the most emblematic monuments of the city. It is a metal structure and made of more than 20 meters high. This flower opens the pearls according to the hour of the day. It is situated in the garden of the United Nation. It is also one of favorite places to sunbathe and plays sports.

Metropolitan Cathedral:

Metropolitan Cathedral: buenos aries

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It is the most beautiful and famous church in Argentina. In this church, Pope Francis, as Arch Bishop Jorge Bergoglio, used to perform mass before assuming office in the Vatican in 2013. The style of the Cathedral is based on the neoclassical style. You will be able to see the beautiful structure of theCathedral from the inside.

Wander Puerto Madero:

Wander Puerto Madero: buenos aries

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The place is situated along the water. This is the modern cosmopolitan neighborhood. You will be able to get to many parks, ride a bike and even dine on the waterfront there. There is a floating casino. It is the perfect place if you want to catch a glimpse of the Atlantic Ocean.  

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The Plaza De Mayo and La Casa Rosada:

The Plaza De Mayo And La Casa Rosada: buenos aries

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It is the most important place in the city. It is a historically and politically significant plaza. Casa Rosada is the pink house where the President of Argentina works. You can also get a chance to feed the pigeons. The Plaza de Mayo is the main foundational site of the city.

It was established in the year 1884 after the demolition of the Recova Building. Casa Rosada is an executive mansion. Casa Rosada is situated at the eastern end of Plaza de Mayo.

Buenos Aires is the best place for travelers. There are many more things to discover. The famous and colorful buildings, foods, and beautiful and charming culture are there to attract travelers.

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