When Is The Best Time To Visit USA?

Best Time to visit in USA

In Northern USA there is a similar climate from coast to coast but has specific seasons. As such in winter there are frozen lakes and heavy rainfall, whereas spring often starts in May and brings colorful flora and fauna. In summer temperatures range from warm to very hot, cities, in particular, can feel very hot, but the coasts and national parks are usually cooler.

Southern USA has comparatively fewer seasons, but distinct regional differences as climate become more humid in east. Therefore, as per Travelila, spring and autumn are the Best Time to visit in the USA, with pleasant temperatures.

Visiting the USA in January – March

Best Time to visit in USA: Visiting the USA in January - March

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In winter the north-eastern states of the USA are colder, affecting access in many regions with short days and heavy rainfall. As a result, prices are much lower as compared to other times of the year and there are fewer tourists.

Winter is the best time to visit the southern areas of the USA, with a good deal of sunshine and pleasant temperatures. It is usually a less busy time of year and is cheaper. The nights can be cold in the deserts, but temperatures are ideal during the day for outdoor activities such as sailing and hiking.

Visiting the USA in April – June

Best Time to visit in USA: Visiting the USA in April - June

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In the northern USA, the winter starts to ease in April, and although it can still be cold temperatures still go up and snow will start melting. The national parks, forests, and wetlands are vibrant and green, and lush, the wildlife is more active in April and there are a wide number of events in towns and cities. This is also when the baseball season starts. In May spring has arrived in northern areas of USA. With comfortable temperatures allowing for exploration and outdoor activity northern areas are excellent to visit.

June is a perfect time of year to visit the northern US, with sunny warm days and fewer visitors than the summer. In June with a particular focus on cuisine, arts and crafts, and music numerous festivals and activities are organized.

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Visiting the USA in July – September

Best Time to visit in USA: Visiting the USA in July - September

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The North-eastern areas are ideal for exploring outdoors like national parks, gardens. One should take a hike into Montana’s Glacier National Park and should see the steaming geysers of Yellowstone and take a boat trip on Lake Michigan. In the southern areas of the country, the summer hot months are organized with outdoor events, including the 4th of July national holiday which makes it a very popular travel season.

In September the crowd starts to disburse and prices started to drop, but at this time of years, storms are more prevalent in the south eastern-states, with the season producing wet and windy weather. Where temperature is still pleasant there is less risk of storms further west. If exploring the national parks, it is a fine time to visit the southwest.

Visiting the USA in October – December

Best Time to visit in USA: Visiting the USA in October - December

Source: travelandleisure.com

In autumn there are changing hues in the northern USA. A spectacle that, in New England brings lots of visitors. The landscape of national parks, gardens, etc. is extended with the red color across the northern region. In November colder, shorter days mark the arrival of winter by having the first snowfall of the season.

In southern states, the end of the year is milder in places, with rain showers possible. With the national celebration of Thanksgiving starting an extended sociable and festive period leading up to Christmas, there is a noticeable air of expectations in Christmas in the country.  

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