Best Snorkelling In Mexico

best snorkeling in mexico

Whether your idea of holiday heaven is lounging by the pool in top hotels around the world, or if you would prefer to seek out adventure on holiday such as hiking through the hills in search of picture-perfect views then there are numerous destinations you can discover. It is totally your wish that whether you want to travel as a family with your little children, as a couple in search of that special something, with friends to booze out, or as a solo traveler to soak up the culture. According to some travel sites, the top travel destinations for the year ahead are an eclectic bunch, ranging from a historic Dutch city to an unspoiled island bird sanctuary off the coast of Bali. With plenty of destinations to travel across the different places of Mexico, take small breaks in bite-size portions with a trip to visit a new city that is yet to be discovered.

And Mexico is a vibrant, beautiful country filled with friendly people, vibrant energy that makes you have a zest for life, stunning architecture, a long history, and delicious food. Mexico has a lot to offer travelers, from Mayan ruins and the jungles filled with parrots to the bustling nightclubs of Cancun and the seediness of Tijuana and everything in between. There’s so much more to Mexico than jetting into the resort towns of Playa del Carmen or Puerto Vallarta which most of the travelers do normally.

Accommodations and Food In Mexico

best snorkeling in mexico: Food In Mexico


Staying in Mexico does not mean cheaper. The lowest price you will find for hotel rooms is about 138 MXN per night for just a bed in a dorm. IN proper cities of Mexico, expect to pay almost around 140-200 for a bed per night. If you are running out of your budget, then you can book hostels via online websites where you will find various discount options on your living. But if on the other hand, you are thinking of staying in lavish hotels then for per night stay their tariff starts from 640 MXN. Apart from all this, we all know that Mexican food is famous all around the world. Even the food cost is much cheaper than the hotels in Mexico. A meal at a nice restaurant costs 300-600 MXN, while on the streets it costs around 180-240 MXN for a complete meal. And if we ignore all these food and lodging, if you are looking for an authentic experience, then skip Cancun and head south to Costa Maya, where you can spend kayaking the Laguna Bacalar and relax in one of many budget-friendly towns along the Caribbean coast in Mexico. You can also enjoy the royal blue hues and the rocky coastline of the thundering Pacific Ocean to the lively turquoise blue water and ecosystem of the Caribbean. All over, Mexico is a special destination for those who hold a great love and respect for the sea. But if you are an adventurous person who likes to experience and do new things in your life, then here in Mexico you can find some of the best snorkeling places that you will not find anywhere else.

Therefore, they are mentioned here one by one.


best snorkeling in mexico: Cozumel


Cozumel is one of the top spots to perform snorkeling in all of Mexico, which is internationally renowned for its crystal clear blue waters and the proximity to the Mesoamerican Reef, home of 105 different types of coral reefs and 262 different species of fishes. If you don’t have your own equipment then there are plenty of places where you can rent the belongings that you need for snorkeling. You can also hire a guide there, who will take you to the underwater reefs, sea beds, etc. Punta Sur or the Chankanaab National Park is not only famous for its snorkeling and diving but also it offers swimming with dolphins, walking trails, a restaurant, and a bar, and many more.

LA Paz

best snorkeling in mexico: LA Paz


Into the waters near La Paz, there is a number of fantastic opportunities for snorkeling. The world’s largest fish, the Whale shark, likes to feed here in the Sea of Cortez. In fact, whale sharks are often seen here every month of the year except June month. From early winter to late spring is therefore considered as the Shark month of the year. Every come from around the world to see this magnificent beauty, though it is illegal for private vessels to visit the whale shark areas, which therefore means that you have to join a tour to see this sea beauty. Even the authorized tour operators and the snorkelers have to follow a strict rule to protect and preserve these whale sharks.

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Isla Espiritu Santo

best snorkeling in mexico: Isla Espiritu Santo


From the islands of La Paz, you can also go on a boat tour to Isla Espiritu Santo. Along its path, you may be able to see the big blue whales, a pod of dolphins playing along with the waves of the ocean, a whale shark, or all of the above. Isla Espiritu Santo and the neighboring islands around it are considered as a designated national park and a UNESCO biosphere research which therefore results in one of the best places for snorkeling. The clear turquoise- blue colored water is therefore teaming with a wide variety of colorful fishes, sea lions, and coral reefs. Sometimes the snorkelers also welcome some sudden visitors, i.e. the sea lions, who directly swim right up to the snorkelers.

Cabo Pulmo National 

best snorkeling in mexico: Cabo Pulmo National 

This place offers the best snorkeling services in the Cabo San Lucas area, which is the home of the 800 different varieties of tropical fishes. California lions are protected in this region. This park provides snorkeling facilities but with a guide, though you will have different other guides.   Because it is a good choice for those who don’t plan on renting a car as the park is a two-hour drive from the city. So these all are some of the places in Mexico, which are mainly noted for snorkeling.

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