5 Best Weekend Getaways in US to Have a Happening #Metime

Best Weekend Getaways in US

If you are a person with a 9 to 5 job, then you understand the situation well of urging feel about going on a vacation, but the boss never approves a single leave! A whole week of continuous work in front of the desktop screen can make you feel frustrated, bored, and tired of everything. And the thing that can refresh you is the only Vacation! When you know, you can’t get that, why grieve about it; instead, you should find an alternative. What can be its alternative? Weekend trips. 

Yeah! Absolutely what else, every Friday rather than thinking about what to do on the weekend you can plan a trip. Clubs and pubs are in town, surprisingly they are going to stay there forever plus you are going there for a very long time it’s time to have a change. Do you even know how many beautiful places are there in the States that you can visit during the weekend holidays?

Maybe not, that’s why you didn’t plan any trip till now! Don’t worry; we are here to help you with the information regarding Best Weekend Getaways in US. You will find the most relaxing moment there, and you will also be able to relieve the stress and enjoy your #metime with peace. These places will help you in organizing the Best Weekend Trips in the US.

Let’s get going with our article then,

Charleston, South Carolina

Best Weekend Getaways in US: Charleston, South Carolina

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Charleston is a fairytale city that you will love to explore, especially in spring and fall. This city has all the beauty of the village and the luxury of cities. You can either spend your time savoring southern food on the beach or checking out the boutiques and shops on King Street. 

As evening falls, you will experience the best sunset and a musical scene. The wandering in the city won’t need a rental car; you can hop on bike-share or rideshare as the fares are reasonable. If you are more into experiencing new things, then you must take a ride on pedicabs (yep! They are still there).

Once there you can visit its monuments, beautiful parks, aquariums, and a historic city market is something that you should not miss. Complete your trip with the final walk on the waterfront park until you see Pineapple Fountain.

Nashville, Tennessee

Best Weekend Getaways in US: Nashville, Tennessee

Source: kiplinger.com

A music lover and didn’t go to Nashville? This isn’t acceptable. You must visit Nashville, the music city that offers incredible nightlife with unstoppable background music. You would have heard from your friends boasting about their trip to Nashville for attending a music concert.

Apart from musical nights, it also offers views of museums, breweries, botanical gardens, rivers, waterfalls, and many more. With attracting the number of geniuses, and tech experts, it is ready to be a part known as an ‘IT city’. The master chefs over there offers the best of culinary dishes.

Once you reach there, don’t miss the visit to the Country Music Hall of Fame and a small and free display of Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in the lobby of Music City Center.

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New Orleans, Louisiana

Best Weekend Getaways in US: New Orleans, Louisiana

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New Orleans can be the best place to spend your weekend doing most of the happening things. This city not only offers liquor at Bourbon Street, but it also gives you the best live jazz music experience and artistic views.

You can enjoy yourself there as you want, no one will judge you or scold you, obviously. Drink dozens of frozen daiquiris. It is the last city where you can wander under the lamp lights on cobblestone paths with a drink in hand. The residents over there are keen to show everyone the best in the city.

Once there, don’t forget to visit the Preservation Hall for live jazz music. And while on the streets you may encounter few dance parties going on, that’s normal don’t panic. You can learn the tradition and lifestyle of New Orleans while experiencing The Street Life of NOLA.

New York

Best Weekend Getaways in US: New York

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New York is a place that is there on almost everyone’s bucket list. There is definitely a reason behind all the love it is getting from every corner of the world. Though this city can’t be explored in just two or three days, you can at least start exploring it. See the most famous ‘Statue of Liberty’ and the best views of the city from the walks of Brooklyn Heights.

This city is famous for its restaurants, bars, musical nights, sports, and cultural institutions, but it is most famous for its expenses. It is one of the most expensive cities in the world. The costs you will meet at the weekend is equal to having a proper vacation somewhere else. So pay close attention to your expenses, prefer enjoying in a frugal way.

Once in NYC, take the subway to understand the city better. In this city, you can see people from everywhere stumbling upon the free live music show and the art that you will admire for life.

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Portland, Oregon 

Best Weekend Getaways in US: Portland, Oregon 

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Portland is known not only for its reasonably priced food and drinks but its mind-blowing sceneries and number of breweries too. You can have the perfect outdoor weekend that you will cherish forever. On Saturday, you can visit the Portland Saturday Market, and on Sunday you can explore the city but make sure you do that either on the bike or on foot.

You can even go on hiking, and there are many places for that, but the most loved is the Washington park of Oregon. Apart from that, you can visit the Oregon Zoo, Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, Portland Art Museum (downtown), catch a live show or a soccer game, and many more.

While in Portland you must visit the old landmarks, tangle up your taste buds with the finger-licking food, visit Paul Bunyan Statue, bars and restaurants, and strip clubs. But before leaving the place you must try the vegan VooDoo doughnuts, people go crazy for those doughnuts.

Above were the Five classic destinations of the United States that you can explore during your weekend trip. For more tips on traveling, Visit Travelila.

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